Angel Kiss or The Vertical Labret Piercing Guide and Pictures

A surface piercing like the angel kiss piercing passes through the middle of the bottom lip and out the bottom. Pics of angel kiss piercing.

Angel Kiss or Vertical Labret + Inverse/Ashley

Similarly to a labret piercing, the angel kiss piercing is pierced through the lower lip, but it exits more vertically. As with the vertical labret, the top ball of the inverse vertical labret (ashley) piercing comes from within the lip, not outside. Vertical labret jewellery most commonly consists of curved bars.

If you’re looking for a unique lip piercing that is less popular than others. You should consider an angel kiss piercing and labret. The name might make it seem like this piercing is only a variation of a labret piercing, but it’s actually a completely different procedure.

How long does a lip piercing take to heal?

This varies from person to person. You should speak to a piercing professional about healing times and cleaning routines before getting a piercing. Be sure to read up on piercing aftercare.

Do Angel Kiss piercings hurt?

Your pain tolerance determines this. A piercing professional should be consulted about pain management before getting pierced.

How much does a lip piercing cost?

You’ll need to know where you live and where you’re going to get your piercings. The price of labret studs, labret barbells, and other stainless steel lip piercing jewelry varies. For more information, contact a professional piercer.

Can You Kiss Someone With A Lip Piercing?

The short answer is yes. Kissing someone with a lip piercing (or ourselves) shouldn’t be much different from normal kissing. The movement of kissing may also irritate the piercing, causing a prolonged heal time, irritation, or damage to your delicate new mod.

angel kiss piercing

Types of jewelry are used for angel kiss lip piercing?

Typically, labret studs are used to decorate angel bite piercings.

In traditional jewelry, the flat discs are placed inside your mouth, leaving the decorative end – usually a gemstone or a ball – lying flat above your lip.

If your jewelry does not have a flat disc, it may irritate or injure your teeth and gums.

Angel Bites Piercing

Angel bites lip piercings (also known as Angel kiss piercings) require you to pierce both sides of your upper lip. Shortly, Madonna and Monroe pierced their lips at the same time to create this double lip piercing.

Angle Bites Piercing Process: A hollow needle between 14 and 16 gauge is used for this piercing process.

Healing time: About 3 months

Side Effects

As with any piercing, there is a risk of complications with the vertical labret piercing. With proper aftercare, these are mostly avoidable, however, accidents can happen and piercings can be traumatized. Even when all is done properly, side effects can occur. Fortunately, most of these conditions will go away with proper treatment, and they rarely have long-term effects.

A piercing infection is one of the most common piercing side effects, but they are actually quite rare. These infections are usually caused by poor cleaning practices. Keeping your vertical labret piercing clean and practicing good hygiene will prevent infection.

A piercing infection is marked by green excretion, swelling (especially a week or two after the procedure), bleeding, and fever. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience these symptoms.

Changing The Jewelry

You should wait until you are completely healed before removing or swapping your jewelry. Unsure if you are healed or if it needs to be removed sooner after a dental procedure? Ask your piercer or have them remove it for you.

It’s easier to change jewelry yourself after healing. See your piercer if the piercing is stubborn and hard to remove because they have the experience – as well as the tools – to do so safely.

Vertical Labret – Angel kiss Piercing Variations

It is also possible to do labret piercings horizontally rather than vertically. There are two punctures on the lip, so the balls of the curved barbell are positioned side by side.

In the horizontal labret, the needle will run horizontally through the lip rather than entering the mouth. Like the vertical labret, the horizontal labret consists of two puncture holes. By only piercing one ear, you achieve a double-pierced aesthetic.

angel kiss piercing and labret

angel kiss piercings

angel kisses piercing

angel kiss piercing

angel kiss piercing

Hoop Vertical Labret Piercing

Inverse Vertical Labret Piercing

Bottom Lip Piercing Vertical Labret


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