Best Tattoo Shops In El Paso, TX – Client Reviewed – Updated 2022

Find the best tattoo shops in El Paso, TX. With a rich tattoo history, El Paso Texas features shops such as Pumping Ink Tattoo, 3 Tattoo.

At Texas’ western tip lies the city of El Paso – an iconic city that’s known for having been home to both Native Americans and Mexicans for centuries. While the people of El Paso are diverse and have eclectic tastes, their love for tattoos unites them.

If you’re someone who’s on the lookout for the best tattoo shops in El Paso, you’re at the right place. Read on to know the best places in the famous Texas city for getting yourself inked.

Tattoo Shops In El Paso

Before we get going with our list of the top tattoo shops in El Paso, we’d like to tell you about the factors that we judged the places on.

  • Experience and skill of the artists: When you visit a tattoo shop, you should always prioritize the pedigree of the artist(s) working there. After all, your tattoos aren’t going anywhere unless you sign up for a laser removal treatment, which is only a possibility if you don’t like the artists’ work. So, before you choose a particular tattoo shop, learn more about the artists, their skills, and their experience. Some artists also specialize in particular art forms, so make sure you know what the artists do best.
  • Standard of equipment and ink: Tattooing involves the use of elaborate equipment such as tattoo machines, needles, and ink. However, the tips and grips of tattoo machines, along with the needles, aren’t reusable. However, some tattoo shops might try and cut corners by reusing disposable equipment, which may pose infection risks to the person getting inked.
  • Aftercare advice: A tattoo artist’s work doesn’t simply end when a tattoo is finished. Your tattoo needs time to heal, and during this healing period, you’ve got to take certain steps for appropriate aftercare. So, the tattoo artist should not just be an amazing artist, but also a caring person who can suggest helpful ways for their clients to recover faster.

So, now that you know all the things we took into consideration for judging the tattoo shops in this listicle, let’s get the list started!

1. Pumping Ink Tattoo

Pumping Ink Tattoo opened its doors in 2003 for tattoo enthusiasts and since then, it has never failed to impress. The shop’s staff are all incredibly warm and friendly, which is bound to be of great help if it’s your first time. Feel free to talk to the in-shop artists for ideas or create your very own idea for the artists to realize. The results won’t disappoint you.

In terms of cleanliness and hygiene standards, Pumping Ink Tattoo is right up with the very best in the tattoo industry in the USA. You only need to look at the rave reviews that the shop gets on Google to know how happy customers are with its services. Most customers have praised the artistic excellence of the artists here along with the friendly and welcoming nature of the staff.

So, all in all, if you’re about to get your first tattoo in El Paso, make a date with the folks at Pumping Ink Tattoo. You can either set up an appointment in advance by calling or make an in-person visit. Keep some time in hand if you choose the latter option as this is one of El Paso’s busiest tattoo shops.

Hours: 7 Days a Week 11 Am -Till We Finish

Black Steel, Water Color, Mandala, Memorial, Lettering, Mask, Flower, Color Line, Cover-Up, Military, Natural, Fish, Mom, Horror, Dragon, Portrait, Heart, Large, Haida, Skull, Black & Grey Tattoos.

Price: Starts from $60

Ratings: 4.4/5 based on 386 Google Reviews, 4.9/5 based on 60 Facebook votes, 5/5 based on 2 Tattoodo reviews

Pumping Ink Tattoo - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

Pumping Ink Tattoo - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

2. 3 Tattoo

South Korean tattoo artist Myongki Yi moved to El Paso more than a decade ago, and 3 Tattoo is his brainchild. The Asian artist, known fondly as Tony in tattooing circles, impressed tattoo enthusiasts in El Paso through his pursuit of creative perfection. As a result, the 3 Tattoo studio is one of the most complete tattoo shops you can visit. Additionally, there’s a view to die for, thanks to the studio’s location high inside the walls of the Coronado Tower.

This tattoo shop has been singled out for praise particularly for its neat and clean ambiance, which is bound to make your tattooing experience a safe one. You could shoot them an email or give them a call if you want to schedule an appointment. It’s also open to walk-in consultations.

However, due to the high demand at present, 3 Tattoo isn’t accepting any new bookings at the moment. According to the latest announcement on the shop’s official website, it’s all booked until April 2022. So, if you want to get inked here, you’ll have to be patient.

  • Location: Coronado Tower, 6006 N Mesa St #900, El Paso, TX 79912
  • Phone: +1 915-261-6746
  • Website:
  • Social:  Facebook /  Instagram

Ratings: 5/5 based on 310 Google Reviews, 5/5 based on 82 votes, 5/5 based on 4 Yellow Pages reviews

3 tattoo - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

3 tattoo - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

3. Santa Rosa Tattoo Studio

Santa Rosa Tattoo Studio, formerly known as Ink Society Tattoo Studio, is yet another El Paso tattoo shop that impresses. The tattoo artists here are among the most experienced professionals in the entire city, and then there’s the studio itself. It’s probably the roomiest tattoo studio in El Paso, allowing waiting customers to roam around and take in the mind-blowing decor.

All that space inside allows each tattoo artist to do their work inside separate areas, which guarantees greater focus and absolutely jaw-dropping results. Customers have heaped praise on the work of all the artists here, and have also been grateful for the kind treatment from the staff. So, if quality tattooing and a roomy tattoo studio is what you’re looking for, Santa Rosa Tattoo Studio should definitely be one of your considerations.

Just a word of caution – double-check the timing with the folks here before you show up for your appointment. Some customers have had to wait for an hour or two before the studio opened, even though they arrived at the times given to them by the studio.

What WON’T be changing:
– Our location
– Our artists/team

  • Location: 4531 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79903
  • Phone: +1 915-260-8331
  • Social:  FacebookInstagram 

Ratings: 4.7/5 based on 201 Google Reviews

santa rosa tattoo studio el paso tx

santa rosa tattoo studio el paso tx

4. Wyze Guys Tattoo Parlor

The tattoo artists at Wyze Guys Tattoo Parlor are known for their cleanliness, precision, and professionalism. In terms of artwork, they’re second to none, and they’ll ensure that even the most complex tattoo ideas come out looking fantastic on your body. The artists take their work seriously and you need to be a bit patient, as they take their sweet time so that they get every detail right. Simply put, this isn’t your quick and cheap tattoo place.

The owner, Alejandro, is extremely involved as well. Even though he isn’t a tattoo artist himself, he loves to serve both his existing and prospective customers. Even during the busiest business hours, he’s ready to connect customers to the right men for meeting their respective requirements. Ricardo, Adrian, and Dope are three of their most highly-rated artists, so try and schedule an appointment with one of them.

Even though Wyze Guys’ space isn’t as big as Santa Rosa’s, their interiors are clean and well-maintained. Feel free to visit them for an in-person consultation or reach out to them on call for more information.

  • Location: 3012 Lee Trevino Dr B, El Paso, TX 79936
  • Phone: +1 915-231-6677
  • Social: Facebook
  • Website: wyze-guyz-tattoo

Ratings: 4.9/5 based on 525 Google Reviews, 5/5 based on 30 Facebook votes, 4.8/5 based on 25 GetInked reviews

Wyze Guyz Tattoo Parlor - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

Wyze Guyz Tattoo Parlor - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

5. Sun City Tattoo

If affordability is one of your priorities, the best El Paso tattoo shop to get inked at is Sun City Tattoo. The staff here are incredibly accommodating, which makes walk-in experiences warm and memorable for customers. The artists here are known for their speed as well. So, if you have a small-medium tattoo requirement, you don’t need multiple sessions.

The folks at Sun City take cleanliness very seriously as well, and they ensure that each tattoo session is performed in a clean setting. There’s a happy vibe around the place as well, which is sure to make you feel even better when you’re there. All in all, it’s one of the most recommended places to get a tattoo in El Paso.

The only major downside with Sun City Tattoo is that they don’t always accept bookings by phone, mostly preferring walk-ins. If you want to get in touch with them, check out their address and contact them below.

Tattoos, Customs Tattoos, Body Piercing, Black & Gray Tattoo, Color Tattoo, Traditional, Realism,
New School, Biomechanical, Cover-Ups

  • Location: 6930 Gateway Blvd E, El Paso, TX 79915
  • Phone: +1 915-779-7282

Ratings: 4.8/5 based on 174 Google Reviews, 5/5 based on 12 Facebook votes, and 4.7/5 based on 626 Womply reviews

Sun City Tattoo - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

Sun City Tattoo - best tattoo shops in el paso tx

6. Dreadful Things

Owner and tattoo artist, Francella Salgado, has been in business for 9 years, operating as Dreadful Things for the last 6.

Francella describes herself and her business this way:

a curiosity shop with a huge love of the old sideshow circus. I have a small museum of sorts with some obscure items including human skeleton, skulls and bones, taxidermy and wet specimens, vintage and antique items and things of that nature. I also carry other items in my retail area like art, crystals and herbs/apothecary, home decor, t-shirts, jewelry, and more. In addition to all of that, I am also an artist and an award-winning tattoo artist with over 11 years of experience. Awards include 3 best of shows at conventions all over the US.

Dreadful Things

Dreadful Things

Cleanliness and waste disposal

Serous drainage is the term that refers to tattoos ‘bleeding’. It typically starts during the tattooing session and lasts for a couple of days after the tattoo is done. It’s the responsibility of the tattoo artists to collect and dispose of this waste, as letting it linger in the shop may lead to cross-contamination. So, it’s important to pick a tattoo shop that takes cleanliness and waste disposal seriously.

So, there you have it 6 of the best tattoo shops in El Paso that deliver the most satisfying artwork through a magical mix of professionalism and creativity.