Best Tattoo Shops in Sacramento By Users Reviews

Tattoo Shops in Sacramento. Looking for a great tattoo studio in the capital city of California? A good tattoo studio needs to be reputable, reliable, hygienic, and with a great portfolio. With so many tattoo artists in Sacramento, how do you know who you can rely on? This list gathers the best tattoo shops in Sacramento in one place, so you don’t have to.

Why worry about the talent of the artist or how hygienic the studio is when you should be getting excited about your new tattoo? Pore through this list to find the perfect tattoo studio that meets all your requirements.

If you want to get inked up, then you need to consider ensuring that you find the best tattoo artist for you. Sacramento is rich when it comes to tattoo studios, and you’re bound to find artists ranging from new to the scene, to years in the game.

This list gathers the best of the best when it comes to tattoo artists in Sacramento. From traditional tattoos to niche styles, these artists can replicate anything you need them to. Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your tenth, these tattoo studios will make you feel right at home.

Best Tattoo Shops in Sacramento

How Were These Tattoo Studios Chosen?

The tattoo studios on this list were chosen after careful consideration across four criteria. These include:

Hygiene: A good tattoo studio has to be hygienic. These studios maintain their cleanliness and guarantee a good experience for all customers. If you were worried about hygiene when considering a tattoo studio, then let the studios on this list put your mind at ease.

Reputation: A solid reputation is always a good sign. To be on this list, these tattoo studios needed to have good testimonials and reviews. After all, if other customers enjoyed their experience at these studios, so might you.

Talent: Ultimately, how well your tattoo turns out will depend on the skills of the artist. That’s why this list takes into account the different styles available, as well as the reputation and the talent of the artists.

Reliability: From maintaining hygiene throughout every session, to assisting with aftercare, these tattoo studios are known for being reliable all around.

The Best Tattoo Studios in Sacramento

Sacramento is full of culture, style and abundant in tattoo studios. But how do you know which to pick? Here are some of the best tattoo shops in Sacramento. Pick any of these, and you can’t go wrong!

1. The American Tradition

The American Tradition is one of the most renowned tattoo studios in the Sacramento area. Owned by artist Ryan Tanton, this tattoo studio opened its doors in 2008. He has more than ten years of experience as a tattoo artist and takes the time to bring his client’s visions to life.

Tattooing at its finest in every style. Tattoo, Piercing, Traditional, Sacramento, Midtown, Downtown, Tattoos, American Tattoo shop, jewelry.

All of their artists have over 10 years of servings in the greater Sacramento area.

If you’re looking for a traditional, floral, or full-color design, then look no further than The American Tradition. This tattoo studio is also well-known for maintaining cleanliness at all times.

The American Tradition Tattoo - best tattoo shops in Sacramento

The American Tradition Tattoo - best tattoo shops in Sacramento

The American Tradition Tattoo - best tattoo shops in Sacramento

2. Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor specializes in providing tattoos to the Sacramento, CA area. Guests are welcome to stop by without an appointment, but we recommend making one before coming. The shop is open daily from noon to midnight.

A team of professional tattoo enthusiasts at Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor, headed by owner and operator Britton McFetridge, can turn your ideas into the body art you’ve always wanted.

One-of-a-Kind Tattoos and Artwork. FREE Consultations | Walk-Ins Are Welcome | Award-Winning Artists.

$60 minimum/$100-$160 per hour ($140 if in sessions)

Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

3. Emerald Tattoo & Piercing – Elk Grove

“All” styles are available at Emerald Tattoo. Black and gray, color, portraits, and traditional styles are available. The artist has access to multiple styles, so we can create whatever you imagine. Have high expectations and prepare to be surprised.

Emerald Tattoo opened its doors for business in 2007. Since its opening Emerald Tattoo has been featured locally and internationally for its art and dedication from international clothing labels to the local media ETC.

Tattoo by Drain: IG: @emeraldtattoomodesto

Best tattoo shops

Emerald Tattoo & Piercing - Elk Grove

Emerald Tattoo & Piercing - Elk Grove

4. Fallen Angel Tattoo

Fallen Angel Tattoo was first opened in 2001. Since then, it has been regularly serving the Sacramento, as well as the Citrus Heights areas. If you’re looking for a reliable tattoo studio, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Fallen Angel Tattoo studio hires artists with different styles. These range from graffiti to realism, and more. You can also get body piercings at this studio, including dermal anchor piercings. Aside from these, this studio is also home to a large handcrafted jewelry collection.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

5. Imperious REX

Imperious REX is a tattoo studio that opened in 2013. The tattoo studio hires many talented artists, all of whom work closely with their clients, to bring their visions to life.

The idea is to enable the client to get the perfect tattoo that they’ve been envisioning. To that end, the artists at the studio are versatile and can bring nearly every design to life. Other than getting yourself tattooed, you can also purchase high-quality prints or artwork at this studio.

Imperious REX tattoo

Imperious REX tattoo

6. Leonardi Tattoo

Leonardi Tattoo is a private studio that’s owned by two former apprentices of Bill Liberty. Jessica Leonardi, as well as Alycia Herr are the minds and talents behind Leonardi Studio.

They work together with their clients to bring unique ideas and concepts to life. Their specialization is large tattoos, cover-ups, as well as colored body art. If you want to get a consultation with the artists, then you’ll need to call ahead and book an appointment two months in advance.

Leonardi Tattoo

Leonardi Tattoo

7. Forever Tattoo

Eiland Hogan and Brent Patten started Forever Tattoo in 2003 with the goal of becoming the area’s best place to get tattooed. This tattoo studio is particularly famed for its use of natural pigments.

There are four tattoo artists that work here, each with their own special style. Clients who’ve visited Forever Studio left great reviews talking about the casual atmosphere, as well as the sterile environment.

Forever Tattoo Open Tues-Sun 11 am-10 pm 916-443-8118 Appointments made in person only. $80 cash deposit required.

  • Address: 2312 K St Sacramento, CA 95816 United States
  • Phone: (916) 443-8118
  • Website: 
  • Social: Facebook / Instagram 

Forever Tattoo

Next up on our list of best tattoo shops in Sacramento, is Libert Tattoo Art and Ink.

8. Liberty Tattoo Art and Ink – Tattoo Shops in Sacramento

Bill Liberty, the owner and main talent behind Liberty Tattoo Art and Ink has been practicing his art since 1976. That has given him quite a name in the city’s tattoo industry, with many tattoo studios in the city being opened by his apprentices.

Rumor has it that Liberty began his career by trading in his Harley bike for a start to his journey, with an apprenticeship. He opened Liberty Art and Tattoo in 1979. His wife Lori later joined him in 2013, and they work there together even today.

If you want to get yourself tattooed at this location, then remember that you’ll have to book ahead. Over the years, strict protocols for booking, payments, as well as hygiene were started. These processes have continued even today.

Liberty Tattoo Art and Ink

9. Reclamare Tattoo

Reclamare Studio was opened in 2012 by Corey Bernhardt. He had over ten years of experience in the industry by the time he opened his tattoo shop and has continued to use his experience to serve Sacramento.

He also hires resident artists who have their own styles and talents. If you choose to visit this tattoo studio, then you can either choose from their pre-drawn tattoos or provide a drawing of your choice.


Reclamare Tattoo

Reclamare Tattoo

10. Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing

The Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing studio were opened in 2002 by owner Ron Cox. He focuses on piercings of all kinds, including dermal implants. Meanwhile, his resident artists are highly talented when it comes to all kinds of tattoo styles.

This tattoo studio is known for being extremely hygienic. Even the piercing booths at this studio are sterilized using the same cleaning equipment used in hospitals. They specialize in a wide range of tattooing, dermal implants, and navel or nose piercings.

red dragon tattoo and piercing sacramento

11. Sacramento Tattoo and Piercing

The Sacramento Tattoo and Piercing, one of the oldest tattoo parlors in the city, opened its doors in 1991. So, of course, it’s on the best tattoo shops in Sacramento list! There are a wide variety of styles that the artists here specialize in, from traditional to colorwork.

These artists are also often published in popular tattoo publications, such as Skin & Ink.

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputed studio to get your tattoo from, then the Sacramento Tattoo and Piercing studio are it.

​The shop is open every day from 12 Noon until 10 PM*. Call 916-737-8282 or email for more information.

best tattoo shops in Sacramento

best tattoo shops in Sacramento


These are just some of the best tattoo shops in Sacramento. From maintaining cleanliness to addressing the needs of the clients, these studios cater to them all.

A large number of them also offer piercings as well, alongside tattoo designs. They’re all extremely hygienic and take care to maintain their sanitation standards since tattoos need to be drawn in very clean environments.

From clients to online testimonials, these ten tattoo studios have been highly recommended. They are well-known and reputed, and cater to the needs of a diverse clientele. No matter what kind of tattoo you’re thinking of getting, you can rest assured that a tattoo studio from this list will be perfect for you.