8 Bit Tattoo Designs For That Retro Look and Feel

Retro Gaming Inspiration: Discover the World of 8-Bit Tattoos

Old school 8 bit tattoo ideas. Get inspired by these funky pop designs of Emojis, Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, 90s Videos games, and even sim 4 ink.

Something is fascinating about 8-bit tattoo designs.

I know a lot of people have heavy opinions and dislike art. However, this art form remains popular today with many different characters and styles.

Colorful, pixelated designs based on classic video games are the basis of 8 Bit tattoos, originating from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega Genesis.

Even though 8-bit graphics are mostly a thing of the past in modern gaming, many newer games still use this style to convey a nostalgic arcade feel. Below I’ve compiled a list of what I believe are some of the best design ideas.

8 Bit Heart Tattoo On The Forearm

Forearm tattoos are always a great option. This heart design uses dark red and shows off the 8-bit style. It is a good idea to choose simple upper-arm tattoos. Even though they are easier to cover, they still look very cool when they are displayed.

8 bit heart tattoo with a meaningful message

pixel heart tattoo for the forearm

8 bit dark red half sleeve tattoo

8 Bit Pokemon Tattoo

With these 8-bit Pokemon tattoos, you’ll look sharp at Gamestop’s midnight launch party. Below I’ve gathered a few examples for everyone to get inspired.

You’ll find ideas for many of the characters, which all look great as small tattoos.

The ankle, wrist, back of the leg, or anywhere on the arm will look amazing.

8 bit Pokémon Ball tattoo for the lower arm

behind the ear 8 bit Charizard pokemon tattoo

small 8 bit tattoo of a Pokémon for the ankle ball

Mew Two 8 Bit tattoo Ideas

Pokeball 8 Bit Tattoos for the leg

Pokemon Character 8 bit tattoos

Pokemon Character 8 bit tattoos

Pokemon Character 8 bit tattoos

Pokemon Character 8 bit tattoos

8 Bit Mario Tattoo

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the first console to introduce 8-bit games, which have sold more than 60 million units.

Modern developers continue to use and replicate that style today, as it was the defining console of its generation.

These Mario ideas are fantastic; not only Mario, but I have compiled a few of the other characters from the classic retro game.

8 bit mario tattoo

mario 8 bit tattoo

cute mario on the leg 8 bit tattoo style

8 bit couple tattoo with Mario characters

black and grey 8 bit Mario tattoo

super mario 8 bit tattoo

8 bit tattoo 28

8 bit mario bro 3 tattoo

Mario and Pokemon mix 8 bit tattoo idea

1up 8 bit tattoo

8 bit chest tattoo

Goku From Dragonball Z

Who would want a cute Goku tattoo above the knee?

Goku 8 bit tattoo design idea

8 Bit Tattoo Sleeve

As much as we love 8-bit video games, these pixel arts are perfect for you!

cute 8 bit theme smile tattoo

pac man tattoo done in 8 bit style

pac man tattoo done in 8 bit style

8 bit pac man tattoos


cute little cat on the wrist tattoo

winnie the pooh done in 8 bit theme

tiny 8 bit heart tattoo on the knuckle

8 bit tattoo on the outer leg

8 bit tattoo on the ankle

large 8 bit coffee tattoo

8 bit tattoo emoji tattoo

8 bit tattoo

8 bit tattoo

8 bit theme tattoos

8 bit tattoos

8-Bit Tattoos & Design Ideas

8-bit tattoos refer to designs inspired by the graphics and visual style of early video games and computer games, particularly those from the 8-bit era, which is defined as the period between the late 1970s to the early 1990s.

These tattoos feature pixelated images, bold colors, and simple geometric shapes.

Some examples of 8-bit tattoo designs include:

  • Classic video game characters such as Mario, Luigi, or Pac-Man
  • Retro video game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or the Sega Genesis
  • 8-bit versions of popular memes or pop culture icons
  • 8-bit versions of religious or spiritual symbols
  • 8-bit versions of animals or plants
  • 8-bit versions of fantasy or science fiction characters
  • 8-bit versions of popular movies or TV shows
  • 8-bit tattoos are a way for people to pay homage to the early days of video games and technology and to express their nostalgia for that era.

They can be a unique and creative way to express oneself and stand out. They can also be seen as a symbol of simplicity, creativity, and nostalgia.

It’s important to note that 8-bit tattoos are not for everyone, and it is essential to consider your style and preferences before getting one.

Also, finding a tattoo artist skilled in creating 8-bit designs is crucial, as they can be tricky to execute.