40 Unique Arm Tattoos For Men

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The upper arm is a common area of the body for tattoo placement as it can be easily hidden but exposed when desired. Below are some design ideas to freshen up an often overused and overlooked idea.

For starters, a quarter sleeve tattoo covers mainly the side of the upper shoulder down to just about bicep level.

A sleeve of any length works well for deep detail and intricacy for complex personalization, but a quarter sleeve is especially appreciated by professionals for its ability to be hidden. If you want to go longer but less than a full sleeve, a half sleeve will give you the best of both worlds.

Of course, there are also places like the inner bicep and outer arm, which keeps ink either more reserved or push out for all the world to see.

When it comes to designs there are, needless to say, many! You can find styles from the old traditional designs of the past and put a modern, creative spin on them. Colors can be muted for an antiqued look or ramped up with a watercolor design for a serious punch of eye-catching appeal.

Using specific flowers can serve as reminders of loved ones’ present or past can give this design a special purpose and direction for the wearer. While using geometric shapes can lock away a hidden meaning only known as the bearer of ink. Of course, let’s be honest, they look cool too!