35 Breathtaking Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Women !

In the 6 short years that Instagrams has been around, users have uploaded over 100k photos of butterfly tattoos.

That puts the butterfly above the anchor, cross, and dreamcatcher, yet still a ways back from the all too popular rose tattoowhich currently boasts an unbelievable 600k photos. Why are butterfly tattoos so popular? Well, for starters theyre incredibly beautiful creatures.

Their ornate wings and spectacular displays of color make them one of the most fascinatinginsects in the animal kingdom. And with over 160,000 different species, the creative possibilities are seemingly endless. While many people believe the butterfly to be a bit

0:00 – Intro
0:00:12 – Butterfly Tattoo Design By Graffittoo
0:00:21 – Butterfly Tattoo On Foot By Iron Dragon Tattoo
0:00:30 – Butterfly In A Bottle Tattoo By Sarah Herzdame
0:00:39 – Butterfly Tattoos On Back By Alex Bruz
0:00:48 – Large Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo By Ewa Sroka
0:00:57 – Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo Design By Black Fish Tattoo
0:01:06 – Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo By Julie Gervais Cruz
0:01:15 – 3D Butterfly Tattoo By Lindsay Harper Johnson
0:01:24 – 3D Back Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo By Alex Bruz
0:01:33 – Ornate Butterfly Tattoo Design By Uls Metzger
0:01:42 – Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo By Benjamin Doukakis
0:01:51 – 3D Butterfly Tattoo Design By Alex Bruz
0:02:00 – 3D Butterfly Tattoo Design By Alex Bruz
0:02:09 – Butterfly Tattoo Design By Angelo Tiffe
0:02:18 – Butterfly Tattoos On Back By Alec Turner
0:02:27 – Butterfly Tattoo On Ankle By Alex Bruz
0:02:36 – Butterfly Tattoo Design By Graffittoo
0:02:45 – Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo Design By Cynthia Sobraty
0:02:54 – Pearlescent Butterfly Tattoo Design By David Fomin
0:03:03 – Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Design By Simona Blanar
0:03:12 – Butterfly Tattoo Design By Electric Lady
0:03:21 – Butterfly Tattoos On Forearm By Michelle Maddison
0:03:30 – Pink Butterfly Tattoo By Alex Bruz
0:03:39 – Butterfly Tattoo Design By Ryson Lapenia
0:03:48 – Butterfly Tattoo Design By Gabrielle Brownfield


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