40 St Jude Tattoos For Men

40 St Jude Tattoos For Men

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Many of us know what saints are, but why are people getting saints tattooed onto their bodies? Besides the fact that they can look absolutely stunning and creative, they have a lot of meaning behind them.

We all know a saint is someone perceived as very holy person and that they hold a high status in religious views.

This is not exactly why people are turning them into artistic symbols for their bodies. These saints can carry very heavy meaning to people and have very personal connection and meaning. Saint Jude was known to be one of Jesus’ original twelve Apostles. He was known to help anyone in need, no matter the cost.

This has led to him being the saint of hope and lost causes. When a person permanently inks this saint onto their body, they are making a life time commitment to having this saint in their life. When asked, many will have a story of a lost one, a difficult situations, or a lost cause that has highly effected them.

The meaning may be just one reason an ink enthusiast would get this type of tattoo, others are drawn to them because of their style. These tattoos are often a mix between realism and neo traditional styles. They are very realistic and have a great deal of detail. This style usually lead to a large, stunning piece of art, if done right.

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