Can You Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot? And How Long Will It Last?

Can You Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot? And How Long Will It Last? Yes! Getting a tattoo inked at the sole of your foot is a possibility!

Tattoos at the bottom of the feet surely look offbeat and delicate. They may get a few jealous looks when you put your bare feet up on the poolside or the beach but good things don’t come easy! The process of getting a foot tattoo is painful, and the aftercare may be tedious. Additionally, tattoos at the bottom of the feet are known for their short-lived appeal.

If you are ready to bear the pain, go through the fussy aftercare, and take your chances with smudges and fading designs, foot tattoos are trendy. For those, who want secret tattoos that are not visible too often, tattoos on the sole of the feet can be a perfect choice. With designs needled under the feet, you have the complete freedom to show them off or conceal them as you wish.

Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot

Why are Foot Tattoos Painful?

As is with any wound, padding always helps reduce pain. Since like the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet also have very less cushioning, needling them hurts terribly. Your feet are also a collection site for a bunch of nerve endings. This, coupled with the lack of flesh on the undersides of your feet, offers no relief while getting your foot tattooed. The pain worsens when you realize that your suffering is not over yet.

Tattooing, in essence, is putting ink in your dermis, the layer of skin below your epidermis. A good tattoo artist knows exactly how deep to make the needle go so that it goes to your dermis. Generally, it is easy as the epidermis is of a consistent thickness.

However, the epidermis varies highly in thickness across your feet, making it a difficult task to deposit the ink in the right place. A little too high, and the ink will shed off with your skin, causing fading. A little too low, and the ink goes to your capillaries, spreading everywhere in a ‘blow-out’.

Owing to the huge amount of nerve endings in your feet, keeping still while getting a tattoo done is going to be a task in and of itself.

Another test of your restraint will be when the tattoo starts healing. Controlling the urge to scratch the scabs away once the healing begins will be vital for your tattoo to heal well.

Picking at the scabs will cause the ink to be removed from that area of skin and will distort your tattoo’s design, it might also lead to scarring.

Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot

How Long Do Foot Tattoos Last?

Tattoos on the soles of your feet are notorious for fading quickly. Given how frequently we use our feet, the wear and tear on those tattoos are always much higher than, say, on your back. Apart from fading fairly shortly after healing, many times these healed tattoos aren’t much of a pretty sight to see either. If somebody wants to keep such tattoos as permanent features, they might require frequent touch-ups. More so, if they choose delicate tattoo designs with fine lines.

Why Do Foot Tattoos Fade Quickly?

There are an array of reasons why getting a foot tattoo is generally a fussy affair. However, for fanatics, a good choice in design, religious aftercare, and some retouches might be worth the pain.

One of the biggest causes of faster fading is wearing socks and shoes during the healing period. It is a general rule to avoid closed shoes for at least a good week or so after getting the tattoo. Socks and shoes prevent the tattoo from breathing, thus slowing the healing. Along with this comes a wet and warm environment serving as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which may cause an infection. Ouch, are you ready for it?

Even if your tattoo was able to heal perfectly, its future still looks bleak.

Just like the soles of your shoes, the soles of your feet will be subjected to constant and rigorous friction in the coming days. This high amount of friction ‘rubs off’ causing lots of wear and tear. Thus, your tattoo is still bound to fade faster than others.

Since tattoos tend to bleed a little ink while healing, especially detailed tattoos have a hard time retaining their beauty. They will quite often be seen turning into little smudged blotches pretty soon.

Can You Tattoo The Bottom Of Your Foot

What Kind of Tattoos are Ideal for Soles of the Feet

Before deciding to take the plunge it is better to know what kind of tattoo is ideal for the sensitive soles of your feet. The bottom of the feet are sensitive and wrinkly, and the tattoo artist does not have a large area to work on. That is why the best sole tattoos are never too detailed and colorful. Inking the bottom of the feet can be challenging for any tattoo artist and that’s why many of them don’t agree to do tattoos at the bottom of the feet. Even if you find an artist, every style of tattoo is not for this area.

If you want the tattoo under your feet to look attractive for the longest time, choose wisely.

Avoid Intricate Designs and Shading

As discussed already it is difficult to ink intricate designs under the feet. Plus, too many colors may form a blotch without giving the right outcome. Colorful tattoos on the soles of your feet may not heal properly and may cause you a lot of inconveniences. Relatively bigger, bolder, heavier outlines are the best for under-the-feet tattoo designs. Keep them simple and black to enjoy their beauty for the longest time.

Get a solid tattoo

If you are thinking about how to get an attractive design without the finer details, try filling in the foot tattoos with solid black or solid colors. For example, if you choose to ink a star under your feet, consider filling it and making it solid black to keep it for longer. Solid tattoos fade at a relatively slower pace.

Avoid colors

If not cared for properly, color tattoos tend to fade faster compared to black tattoos. Walking, wearing shoes all day, and working for long in moist conditions may take a toll on your foot tattoos. Mistreating the tattoos at the bottom of your foot will make them blotchy and fade faster if they have colors. In some cases, they may last for a year or a little more.

Choose small designs

The areas under your feet are not too smooth and flat. There are wrinkles and curves which may make it difficult for inking larger designs. Stick to smaller tattoo designs that are easy for the artist to work with.

Foot Tattoo Aftercare

If you want to keep your sole tattoos noticeable for long, you need to take good care of your tattoos.

Let your tattoos breathe

Pull down your socks and take off your shoes whenever possible and let your tattoos get some fresh air. This stands good, especially for the first few weeks of the inking job.

Keep those feet out of the sun

UV rays can do some serious damage to tattoo colors. Avoid exposing your feet to the sun and even if you do, use sunscreen and open sandals to protect your tattoo.

Avoid friction

For a couple of weeks after getting the tattoo done, stay off your feet as much as possible. Friction is a destroyer of tattoos! Don’t walk barefoot. Avoid walking and running too much to allow your feet to heal and the colors to settle down. Wear soft slippers instead of closed, tight shoes.


Good foot care will also take care of your foot tattoos. When your tattoos heal completely, keep your feet moisturized to keep the tattoos healthy and attractive.


The location of tattoos are personal choices. If you want one at the bottom of your foot you can definitely fulfill your heart’s desire. Most tattoo artists don’t recommend it due to their short life and difficulty in inking them in the sensitive areas under the feet. The fading is faster as there’s a lot of wear and tear with every move you make!