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The thought of finding a tattoo artist who could successfully ink an anime tattoo on your skin just over a decade ago is hard to believe. Especially when social media is flooded with anime-inspired and anime-related tattoo art.

In the midst of the anime renaissance happening worldwide right now. TikTok’s #animetattoo hashtag has received over 800 million views, and Instagram’s #animetattoo hashtag has generated over 1.1 million posts. From Studio Ghibli tattoos to Sailor Moon tattoos to Cowboy Bebop tattoos, anime tattoos have an endless flow of inspiration.

Anime Tattoo Artists

No doubt, anime tattoos are becoming more popular as anime consumption and popularity has increased worldwide. It is no secret that anime has been a part of heavyweight subculture for decades, but with the ease with which anime can now be accessed through streaming services and TV networks outside of Japan, more and more people are being introduced to and watching anime.

By 2030, Precedence Research estimates that the global anime market will be worth $48,3 billion, up from $22.6 billion in 2020. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that more people will become fans of anime as they see the skilled art and compelling stories that make anime so compelling, as this will influence culture, fashion, and self-expression.

Amazing Colorful Anime Tattoos

The goal of anime tattoos is to bring to life characters and memories from manga, cartoons, video games, and animations.

Tattoos of this genre are usually done by fans who love the characters and shows they have tattooed. Tattoos like this preserve nostalgic feelings, childhood memories, or powerful moments from shows.

Anime tattoo artists generally duplicate the style of the original characters, taking into account proportions and colors. As a result, the tattoos are vibrant and colorful with defined lines.

In addition to the original character, these tattoos can also incorporate a complex composition created by combining blackwork, new school and trash polka styles.

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Studio Ghibli Tattoos Inspired By Miyazaki Films

Disney’s childhood classics haven’t had the same impact on some people as Studio Ghibli’s beautiful animated movies. Hayao Miyazaki’s inimitable artistic style has been immortalized in these Studio Ghibli tattoos.


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