Fun Bender Tattoo Ideas You Have To See – Futurama Tattoos

Futurama Bender tattoos ideas with designs for the sleeve, chest, wrist, small and large. Bender the robot tattoo.

A lot of people have fallen in love with the robot Bender for his personality and catchphrases.

If you would like a tattoo of Bender, the robot, showcasing his genuine and traditional self, then these design ideas are perfect for you. Futurama’s ink color is the same as the gray used in this tattoo.

Bender Tattoo

Bender Tattoo

3D Bender Tattoo

In addition to having an extra dimension, 3D tattoos give the illusion that your chosen design is coming to life on your skin.

People who love Futurama and Bender, and have a unique design in mind for 3D tattoos. Increasingly popular due to its hyper-realistic images, this style is characterized by its detail.

3D Bender Tattoo

Bender Small Tattoo

A small tattoo is appealing for many reasons, so it’s no surprise they’re growing in popularity. You can also get them inked on your finger, as well as behind your neck, if you prefer. As well as being more discreet, these designs appeal to people who wish to cover up or don’t want to be seen.

Bender Small Tattoo

Bender Bending Rodriguez

He is also Fry’s best friend and is a loudmouthed, kleptomaniacal, misanthropic robot. Despite his abrasive nature, he has occasionally pet the dog. The fuel cells in Bender’s body are powered by alcohol. Additionally, he smokes constantly because he thinks it makes him look cool.

bender futurama tattoo

Simple Bender Tattoo

Simple tattoos, which are just as meaningful and fresh as minimalistic designs, will appeal to you if you prefer minimalistic designs. The beauty of these illustrations lies in their simplicity, often focusing on shapes and outlines without using color or shading. Classic and laidback is an excellent choice for a man who wishes to get a tattoo that reflects his personality.

Simple Bender Tattoo

Futurama Bender Tattoo

futurama bender tattoo

Bender Tattoo With Quote

One of the best Bender tattoo ideas would be to ink the robot with one of his catchphrases. The Futurama character Bender said, “Shut up baby, I know it”, which has stayed with a lot of viewers.

For those who love a famous quote or a phrase that really resonates with them, lettering tattoos are great. According to the style of font you choose, these tattoos tend to look rather delicate.

Bender Tattoo With Quote

Realistic Bender Tattoo

This tattoo design depicts the actual and traditional self of Bender, the robot, and is ideal for those who want a tattoo of him. Futurama’s gray ink matches the color of his tattoo exactly.

A detailed design and photorealistic techniques are more costly and take longer, but they look stunning.

Realistic Bender Tattoo

Futurama Bender Tattoos

Futurama Bender

Bender Back Tattoo

Having body art on the back is one of the best ideas since it is large enough to accommodate detailed pieces, but small and delicate pieces also work well. Due to the thick skin, muscle, and fat, inking here isn’t as painful as it is on other parts of the body, although the closer you ink to the hips or spine, the more painful it will be.

Bender Back Tattoos

Bite my shiny metal ass ! Baby Bender from Futurama

Bite my shiny metal ass ! Baby Bender from Futurama

Bender Ankle Tattoos

Body art on the ankle is popular because it is versatile and feminine. It is easy to cover up this spot and looks dainty, which is why women tend to use it for their designs. This area is conducive to smaller, more detailed designs, especially in the form of wrap-around ones. Alternatively, you can select a minimalist piece. Despite this, the ink will hurt because there is no muscle or fat, thin skin, and bone nearby.

Bender Ankle Tattoos

Outline Bender Tattoo

The simplicity of outline tattoos makes them popular both among men and women. For those who are into that kind of thing, here’s a perfect Bender tattoo outline where the robot is smoking.

Outline Bender Tattoo

Bender and Fry Tattoo

Tattoos of America’s favorite robot, Bender, chomping on a cigar and looking smug, are usually inspired by Futurama. The tattoo should be a big one if you’re planning to get one. If not, choose to add another character. This fun Bender and Fry tattoo for example.

Bender and Fry Tattoo

Bender Tattoo Designs






















Why is Bender named Bender?

Matt Groening chose the name Bender as an homage to Judd Nelson’s John Bender from The Breakfast Club. It was in that film that John Bender told Principal Vernon (Paul Gleason), “Eat my shorts,” which would later become a catchphrase for Bart Simpson.

Is Bender evil Futurama?

As hinted at in the episode “The Honking,” Bender has hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – a fear of 666. Robot Santa Claus and the Robot Devil have both said that Bender is the most evil robot on Futurama. The hands of Bender have been nicknamed “Grabby and Squeezy” and the feet of Bender have been nicknamed “Stompy and Smashy”.

Does Bender care about Fry?

While they mistreat each other through name-calling and mutilation, Fry and Bender continue to maintain their mutual affection.