37 Anxiety Tattoos That Make a Statement With Body Art

Anxiety tattoos are a wonderful option for a cute or simple design for the sleeve, wrist, chest, ankle. Anxiety semicolon tattoos.

The use of mantras to calm anxiety symptoms, keep the mind focused, and challenge distorted thinking is extremely helpful when anxiety strikes.

Especially in the last few years, many people have been seeking anxiety tattoo ideas that serve as daily reminders or spark conversations to raise mental health awareness. Compared to 2019, we saw an increase in inquiries for mental health designs during 2020 and 2021.

A semicolon tattoo is one of the most popular options, originating with Project Semicolon, a mental health nonprofit.

It is important to note that anxiety tattoos come in many shapes and sizes, incorporating various images and symbols that tie in with the individual’s experiences, serving as a deeply personal reminder.

A motivation to keep going, strength, and self-empowerment are often associated with the designs. Tattoo artist have also seen an increase in anchor designs and shorter phrases like “breathe” and “be here now”.

What’s The Tattoo For Anxiety?

Mental health semicolon tattoos are a symbol of solidarity between people with mental illnesses and those who have lost someone to suicide. Since the dawn of time, people have used art to reflect personal triumphs or transformations, and tattoos are a widely used form of body art.

As a symbol of solidarity between those living with mental illness and those who have lost someone to suicide, a semicolon tattoo represents mental health.


semicolon trinity tattoo meaning

semicolon tattoos

warrior tattoo semicolon

Be Still

When you start spinning out, this tattoo highlights the importance of taking a moment to recollect yourself. When you glance at your hand, you’re reminded to pause and go back to the basics. Mental health tattoos come in a wide variety of designs. Choosing the tattoo’s content will lead you to choosing the design.

You should also take into account where you want to place your tattoo. People often choose wrist tattoos, but they can also tattoo their fingers, ankles, feet, backs, shoulders, and ribcages. Just remember that there are some places that may be more painful than others. It is also important to consider your own pain tolerance when making this decision. Make temporary tattoos of your tattoo to help you choose the right spot if you want to test out a few options.

be still tattoo font

be still tattoo

Ellipsis Tattoo

When we feel anxious, we may need an ellipsis to tell us to slow down and that more is coming. Remember that no matter how hard it feels now, those feelings do not define my story. There is still more to come as I move forward.

Ellipsis Tattoo

Star Tattoo

Having a star tattoo can remind you to follow your dreams, or that fate will lead you in the right direction. There is also a possibility that a lucky star will bring you good fortune or protect you from harm. It is also possible to get a star tattoo to remember a loved one who has passed on and now lives amongst the stars.

Star Tattoo - tattoo regret anxiety

Star Tattoo - post tattoo anxiety

Constellation Tattoo

With a constellation tattooed on your body, you can always find your way home no matter where life takes you. Marines often use this metaphor when they are at sea for a long time.

Constellation Tattoo - anxiety serotonin tattoo

Constellation Tattoo - anxiety serotonin tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly – Tattoo Sign For Anxiety

Children’s mental health, suicide attempts, and growth are all symbolized by this tattoo.

There is still more to your story after the semicolon. You can become something beautiful and unique when you are reborn as a butterfly. Children’s mental health is represented by the colors green and white.

Semicolon Butterfly


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Mental Health Awareness Tattoos

It is the green ribbon that symbolizes mental health awareness. Symbols like this can be great tattoos on their own. Adding a phrase may be a good choice for some.

It is also possible to have a mental health meeting with many different symbols and words. You may find some inspiration in the following ideas.

Symbolic Meaning

Different people have different meanings for tattoos and symbols. Please don’t let that prevent you from getting the tattoo you desire. It’s not possible to represent mental illnesses in the same way, and the perfect tattoo is the one that feels right to you.

Abstract representation of the chaos that goes on living with A.D.D and anxiety.


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Too Much – Just Breath


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Mountains and Quotes

A common frustration associated with coping with a mental illness is the feeling that the struggles never end. However, this rugged, empowering design finds strength in overcoming challenges.

These permanent reminders serve as a way of dealing with mental health disorders or signifying that someone has overcome them.

Tattoos are usually accompanied by stories. An enormous mountain can symbolize overcoming a huge challenge.

anxiety tattoo ideas

anxiety tattoo ideas

Om Symbol with Lotus

There are several symbols associated with the Om, including the Lotus, which symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

The Lotus produces the most beautiful flowers even in the dirtiest waters. No matter how much you struggled, the tattoo symbolizes how you have blossomed. Without the struggles, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Om Symbol with Lotus


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Shoulder Mandala

Buddhists and Hindus revere Mandalas as sacred symbols

Mandalas are incredibly soothing and meditative due to their repetitive, geometric nature.

For someone who suffers from anxiety, having one on my body is a wonderful affirmation that I am also sacred and unique.

Shoulder Mandala - tattoos for anxiety

Be Here Now

There are times when I feel depressed and anxious. In times of spiraling and worry, ‘Be here now’ reminds me to slow down. My flower head symbolizes my constant growth.

Be Here Now - anxiety mental health tattoos


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Dragonfly Tattoo

As a symbol for change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization, the dragonfly represents these qualities. In order to experience change, you need to be mentally and emotionally mature and understand the deeper meaning of life. The quality of life is good.

Dragonfly Tattoo symbolic simple anxiety tattoos

Embrace Life With Every Breathe Tattoo


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One Word Anxiety Tattoos

When life gets challenging, sometimes a powerful word can help us remember our strength. Here are our favorite variations of anxiety mantras like ‘courage’, ‘fearless’, and ‘warrior’.

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anxiety tattoo ideas

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anxiety mental health tattoo ideas

anxiety tattoos for guys

anxiety breathe tattoo



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How Anxiety Tattoos Can Change Your Life

Anxiety is a condition that people cope with in a variety of ways. Many individuals take to social media, blog about their experiences, and make sure others are aware of their experiences. Those who suffer from anxiety may have a therapy system that they use, which may be performed by a professional or self-taught. It is okay to take medication that reduces your risk of having an episode if it helps reduce your risk of having an episode. But there is a new trend that is revolutionizing how many individuals cope with anxiety, and that is the use of tattoos.

There are some individuals who get tattoos because they look interesting and make them stand out from the crowd. Some people may choose to get a tattoo of something they are passionate about. A number of people believe that tattoos must have a profound meaning, and will only obtain a tattoo when they find something sacred enough to have on their bodies.

The point is that getting a tattoo can be done for any reason, even therapeutic ones.

Tattoos For Anxiety

Is there a type of tattoo most often associated with anxiety? You will find anxiety tattoos that are encouraging and may have messages if you search online for anxiety tattoos. As a result of these tattoos, it is symbolized that people who have anxiety tattoos are content individuals who just have their moments. Tattoos can serve as a form of therapy for some people, providing them with a constant reminder of their strength and resilience.


In the brain, serotonin improves mood by increasing serotonin levels. There is no doubt that the brain is a little more complex than that. Although the idea is purely symbolic, many individuals tattoo images of the molecule onto themselves as a form of self-expression. This is a simple reminder that moods are merely chemicals in the brain, and it can be used to increase happiness.