75 Eye Catching Abstract Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Unique abstract tattoos. Bright color, black and gray, heart-shaped. Get inspired with these creative and stylish shapes and design ideas.

Abstract tattoos are ideal for those who don’t like traditional tattoo patterns. The best works of art are not meant to resemble or imitate reality but are works of art in their own right. Below you will find some amazing designs by talented artists.

In addition, many of these tattoos have deeper meanings than may be evident. Discover abstract tattoos by reading on. Abstract tattoo designs might not seem very artistic at first. Abstract tattoos are different from typical tattoos in appearance and feel as well as art. The emotion and inner feelings expressed by abstract tattoos are more powerful than tattoos that imitate something else.

Amazing Stylish Abstract Tattoos

bright colorful abstract sleeve tattoo for men

forearm abstract tattoo design

inner arm abstract tattoos for guys

colorful blend tattoo of abstract design idea

blue swirl abstract shoulder tattoo

fine line abstract tattoo idea for the thigh

Creative Abstract Tattoo For The Inner Arm

This is an eye-catching composition that will engage your senses and entertain you. It is always appealing and artistic to see abstract ink art. Abstract tattoos are ideal for people who are shy or secretive about their feelings. In addition to letting you say everything, it also keeps your secret.

Inner Forearm Abstract Tattoos With Shapes

Abstract Heart Tattoo For The Shoulder

Pure abstraction has no representational images; whereas semi-abstract tattoos contain some distorted shapes of a person or object, such as a heart tattoo or a bird tattoo.  This is a simple shape for the shoulder.

Abstract Heart Tattoo Designs For The Shoulders

Small Abstract Wrist Tattoo With Splash Of Colors

On the inner part of the arm, abstract wrist tattoos are best suited to small, minimal pieces and often have hidden meanings or personal reminders. A geometric arrow tattoo may be located on the side of the wrist and extend up the arm somewhat – similar to slimline tattoos. In addition to wrist tattoos, abstract forearm tattoos can also be used as a base.

Abstract Wrist Tattoo Idea For men

Powerful With Lines Abstract Tattoo Sleeve

For men who prefer something a little different, abstract tattoo sleeves are a perfect choice. A collection of  tattoo sleeves can be composed of several unique designs or one cohesive piece, ranging from black and gray to full color. Tattoo sleeves are painful not so much because of where they are, but because of the amount of time, you spend under a needle.

Abstract Tattoo Sleeve For Men With Lines and Shapes

Watercolor Splash Abstract Tattoo For The Outer Arm

Bicep Abstract Tattoo With Circle Of Colors

Abstract Wolf Tattoo For The Shoulder

Express your wild side with an abstract wolf tattoo. We have designs in fun galactic colorways to dark and moody pieces, so there’s something for everyone. Rather than rely on realistic portraits, these designs capture the spirit of your favorite animal.

Black And Grey Abstract Wolf Tattoo Shoulder and Back

Stylish Calf Abstract Fox Tattoo

Foxes are well-suited to obscure abstract watercolor designs thanks to their bright orange fur and bushy tails. In addition to their pointed ears and tails, fox tattoos can also be shaped into geometric shapes and angular lines. It doesn’t matter what your style is – especially if you share their wise and resilient traits.

Abstract Fox Tattoo For The Lower Leg


Abstract Fox Tattoo For The Thigh

Abstract Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Abstract geometric arrow tattoos are usually minimalistic in style, made up of fine black linework and intricate dots. Men who like contemporary ink may also include geometric shapes to give them a futuristic edge.

Abstract Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Tiny & Powerful Minimalist Abstract Tattoo

In addition to simple black lines and geometric elements, minimalist abstract tattoos tend to be small in size. Elegant and subtle, the fine line design makes use of negative space to create a visually pleasing look. Moreover, minimalist abstract tattoos aren’t always clear in their meaning, which makes them even more intriguing.

Small Abstract minimalist tattoos may be subtle and hard to notice on someone’s body, but these pieces of art prove that size does not matter when it comes to tattoos and body art.

Small Abstract minimalist tattoos for the arm

Artistic Abstract Elephant Tattoo For The Leg

Symbolizing strength, loyalty, and wisdom, abstract elephant tattoos can be designed in a variety of styles. Their design is often highly decorative, often constructed from patterns and shapes. Other designs are more realistic but are slightly distorted or surrounded by obscure elements. Great if you don’t like to follow the crowd.

Cute Abstract Elephant Tattoo On the Lower Leg


Black stylish Abstract Elephant Tattoo Men's Thigh

Abstract Cat Tattoo For The Upper Arm

Cat tattoos are associated with mystery, magic, and luck, which makes them a perfect choice for men who are spiritually inclined. You can go with a colorful piece full of personality or a geometric design made up of angular shapes. An outline in black can easily mimic the unmistakable feline form for those who prefer minimalist designs.

Upper Arm Abstract Cat Tattoos

What Are Abstract Tattoos?

You will be pushed out of your comfort zone with abstract tattoos. Additionally, they are called futuristic tattoos since they combine different abstract designs. Their importance can be attributed to the fact that they can be done anywhere on your body.

Purple Paint Brush Style Abstract Tattoo

Abstract Tattoo Back On The Neck Down Spine

Beautiful Abstract Flower Tattoo For The Arm

Male tattoo enthusiasts who like noticeable ink will enjoy abstract flower tattoos. Generally, they use poppies, roses, and lotuses, as well as an inkblot design. Other designs may be obscure and unrecognizable. It is usually fluid and has no clean outline, and abstract tattoos can be used to express a variety of meanings.

Half Sleeve Abstract Flower Tattoo

Cute Abstract Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Abstract butterfly tattoos can be designed in vivid watercolor or moodier black and gray styles to symbolize change and transformation. It is possible for the wings to have obscure geometric patterns or patterns with unusual patterns. There is also the option of an asymmetrical abstract tattoo with just one wing or one that fades into the skin.

Meaningful Abstract Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Fine Line Abstract Sun Tattoo

Since the sun provides light and warmth, abstract sun tattoos often represent hope, positivity, and the dual nature of life. Using vibrant orange ink strokes, they are inspired by watercolor art and may be created in full color. In addition to abstract sun tattoos, geometric tattoos are also available with fine black linework that mimics rays of light.

Fine Line Abstract Sun Tattoo For The Arm

Abstract Sunflower Tattoo For The Inner Forearm

Many abstract sunflowers are difficult to discern, but others take on a more surrealistic form. The majority of abstract sunflower tattoos fall into the second category, with distorted colors and distorted elements. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, sketchy interpretations are pleasing to the eye, especially if you like black linework. A sunflower symbolizes happiness or growth.

Abstract Sunflower Framed Tattoo

Full Abstract Forearm Tattoo

Abstract forearm tattoos are popular because they are both easy to place and can be displayed the way you desire. With the inner forearm being the most discreet spot, this versatile spot is suitable for a range of abstract tattoo ideas. In addition, you can extend your abstract forearm tattoo into a full sleeve or down to your hand.

Black Splash Abstract Forearm Tattoo For the arms

Abstract Hand Tattoo Sketch Style

You may want to consider an abstract hand tattoo if you already have an impressive collection of body art. This prominent placement, typically designed as an extension of a sleeve, is ideal for men who are confident and confident in their own abilities. Don’t know which style to choose?

Sketch Abstract Hand Tattoo

Abstract Chest tattoo

Abstract chest tattoos are masculine, as well as easy to conceal. When the weather is good, this is the perfect place to show off your pecs. Whether you want a standalone tattoo for maximum impact or a cohesive piece to tie into your sleeve tattoo, you can find it here. A meaningful design can also be placed directly over the heart.

Colorful Abstract Chest tattoo For Men

Talented Abstract Art Tattoo For The Leg

Abstract art, influenced by the Expressionist movement, seeks to express emotions and ideas in a unique way by moving away from reality. Because of this, abstract art tattoos may feature distorted or nonexistent subjects. Colorful, they incorporate shapes and forms that are unusual and strokes that are similar to paint swaths and splatters.

Lower Leg Abstract Art Tattoo

Abstract Watercolor Tattoo

Several abstract watercolor tattoos are available, as we’ve already seen. This style of tattooing mimics the smudgy, semi-transparent look of watercolor painting. It is fluid and creative, and the tattoos do not have dark outlines. Abstract watercolor tattoos come in an array of colors, which can also be used as a vibrant background for simple black linework.

Abstract Tattoo For Mens Thigh

Mens Rib Abstract tattoo idea

Abstract Tattoos Augment Reality

So it is not uncommon for a tattoo artist to bring imaginary elements into abstract tattoos, such as compliments, by fusing real elements. What better place to grow imagination than in reality? Then, it makes sense that abstract tattoos utilize elements of the real world to offer unique patterns, so unique that inspiration for abstract tattoos is limitless.

Abstract Tattoos Augment Reality

Amazing Realistic Abstract Trash Polka

Germany has revolutionized the tattoo tradition with this style that gained popularity in the 2000s. Line accuracy, full and dense colors, and clean lines are the main features of the realistic trash polka, which make the design extremely realistic, sometimes almost similar to a real portrait.

Black and red are the only colors allowed. This innovative tattoo style is most often characterized by the skull coupled with elements of harmony, most often abstracts.

Amazing Realistic Abstract Trash Polka

Geometric Abstract Tattoo Ideas

Recently, this style has become popular. Black is a standard color, but others are available, too: the form matters most. With their geometric shapes and clean lines, they are beautifully crafted. The symbols and forms used in these drawings come from indigenous, spiritual, and tribal cultures, natural patterns and science, and alchemical symbols (such as triangles, moons, the symbol of the philosopher’s stone, and arrows).

abstract tattoo ideas

abstract tattoo ideas

Abstract Owl Tattoo

There are many symbols associated with owl tattoos, including wisdom, mystery, and magic. This is one of my favorite sketch animals of an owl.

Abstract Owl Tattoo For The Calf

Abstract Owl Tattoo For The Lower Leg

Chest and Leg Abstract Dancer Tattoo

Dance tattoos are becoming increasingly popular due to their beauty and symbolism.

Cute Abstract Dancer Tattoo On The Leg

Abstract tattoo Of A Dancer On The Chest

Fine Line Sketch Abstract World Tattoo

It is evident that you are a traveler who is interested in seeing what the world has to offer by having a world tattoo. This abstract tattoo of the earth is a great design for the thigh or anywhere on the lower leg.

Fine Line Sketch Abstract World Tattoo

Star Abstract Tattoo

The tattooing of stars is a popular form of body art that can either be used as the main artwork or as an embellishment to an existing tattoo design. This abstract star design is cute and delicate.

Star Line Abstract Tattoos For The Arm

Abstract Smoke Tattoo With Flowers

It is difficult for an artist to make smoke appear as it does in reality, since smoke is a fluid object and tattoos are stable. Smoke style tattoos are on of my favorite. I’ll do a post on them in a few weeks, collecting great example.

abstract smoke tattoo on the lower forearm

abstract rose smoke tattoo for the shoulder

Abstract Ship Tattoo

Especially due to the distaste that pirates hold for convention, literally pillaging those who live within the normal means of existence, the pirate ship is often seen as a symbol of life outside of typical society. This is a great example and design for a ship using abstract lines and shapes.

abstract ship tattoo on mens lower leg

Celtic and Maori / Polynesians

Despite their different origins, these tattoos are framed in what is called “tribal” style. In Polynesian cultures, such as New Zealand, Hawaii, and Samoa, tattoos originated as a form of spiritual art.

Abstract tattoo designs come in a broad range of styles, including watercolors and other types of art painted in colors that brighten the skin. Your inner personality will dictate what appeals to you. It is possible to find some tattoos that are delicately patterned, others that mix flowers with animal tattoos, while others will not immediately recall something. When it comes to abstract tattoos, they are imaginative and creative in nature. Bear that in mind when you are getting an abstract tattoo.

Simple Abstract Tattoo For The Chest

Simple tattoos are just as fresh and meaningful as minimalist tattoos, especially if you like minimalist designs. These pieces are beautiful because they’re so simple, typically using basic shapes and outlines and avoiding color ink and shading. Classic and laidback, this tattoo is an excellent choice for the man who has these qualities and wants a tattoo that reflects them.

Simple Abstract Tattoo For The Chest

Simple Abstract Tattoo For The Chest

Abstract Tattoo For The Chest and Shoulder

Fine and Thick Lines Abstract Forearm Tattoos

In addition to the lack of pain and visibility, abstract Forearm Tattoos have many other advantages. In addition to showing off or covering up your design, the forearm serves as a reminder of why you got it. Due to the thick skin and muscle and the fact that the area is not close to the bone, it is one of the least painful options for body art.

best abstract tattoo designs

Abstract Small Tattoos

Many reasons make abstract small tattoos appealing, so it’s no wonder they’re gaining in popularity. Tiny pieces are great because you don’t have a set place for them, and you can get them on your finger as well as behind your neck.

small shapes abstract tattoo idea

Thigh Abstract Art Tattoos

The modern ink job is getting better and better all the time. Even simple forms and ordinary objects are increasingly irrelevant to their evolution. Try abstract tattoos for men to show off your artistic side!

For a long time, Surrealism and skin have been major trends in the art world, so it is only fitting that both have finally converged. Abstract tattoos are wildly popular with both men and women; men love them, while women admire the men who sport them. The maximum amount of expression is available with abstract tattoos. Despite the harsh standards of hegemonic masculinity that have long stifled personal identities, these free-form marvels are paving the way to a level of maleness that is inclusive of all civilizations.

Thigh Abstract Art Tattoos

Full Leg Colorful Abstract Tattoos

Leg tattoos are less painful and a great choice for people who have to hide their tattoos from colleagues and family members. You can do abstract leg tattoos in any size you want since you have a large base to work with. In the case of not knowing what to get, you can start with abstract elements and work your way through them

Full Leg Colorful Abstract Tattoos

History of Abstract

The roots of Abstract art can be found in Europe in the late 19th century, but the genre fully emerged in the early 20th century with an ebb in appreciation for Realism among the Avant-Garde artists of that era. Similarly, the Abstract art movement that followed called for works that revealed lucid analysis and meaning through lines, colors, and shapes that had never been seen previously.

What are the 6 elements of abstract art?

Artists and viewers alike can express themselves freely through abstract art, because abstract art has a distinct voice that provokes interest. Even though it may appear chaotic, it contains an inherent structure composed of six elements: colour, shape, form, texture, line, and value.