30 Slot Machine Tattoos For Men

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Do you feel lucky? Slot machine tattoos show off your love of life’s gambles. True gambler knows that every decision in life is like the pull of a slot machine.

You can lose a thousand times in a row, and then come up with the ultimate jackpot.

Nothing in life feels like that winning pull. It’s what makes the game worth playing no matter how many times you have to lose before you win.

Slot machine tattoos come in a lot of different designs, but most often they are portrayed as being blessed by Lady Luck with 777 on the payline display. Another classy design is a slot machine that displays the name of a loved one as a winning stop. It’s a way of saying that you came up with the highest jackpot ever on the day you met your wife or when your children were born. It’s a way of showing that taking a leap of love was the luckiest bet you ever made in your life.

Of course, sometimes it’s worth acknowledging life’s losing stops as well, just to serve as a reminder that not every pull of the handle turns up sunshine and puppies. Nothing says this better than the slot machine from hell. It can display 666 with flames shooting out the top and nothing but dust and pocket lint for a payout.

But whether your slot machine tattoo portrays the jackpot or a pile of dust, it definitely gets the point across that life is a game that you gotta play to win.