Beetlejuice Tattoo Ideas and Unique Fun Designs With Meanings

Beetlejuice tattoo ideas with designs for the chest, sleeve, wrist, arm, small and large. Find unique Beetlejuice sandworm or snake tattoos.

One could argue that Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is his funniest work. A Poltergeist named Beetlejuice is the main character of this movie. Two new ghosts are introduced in it.

Discover inspiration for Beetlejuice tattoo art by scrolling down the list!

Beetlejuice Tattoos

Beetlejuice Tattoos

Beetlejuice Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos have been inspired by Tim Burton’s grifting ghoul for decades. Beetlejuice devotees have donned their flesh with the cultural phenomenon.

It doesn’t matter if it is Lydia Deetz, the inspiration for modern pop-goth culture, or Beetlejuice himself. Fans can choose from a wide range of designs and colors, and even the part of the body they want to display their art.

Several sculptures depict the limbo-dwelling Sandworm as it snakes up and around one’s leg or arm, while Delia Deetz would be pleased to have her otherwise atrocious works of art permanently displayed on a wrist or shoulder.

Beetlejuice Tattoo Ideas

Beetlejuice Tattoo Designs

In spite of its comedic nature, Beetlejuice is an appropriate film for Halloween Month because it deals with death, ghosts, and other supernatural themes.

From 1989 to 1991, an animated series was produced in response to the success of the film. NES and Nintendo Game Boy versions of the Beetlejuice game were released in 1991 and 1992, respectively.

Beetlejuice, Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edward Scissorhands were timeless Tim Burton films that shaped our childhoods; it’s surprising we have yet to get a Tim Burton tattoo.

Beetlejuice Tattoo Designs

Realistic Beetlejuice Tattoos

The trusty tattoo artist at your shop will be able to recreate this masterpiece of a Beetlejuice tattoo! However, it won’t happen in a Beetlejuice tattoo flash, as sleeve tattoos are notoriously time-consuming. Our admiration goes out to you for the incredible Beetlejuice tattoo you got on your entire leg!

Realistic Beetlejuice Tattoos

Realistic Beetlejuice Tattoos

Beetlejuice Sandworm Tattoos

Being a sandworm and waiting to eat random humans is rough. Watching Beetlejuice will make you appreciate this comic art twist on the classic film! The detail in this Beetlejuice tattoo is amazing. This would be a great tattoo for Tim Burton fans!

Beetlejuice Sandworm Tattoos

Beetlejuice Simple Tattoo

There’s nothing fun about being haunted by ghosts, for sure! Women and men can both appreciate a tattoo like Barbara from Beetlejuice. For best results, get this creepy Beetlejuice tattoo on your upper arm or lower arm.

Beetlejuice Simple Tattoo

Colorful Beetlejuice Tattoo

Are you curious about what it’s like to be a mischievous poltergeist? Ask Beetlejuice! Keep scrolling to see more Halloween-inspired tattoos and get to know these characters! Any skin tone can rock this tattoo!

Colorful Beetlejuice Tattoo

Neo trad Beetlejuice tattoos

Neo trad Beetlejuice tattoos

Large Beetlejuice Tattoos

Bring the teethed monster from Beetlejuice to life to scare away unwanted attention! Despite the hard nature of the back of the knee, we know it will look great on your skin! You can also add some flowers to make the design less scary!

Large Beetlejuice Tattoos

Beetlejuice Tattoo Ideas

What do you think about the Beetlejuice movie or animated series? What a tattoo idea! Beetlejuice tattoo designs include everything you need, from sandworms and ghosts to guides to the recently deceased. Choose the location that suits your fancy!

Beetlejuice Tattoo Ideas

Beetlejuice Tattoo On Forearm

How did you find Miss Argentina in Beetlejuice? Was she quite appealing or appalling to you? Introducing a seductive miss, all set to mess with your heart! You can tattoo Miss Argentina anywhere on your body since the reds and greenish blues pop against any skin tone!

Beetlejuice Tattoo On Forearm

Beetlejuice Tattoos With Bold Lines

If you don’t like big flashy tattoos, we have the perfect option for you! We have a Beetlejuice tattoo right here! The bold black lines and solid colors in this Beetlejuice tattoo design are what make it so appealing. It can be placed anywhere you like!

Beetlejuice Tattoos With Bold Lines

Why Do People Get a Beetlejuice Tattoo?

There are many Beetlejuice Tattoo designs available on the Internet. Many people are fascinated by this creepy crawlies. Because these creatures are usually associated with rottenness, rot, and corruption, they are always associated with bad taste. A tattoo of this awesome creature, however, is a great way to show your support for the environment and good taste.

Beetlejuice Tattoo

Creepy Halloween Beetlejuice Tattoo

This creepy season, why not get a Beetlejuice tattoo that will make your skin look wonderful? Check it out! Tim Burton fans will appreciate this ink tattoo of Beetlejuice. Wear this Beetlejuice tattoo above your knee or below your elbow and show your fandom!

Creepy Halloween Beetlejuice Tattoo

Beetlejuice and Linda Tattoos

Don’t you just love what they have in common? In the case of a Beetlejuice tattoo dilemma, both are good choices. Linda’s red cape contrasts nicely with Beetlejuice’s yellow hair. And don’t get us started on the crazy character design! This is the best forearm design!

Beetlejuice and Linda Tattoos

Beetlejuice Tattoo Designs

As well as the underworld inhabitants such as Miss Argentina, Harry the Hunter, Juno the smoking caseworker, the phantom football team, and the recently dead Maitlands, there is a character for every individual style and affectionately twisted connection.

Beetlejuice Tattoo Designs

Small Beetlejuice Tattoo




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Beetlejuice Tattoo Insamnia

Beetlejuice Tombstone @seangardnerisawesome

Chibi Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice @jessicavtattoos

Colour Realism Beetlejuice @buschingtattoo 1024x1024 1

Cute Traditional Beetlejuice @kennyteatattoo 1024x1024 1

Dead Receptionist Beetlejuice @sam.nancy .tattoos

Healed Beetlejuice @katietattoos 861x1024 1

Healed Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice @clareclarity

Healed Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice @jayjoree 819x1024 1

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Miss Argentina Beetlejuice @bulman tattoons


Miss Argentina Beetlejuice @gerktattoos 819x1024 1

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Mixed Style Cartoon Film Beetlejuice @pirojenko tattoo 819x1024 1


New School Beetlejuice @kellydotylovessoup 1024x1024 1

Sandworm Beetlejuice @cvhtattoos


Sandworm Beetlejuice @rachelbaldwintattoo 1024x1024 1



Shrunken Head Beetlejuice @dan gagne

Sparkly Black Grey Sand Worm Beetlejuice @keelyglitters 1024x1024 1



How much do Beetlejuice tattoos cost?

Beetlejuice tattoos tend to be small designs (or have significant shading) etched in vibrant colors.

Establishment tattoo artists usually charge around $160 per hour for a piece, while neo-traditional and/or realism tattoo artists charge more.

Because they require less time and may only cost the shop’s minimum fee, small pieces of black and gray designs are likely to be less costly. Tip your artist 15% of your budget.

Where should I place my Beetlejuice tattoo?

Fully fleshed-out Beetlejuice designs make perfect large tree tattoos, so they can be tattooed on the shoulder, the back, or on the upper arm. Designs are also incorporated on the chest, ribs, and sides, thanks to the adaptability of the weeping willow, and in memory of loved ones lost.