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Hello, My name is Brandon and I’m an graphic artist with the love for tattoos and body art. I started this blog during the pandemic.  we aim to provide you with unique ideas for body piercings and tattoos. To educate people about both procedures, we developed this exclusive platform.

Nowadays, piercings and body tattoos have become unique art forms. These two often go hand in hand. Perhaps you have never seen someone with a tattoo design on their body and no piercings. An individual’s personality stands out well through this form of self-expression. Tattoos and piercings also show the valor within you. In ancient times, piercings and tattoos were also used as ornaments. It can be considered as an old-fashioned way to express yourself.

What Are The Most Popular Tattoo Designs ?

It is estimated that there are thousands of tattoo styles in existence today, and that new ones are being created every day. There are many of these designs that are derived from historically popular tattoo styles, some of which have been around for decades, sometimes even centuries.

Our site has a collection of classic and different tattoo styles that you should definitely know before you begin your tattoo design journey.

10 Popular Tattoo Ideas

  • Heart Tattoo Designs On The Wrist
  • Animal Tattoo Designs on The Back
  • Geometric Style Tattoos
  • Memorial Tattoos For The Forearm
  • Religious  Back Tattoos
  • Blackwork Arm Tattoo Style
  • American traditional tattoo
  • Tribal Tattoo Style For The Legs
  • Sketchy Tattoos For The Wrist
  • Traditional Japanese Tattoo Style

Presenting the Best of Piercing and Tattooing

Throughout WorldTattooPortal.com, The articles we publish about our arts have followers from all over the world, and they love to read them. Our ancestors, Native Americans, left us these arts, so we support them. Through body art, they demonstrated their tribal identity and belonging. You can also select your own tattoo designs and body piercings.

Unique Body Tattooing Ideas & Guidelines

We feature both men’s and women’s tattoo designs on WorldTattooPortal.com. In addition to providing information on the latest trends and safety tips, we also assist clients in finding the best tattoo artists. By doing so, you will keep up with all the recent updates from the body tattooing industry. For body tattooing ideas, you don’t have to look any further. You won’t believe what’s coming next!

Body Piercing Ideas and Safety Guides

The most creative way of expressing oneself is through body piercing, yet the riskiest as well. Pierced bodies can include ears, eyebrows, lips, abdomens, and belly buttons. Since needles are used to make tiny holes in the body, they can cause infection if not done correctly. Professionals handling the entire procedure should be chosen.

Our piercing guides explain to you the piercing process and the potential risks involved. They will explain how to get a piercing on different body parts, the risks involved, and how to avoid infections.

Additionally, we provide ideas and suggestions for making piercing a fun and exciting experience. When you choose to have your ears, nose, eyebrows, or other body parts pierced, our tips will be of great benefit to you. We’re not only concerned about your piercing, but we’re also interested in showing you how you can use trendy jewelry to show your piercing in a unique way.

Updated: Sept 19th, 2022 –  Brandon

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