Canelo Alvarez’s Tattoo Pictures : What Are The Meanings

Canelo Alvarez tattoo facts and meanings. Let’s take a look at what tattoos Canelo has and what they mean.

Boxing legend Canelo Alvarez is easily recognizable around the globe. Mexican boxing super-star Juan Carlos Valdes is famed for his awe-inspiring physique. The tattoos on the champion go under the radar, though. Body art is a huge passion for him, and he has many tattoos himself. Let’s take a look at what tattoos Canelo has and what they mean.

How many losses does Canelo have?

How many world titles has Canelo lost? Alvarez has famously lost just one fight in his 59-bout career so far (56 wins, two draws).

What Tattoos does Canelo Alvarez have?

There are a total of 14 tattoos on Canelo. These tattoos each have their own significance and reasoning. Several tattoos are public, while others are personal. Check out all 14 tattoos below, you can find his tattoos all over including his back, chest, arm, shoulder, and wrist.

Daughter’s Portrait Tattoo

Canelo has a large portrait of Emily on his left forearm. As a result, Canelo’s family has always been his priority, and he loves his daughters more than anything else.

Portrait of Daughter’ Tattoo

His Daughter Maria’s tattoo

As well as a tattoo of Emily, Canelo also has a tattoo of his other daughter Maria. His left bicep bears this tattoo.

Inspirational quote tattoo

Canelo Alvarez also has an inspirational quote on his back as one of his famous tattoos. The tattoo says, “Destiny is not a matter of chance It’s a matter of choice Life is hard but never give up Keep on fighting & always believe in yourself to achieve your Dreams.”

Quote’ Tattoo canelo alvarez tattoo

‘Lady with Plume’

As a tribute to his proud heritage, Canelo has a tattoo of a woman with a plume-topped headgear on his left forearm.

Lady with Plume’ Tattoo

Girlfriend’s Eyes Canelo Alvarez Tattoo

The picture of the eyes is also tattooed on Canelo’s left forearm. The meaning of this tattoo is not known.

Eyes’ Tattoo

No Boxing no life’ tattoo

We can also find Canelo’s meaningful tattoo on his left bicep, which says ‘No boxing, no life.’ It is on the same arm as Maria’s tattoo.


Matching Crown Canelo Alvarez Tattoo

The tattoos on the forearms of Alvarez and his girlfriend are identical. There is also the date ’28/11/2014′ on this tattoo. Thus, it is safe to say this is a special date for the couple.

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) also confirmed that Canelo Alvarez has indeed married his girlfriend, Fernanda Gomez.

Matching’ Tattoos canelo alvarez tattoo

Cinnamon tattoo

‘Cinnamon’ is tattooed on the Mexican’s arm. In English, the name Canelo translates to cinnamon.

Cinnamon’ Tattoo

Perseverencia tattoo

Alvarez also has a tattoo that symbolizes his mindset and dedication. Tattooed on the back of his neck is the word ‘Perseverencia,’ which means perseverance.

Rose Canelo Alvarez Tattoo

The left arm of Canelo has been tattooed with a rose. We don’t know why and what that means.

Rose’ Tattoo

Debut Date tattoo

His debut date is tattooed on his body. This date, however, is in Roman numerals. It equals 29/10/2005 – the date of his debut as a professional boxer at age 15 years old. Canelo Alvarez shoulder tattoo.

XXIX-X-MMV’ Tattoo canelo alvarez tattoo

Daughter’s birthdate tattoo

On his left forearm, Canelo has another date tattoo. This year, it’s Emily’s 12/10/2007 birthday, the birthdate of his first child. Once again, this tattoo features roman numerals.

Mexican boxer is the date of October 12, 2007 in Roman numerals.

The Mexican boxer’s second tattoo (Photo: Saúl Álvarez / Instagram)

Second daughter’s birthdate tattoo

The birthdate of Canelo’s second daughter, Maria, is also tattooed on his body alongside Emily’s birthdate. Unlike the previous one, this one does not have numbers and it’s located at the bottom of his neck. The date is 28 December 2017.

28 Dic 2017′ Tattoo - canelo alvarez tattoo

27/8/2018 tattoo

One last tattoo of Canelo remains to be done. This time his wristband reads ’27-8-2018′. This tattoo, however, has no known meaning.

A tattoo on the boxer’s back surprised many of his fans. What does Canelo’s tattoo mean? There is a lot of speculation about it.

It reads as follows: “Destiny is not a matter of chance. Its a matter of choice. Life is hard but never give up. Keep on lighting & always believe in yourself to achieve your dreams”.

The tattoo’s Spanish translation reads

“Fate is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. Life is hard but never give up. Keep fighting and always believe in yourself to achieve your dreams “.


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Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant started their scheduled fight more than a month early.

The boxers got into an ugly punching exchange during a stare-down at a news conference on Tuesday at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Alvarez and Plant are scheduled to fight for the unified super-middleweight title on Nov. 6 in Las Vegas. ESPN has Alvarez ranked No. 1 on its pound-for-pound boxer list. Canelo Alvarez made an estimated $32 million from his fights against Callum Smith and Avni Yildirim.