20 Funniest Tattoos You Won't Believe

There are a lot of tattoos in the world, but some are more funny than others. Join us as we explore 20 of the funniest of the lot.
20. Date Of Birth Please?
I’m honestly not sure if this is a funny…or a fail. Because think about it. On one hand, there’s no doubt that there’s humor in this, because now when anyone asks when this guy was born he can just rip off his shirt and say “1995!”. Which I’m sure in some ways it’s funny. But, this is also a guy who got a massive tattoo JUST to show off when he was born.
I mean…he could’ve done that in a smaller tattoo, or done it on his arms in a cool way that would leave his chest bare and not…looking like that. Again, whether it’s funny or a fail I leave up to you.

19. Insert Hair Here
Guys, let’s be honest here, one of the worst things that can happen to a guy who is full of hair in his youth is to lose it over time because of age and genetics. But for this guy? He decided to cover up his bald spot in a very atypical way. By having “Hair” written on the bald spot in question in tattoo ink.
Now it’s true we don’t know if it was him who came up with this idea, but he deserves to be praised for it either way. Because he decided that he’d rather “fake” the hair in a funny way than have to do coloring or a toupee. And that takes guts.

18. Arcade Revenge
Who doesn’t love the video game classic known as Pac-Man? It’s one of the games that really help start the video game boom, and variations of it continue to be played to this day. Including having Pac-Man himself in Super Smash Bros on Nintendo platforms.
But, for anyone who isn’t that good on the game, you know that the worst thing is to be by the ghost in the title. So, this person decided to get their revenge in a tattoo, with having Pac-Man a ghost in a fashion most , and yet, totally funny.
If Pac-man had that in his game? No one would lose. I’m just saying.

17. I Have A Six-Pack
Men, let’s be honest with ourselves once again, some of us will never have abs, and that’s ok! Sure, many women and men love looking at 6-pack abs, but if you can’t have one in the traditional sense, you can do what this guy did, and make a 6-pack for yourself in a tattoo!
Oh, but he didn’t have a 6-pack of abs drawn on his gut, oh no, he went full redneck and had a six-pack of drawn on his gut! Which shows that not only does he not mind his gut, but that he knows exactly what he puts into it.

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16. What “To Do”
Every single day we are tasked with a wide range of activities, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what “To Do” next. The obvious thing to do is write a “To Do” list. BUT, writing it on paper means it can be left behind…so why not just do what this person did and put it on their arm?
To be clear, the only thing that is the tattoo here is the lines, checkboxes, and “To Do”. The stuff that is written on the lines was done by the person who got the tattoo.
It’s still funny though that the person is so forgetful that they quite literally have to write their needs on their arm…but it gets the job done I guess.

15. Never Going To Give You Up
The phrase, “Rick Rolled” refers to a very popular Youtube and social media meme where a video will be labeled one thing and yet when you click on it, it goes to Rick Astley’s famous song, “Never Going To Give You Up”. That in and of itself is rather hilarious, but just as hilarious is that someone turned that video meme in to a tattoo.
Yes, as you can see here, this person is able to show everything that “Rick Astley Will Never Do”. And everything on the list is a reference to the song itself.
Clearly this guy is a fan of Astley, the song, or the meme, hard to tell.

14. Funny Yet Incorrect
This tattoo is a tricky one. If you can’t tell, it says, “It’s Better To be Absolutely Ridiculous Than To Be Absolutely Boring”. Basically meaning that it’s better to stand out in the crowd than just blend into it, which honestly is a heartwarming message.
But the problem here is that while it’s a nice message, the message itself contains a very important error. Mainly, “ridiculous” is spelled wrong. They put an “o” where the “c” is supposed to be!
And this is why you sometimes shouldn’t get a tattoo, because if something goes wrong with it, then the error is almost always permanent and ruins the intent. You’ve been warned.

13. Mowing The “Lawn”
Ok, remember the “Hair” tattoo guy I talked about earlier? Well, this is another guy who decided to take on his baldness is a really clever way. Mainly, like our other friend, he had a bald spot, and one that honestly did cover the top half of his hair. But unlike the other guy, he got a little more creative with the “reasoning” behind its disappearance. Behold!