Best tattoo Shops In Calgary, Alberta – By Client Reviews – Updated 2022

Find the best tattoo shops in Calgary Alberta. There is a wide variety of tattoo shops and styles available, Eternal Image, Human Kanvas

If you are ready to make your body the ultimate canvas with ink patterns, then you have to be careful about who does it. Professionalism is what will effectively bring your ideas to life and ensure that your body has a long-lasting masterpiece on it.

Tattoo Shops In Calgary

Calgary has many tattoo shops and for a customer, this can be very confusing when making a selection.

However, there are those shops that have managed to stand out from the rest due to the quality of their services. if you are looking for a great tattoo shop that offers value for money, there here is a review of some of the best places to consider.

There is a wide variety of styles available in our Best Calgary tattoo shops list for you to choose from. Looking into the best walk-in shops as well.

1. Eternal Image

This is a world-class tattoo studio that’s located in the historic Inglewood area, in Calgary. Eternal Image has two full-time tattoo artists, John Boletta and Scott Veldhoen. The studio guarantees its client a 100% satisfaction rate with customized delivery of the presented design. What makes it stand out is that clients are made comfortable in all aspects of service delivery, which the two artists usually deliver in different styles.

John and Scott have different expertise and skills but they deliver complimentary premium services featuring eye-catching designs of bold blacks and distinct greys. They also feature guest tattoo artists just to offer a different touch. They offer a wide range of tattoo designs including geometric, tribal, Japanese style, and traditional American.

Operating Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:000 PM

Styles:  Realism, linework, cartoon, floral, new school, realism, Japanese

Note: you can simply make a call to book an appointment or consultation. Besides that, inquiries can be made via walk-ins.

Meet @scottveldhoen, owner and tattoo artist at @eternalimagetattoo

Meet @scottveldhoen, owner and tattoo artist at @eternalimagetattoo

Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

2. Human Kanvas

Human Kanvas perfectly lives up to its name. the tattooists will quickly turn your body into the most attractive human canvas. Whether you are tired of dealing with unskilled tattooists or don’t know where to start, this is one of the best tattoo shops in Calgary.

The brand has a comprehensive portfolio featuring different styles and you can even browse based on the content by the artist. They provide a customized and revolutionary way of ensuring you have a clue of what you want before you hit their studio.

Get to experience the collective skills of creative and talented artists who are always ready to listen to your needs and design the perfect tattoo, just the way you had envisioned. Apart from the shop’s in-house artists, there are also guest artists who offer a touch of versatility in art delivery. It’s also worth noting that Human Kanvas also provides laser tattoo removal services as well. so, you don’t have to live with a regrettable patch of art that you want to quickly get rid of.

Human Canvas - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

Human Canvas - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

Human Canvas – Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

3. Gypsy Rose

It’s one of the best tattoo shops in Calgary that’s known for its customer-friendly services. Gypsy Rose tattoo has talented in-house tattoo artists who are ready to make your body the ultimate canvas by turning your ink dreams into reality.

The shop features seven artists who offer a wide range of services through appointments and walk-ins. The owner and creative genius behind the studio, Nina Gremo, is a renowned Canadian tattooist who fisty began her career in 1999. With their vast knowledge and experience, she has managed to work locally and internationally to create amazing bodies of work.

Note that you don’t have to be sure of what you need when you make an appointment are walk through the doors of Gypsy Rose tattoo shop. The friendly staff will guide you and take you through the whole process before you decide on a design that suits your needs.

What makes this shop even more unique is the fact that the tattoo artists are trained to use single-use needs that don’t reuse ink. For safety purposes, the studio shop usually employs the use of stainless-steel tolls with frequent autoclave sterilization. If you are looking for a vegan-friendly shop, then you can also find here vegan-based tattoo ink.

Lastly, Gypsy Rose doesn’t only focus on the aspect of tattooing but also on the community at large. The brand’s portfolio features several charity events including raising money for the Calgary Food Bank, Calgary Humane Society, and Calgary Women’s Shelter.

Note: before you make an appointment understand that you need to make a standard down payment of $120.

gypsy rose tattoos calgary - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

4. Ambassador Tattoo

Ambassador Tattoo has committed itself to offer clients strictly a customized experience based on their needs.

Your tattoo will be more than just a mark on your body since everything is usually done in a sentimental way from the time you are ready to make a consultation until the tattoo day.

The main artist, Dan Cameron has been offering this service for more than 15 years hence he has the right skills needed to produce different styles.

Dan is an outstanding tattoo artist who can efficiently handle any tattoo project and his profile definitely separates him from other tattoo shops thanks to his distinct tattoos that feature clean and bold lines. He’s not only limited to the skills he has acquired over the years but his sleeves usually come with a touch of innovation.

They want your tattoo to be more than just a one-and-done scenario. With so many of their clients returning for additional pieces, They thrive on giving you a very personal and customized experience.

Ambassador Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

Ambassador Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

5. Inktender – Best Tattoo Shop In Calgary

As one of the latest tattoo shops in Calgary, Inktender Studio has quickly captivated and caught the attention of its target audience. But tattoo lovers shouldn’t confuse its newness with experience since Josh Lamoureux, the owner of this tattoo studio has been offering premium tattoo services in the industry since 2008.

Josh’s main area of focus is biomechanical and realism tattoo styles. However, you can also find illustrative designs here. The shop which is open 7 days a week first considers your comfort and safety. That’s why all services are offered in private rooms as you listen to your favorite music or watch movies. Besides that, you can just sit in the stillness of silence as you feel everything.

Inktender stands out since it provides clean and professional services using sterile tools and in a private environment. besides that, Josh is passionate about doing large-scale designs in different styles. He is a dynamic artist who tries to naturally add a touch of creativity with every line of ink he lays out. For efficiency in service delivery, Josh works with Johnny Le and Jimmy Munkaspeni.

Inktender - Best Tattoo Shop In Calgary

Inktender - Best Tattoo Shop In Calgary

6. An Tattoo Inc.

An Tattoo Inc.’s profile shows that this brand’s service delivery is more of a lifestyle. It’s something that the artists are 100% about and not just a source of livelihood. And before you consider making an appointment, ensure that you are at least 20 years old.

The award-winning tattoo shop that’s based in Calgary has a dedicated team of art-driven artists who deliver unique and high-quality work.

An Tattoo Inc. specializes in doing realism as well as black and grey tattoos. Besides that, they have unique designs of Asian and Japanese style tattoos and this makes them different from other tattoo shops.

It’s worth noting that the brand has several tattoo artists and each has its own creativity and specialty when it comes to inking the human body. Chiwon An and Sunyul Irezumi are the most influential artists in this shop and they perfectly deliver Asian artists. There is also Lindsey Percentile who is great in black and grey realism.

You get to experience a collaborative effort of the artists who work consistently with clients to ensure that there is better communication and delivery. However, you might be forced to wait a little longer since An Tattoo Inc. only accepts a limited number of requests, and appointments have to be made via emails.

But you can effectively make use of on-premise consultations to ensure that the artists can effectively bring your ideas to life.

An Tattoo Inc. calgary - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

7. Addictive Ink Tattoo

Addictive ink tattoo is a specialist shop that features artists who are sure of every line of ink they layout. They specialize in grey and black realism tattoo using the latest cutting-edge tools that guarantee clients of safety and perfection. Some of the styles that are synonymous with this tattoo shop include large work, realism, portrait, and animal, as well as dot work and neo-traditional.

Colin, the tattoo shop owner works with Cass to produce colored tattoos when necessary. They work alongside three other artists to deliver customized artwork of your choice. Note that the brand offers consultations as complementary services and so you have the best chance to sit down and discuss what you need with your selected artists.

Addictive Ink is as addictive as its name. Once you have done your artwork here, chances are that you might go back. This is due to the premium delivery of the ink and the availability of a wide range of design styles to choose from. Besides that, they also accept walk-ins.

Note: Addictive Ink is located outside the city and so it doesn’t offer the convenience that some of the best tattoo shops in Calgary offer. However, the services you get are worth everything. Customer reviews indicate that this tattoo shop’s artists are highly talented and that’s why they still pull a good number of customers despite the unfavorable location.

Addictive Ink Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

Addictive Ink Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

8.Fox and the Machine

Fox and the Machine is all about quality and uniqueness. If you are a tattoo collector, then this is the best place where your original designs can easily come into life in a professional environment. the team has excellent customer service with several multimedia stations on every chair.

This is a tattoo shop that believes in integrity and delivers attention to detail. Its custom designs feature styles such as floral, traditional, doted, blackwork, and realism. The brand has multimedia that features a catalog of music and videos.

So, your comfort is guaranteed. And you don’t have to deal with hunger pangs, especially if your sessions are meant to be longer since refreshments are available!

Fox and the Machine Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

Fox and the Machine Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

9. Skull and Lotus Tattoo

Skull and Lotus have rapidly grown over the last couple of years to become one of the best tattoo shops in Calgary. Established in 2017, the shop has managed to quickly attract a huge clientele base. All thanks to its tattoo artists who have more than a decade of professional experience.

This shop utilizes high-quality and disposable supplies that guarantee your safety. Besides that, each client is normally paired with their ideal tattooist and this provides an opportunity for personalized services. there is a total of 7 artists who specialize in a wide range of design options including black and grey, outlines, wildlife, cartoon, floral, and realism.

Lotus and Skull’s online profile features multiple design options and so you can always pick from these examples or choose to go for a customized option. besides that, this shop also prints its design on merchandise such as masks, shirts, and bags. So, if you want a complimentary tattoo design on one of your favorite possessions, this is the best place to book an appointment.

Generally, the brand has a simple booking process. you have to find your design online without leaving the comfort of your home. After that, you should claim the design online with just a single click and then proceed to checkout. Lastly, make a deposit and the brand will contact you within 3-5 days to schedule your appointment.

Skull and Lotus Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

Skull and Lotus Tattoo - Best tattoo Shops in Calgary

10. Atticus Tattoo

Atticus Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in Calgary, AB.

The first thing you will notice about Atticus Tattoo’s website is its design. It perfectly complements this brand’s profile as a tattoo shop. Atticus tattoo shop specializes in the delivery of numerous tattoo styles including the infamous black and grey, neo-traditional, watercolor, Americana, Japanese, and realism. Besides that, if you are into old school and pet designs, this is a perfect stop.

Your comfort and safety are some of the top things that this shop considers. From the time you schedule a consultation until you are done, you feel the customer-friendly atmosphere that features customized service delivery in a clean and private space.

There is a total of 11 tattoo artists and this means that Atticus Tattoo is one of the most sought-after shops in Calgary. The experienced staff offer custom designs and take walk-ins as well. note that you will be inked at a specific workstation and so you don’t have to worry about your privacy or sitting in an overcrowded space.

Based on specialization, some of the artists you will encounter here include Jon (script, black and grey realism, dark arts), Cam (Americana and Japanese), Ninna (Anime and neo-traditional), and Kaylie who loves everything!

Atticus designed as well as clear ink outlines are crafted to last you a lifetime. Each line is drawn with precision and care so that your tattoo doesn’t end up being any other mark on your body but a formidable artistic expression of who you are.

atticus tattoo - best tattoo shops in Calgary

atticus tattoo - best tattoo shops in Calgary


Q: Is there an Age Limit to Get Tattoos in Calgary, Alberta?

A: No. There is no minimum age for tattooing per the Albertan Law. However, there are certain tattoo shops that have their own age limits and clients have to sign agreement forms and this requires you to be over 18 years to sign.

Q: Do the Quality of Tattoos Decline as You Age?

A: There are several factors that may interfere with the quality of your tattoo. For instance, poor aftercare practices, increased friction on the skin, and even sunlight. Taking care of your tattoo is what will determine its quality over the years. This is what usually causes tattoos to change their shapes and appearance.

Q: Which Tattoo Colors are the Best?

A: Consider dark and bold colors especially for deep reds, blacks, and greys. If you take good care of your tattoo and it features darker and bolder colors of these shades, your ink will end up staying crisp.


There are many tattoo shops in Calgary with each targeting different clients. However, the above-mentioned tattoo shops are among the best in Calgary. They offer a wide range of services to cater to different user needs. These shops are only operated by experts who can easily understand the type and style of tattoo you want.