Cardi B Gets Her First Face Tattoo & Fans Have Opinions

In a social media video posted, Cardi B showed off her new ink near her jawline after visiting her tattoo artist. Fresh ink! for Cardi B.

The 29-year-old rapper recently got her first face tattoo, and fans couldn’t resist sharing their thoughts! As the rapper sat back and let Robinson De Los Santos do the tattoo near her jawline, he posted an Instagram video. During the clip, Cardi covered her face with the tattoo, which appeared to have letters.

In the comments section of the video, the Bodak Yellow creator’s fans responded quickly with their opinions.

Cardi B Face Tattoo

“OMG not a good move… I love cardi.B, trust.. NEVA the face takes away ya beauty,” one fan wrote while another shared, “Why, don’t mess up your face with tats your body ok but not the face.” Others felt the complete opposite way and praised the talented artist for expressing herself in the way she wanted.

“Her body her choice y’all buggin and what she does doesn’t even affect your daily life 🤣,” one fan wrote while another posted, “tattoos or no tattoos, what’s on your skin does not define you as a person !!!!!!!” A third fan was impressed by how well she was taking the pain.

Cardi B Tattoo

Another fan shared a photo of Cardi with the tattoo on their Instagram account in addition to the video. Although it was unclear what it looked like up close or what it meant, the beauty appeared happy and pleased with the outcome. Additionally, Robinson held up a peace sign alongside her

Before getting her newest tattoo, Cardi hinted to fans that she was considering tattooing the name of her 11-month-old son, Wave. “Random but ….I’m 1% close too tatting my sons name on my face….I really really wanna do it!” she tweeted at the time, adding that she wanted to get it on her jaw. While the public has yet to see her new tattoo clearly and up close, it does not appear to have the letter W on it.

While this is Cardi’s first face tattoo, it’s not the first time she’s gotten ink. With her confidence, she always shows off her tattoos, which include some on her legs and arms. The designs on her skin vary in color and black, so she’s certainly prepared to do what it takes to get the details she wants!

Their daughter’s name might have been tattooed on her husband’s jawline as a gift from her husband.

Cardi B and Offset have already inked each other’s names. A Stir Fry rapper has her name tattooed on his neck, while a singer has his name on the back of her leg.

They also both have matching hand tattoos of their wedding dates – they have been married since 2017.

From thigh to ribcage, Cardi already has a very colorful peacock and butterfly tattoo on her body.

Additionally, he has a massive back tattoo featuring bright flowers, butterflies and a hummingbird in an array of colors, including purple, orange, blue, red, yellow and green.

There has been some speculation online that the tattoo may be a tribute to her son, Wave. Billboard reports that Cardi said earlier this year she was considering inking Wave’s name on her face.

“I really really wanna do it,” the rapper tweeted back in January.



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Cardi B Tattoos

The star has tons of other tattoos, including a winding array of colorful flowers that extend from her knee up across her butt and back to her neck.