Bringing in Your Own Tattoo Design

This video discusses the common topic of bringing in your own tattoo design to a tattoo shop for tattooing.

In this video, I talk about different situations where this is a normal and acceptable practice for clients, as well as some situations where it might be something you may wanna reconsider.

Keep in mind that the information in this video is from my perspective as a custom tattooer, which means that I prefer to design all of the tattoos I do myself. I tried to cover all bases so that the information is as close to universal as possible, but naturally, I am inclined to advise clients to let their tattoo artists handle the artwork and design.

There are a lot of different ways that tattoo artists do business, and there is really no right and wrong in my mind when I think about the big picture. Either way, I hope that this info is helpful in clarifying how a professional tattooer might feel about this subject.