Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas and Designs For Men and Women

Betty Boop tattoo ideas and designs for the arm, sleeve, wrist, small and large. The Cartoon Woman who stole the hearts of millions.

With flamboyant dress sense and an oversized head, this sassy lady has been raising many viewers’ eyebrows since she debuted on television in 1930. In the 20th century, one of the most popular sex symbols. There have been numerous adaptations and variations of Betty Boop tattoos.

Betty Boop Tattoo

Betty Boop Tattoo

Betty Boop Tattoos

Originally designed to resemble singer Helen Kane – from whom her signature tagline “Boop-Oop-a-Doop” is derived – as a 1930’s jazz flapper. It didn’t take her long for her to become the first cartoon character to fully embody a sexual woman. Sadly, in 1934, censorship transformed Boop from her suggestive persona into a more docile single ‘housewife’, which led to her demise.

Betty Boop Tattoos

Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas

You may recognize Betty Boop from cartoons, movies, comic strips, and now, merchandising. Several decades ago, Max Fleischer created the fictional character Betty.

In this animation, the first woman ever portrayed as a sex symbol. Look closely at the picture and you can see Betty’s eyes are filled with innocence, but her bodily features demonstrate this character’s sexualized behavior.

Betty Boop Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos Of Betty Boop

This character has mainly been enjoyed by adults, and she has gained a devoted following. The following are just a few of the most common reasons why people get Betty Boop tattoos. Betty Boop tattoos come in an endless variety with their own meanings and explanations.

Tattoos Of Betty Boop

Small Meaningful Tattoos

Tattoos of all sizes can make powerful statements and are as meaningful as larger ones. Smaller tattoos are also very versatile. It is possible to have them tattooed anywhere on the body and they are usually more discrete; this is ideal if you want to hide your tattoo.

Small Meaningful Tattoos

Meaning Behind A Betty Boop Tattoo

Even though Betty Boop Tattoos can have different meanings for different people, one of the overarching concepts is a woman’s right to her own sexuality. A woman can use it to symbolize the power she has when she regains control over her body. Women have been trying to hide or exploit women’s bodies for decades, but Betty Boop proudly displays her sensuality in a way that empowers them. She is a symbol of empowerment!

Meaning Behind A Betty Boop Tattoo

Betty Boop Angel Tattoo

If you want, you can add more elements to your Betty Boop tattoo. Ink a Betty Boop Angel tattoo like this one that has the name of a loved one just beneath the colored inked one of Betty in a classic red dress, posing away.

Betty Boop Angel Tattoo

Classic Betty Boop Tattoo

This Betty Boop tattoo shows her in a red skirt with a sweetheart neck worn with a black high heel and a wind-tossed red dress. Black and red ink are used in this tattoo. On Betty’s left thigh, we can also see a garter, a standard accessory you can see on her most outfits. Betty Boop tattoos symbolize the essence of this daring character.

Classic Betty Boop Tattoo

Devil Betty Boop Tattoo

This tattoo design would be perfect for those looking for an opposite of the Betty Boop Angel tattoo. Betty Boop wears a sexy costume with the devil’s horns and tail as can be seen in this image. Her costume is quite shiny and eye-catching due to the black ink with white shading. Embrace your sense of mischief with this Betty Boop tattoo!

Devil Betty Boop Tattoo

Black Betty Boop Tattoo

There is no doubt that black ink is the most popular color for tattoos, and no matter how dark or light your skin tone is, a black tattoo will instantly give your skin a glamorous look.

Black Betty Boop Tattoo

Gangsta Betty Boop Tattoo

From Angel Betty Boop to Gangster Betty Boop to Biker Betty Boop to Cute Betty Boop, these Betty Boop tattoos for girls adorning various parts of the body are eye-catching.

Gangsta Betty Boop Tattoo

Gangsta Betty Boop Tattoo

Back Tattoos

There is no better place to display a large, detailed design than the back. Almost everyone chooses back tattoos because of their size, allowing them to experiment with their artwork without being restricted.

Inner Wrist Tattoo

A meaningful tattoo on the inner wrist makes sense since you will see it every day. Ink can be displayed proudly or hidden under clothing, making this an extremely versatile option.




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Was Betty Boop a black woman?

It was Esther Jones who was Betty Boop! Inspired by a Black jazz singer in Harlem, Betty Boop became an iconic cartoon character. It was the first and most famous sex symbol in animation introduced by cartoonist Max Fleischer in 1930.

How old was Betty Boop when she died?

Her days as a child singing and dancing sensation were over. As a result of liver and kidney complications, Esther Jones died in 1984 in New York City. She is widely credited with influencing the iconic sexual icon Betty Boop. She died at age 66.

Why do people like Betty Boop so much?

While the flapper era had ended by the time Betty Boop appeared on screen, she was beloved by Depression-era audiences. “The public loved her because she reminded them of the carefree days of the 1920s,” Pointer says. She also became a fan favorite because she was the only cartoon character that portrayed a human woman.

What did Betty Boop always say?

The phrase Boop-Oop-a-Doop is forever associated with Betty Boop. Betty has used this phrase since she made her debut in Dizzy Dishes, or some variation of it.