When Can I Change My Septum Piercing? Your Guide Here

The Septum Piercing and all your questions answered. When can I change my septum piercing ? Aftercare instructions, healing process.

Once you have fully healed your septum piercing, you can change it. It is best to wait until it has fully healed. Septum piercings typically heal in two to three months, but can take up to nine months for certain people. It can also depend on the aftercare.

In addition to following aftercare instructions, the amount of or little touch you give the piercing while it heals, your overall health, and any problems, such as infection, all impact how quickly you heal. It will almost certainly be painful and detrimental to the nose if it is not cured and you continue to modify it. A septum piercing can be changed after two months if you feel more comfortable.

It is possible to tell how well your piercing is healing if there is no pain or blood when you touch it. This marks the completion of the first step. Your skin may feel crusty if you are in the final stages of healing.

Is It OK To Change My Septum Piercing Early?

If you attempt to modify your piercing too soon, you may experience some of the following problems.

Inflammation: . It is possible to develop inflammation around the septum. You may become uncomfortable and experience eye leakage if you change your piercing before it has healed.

Since the hole will be inflamed and swollen, it will be harder to detect, making the installation of the jewelry harder.

There is a greater risk of infection. As part of the healing process, part of the skin will scab over and heal. A poorly sterilized and unclean replacement ring could cause infection in the hole

Septum piercing Healing Process?

A septum piercing does most of its healing in 6 or 8 months, though it can take as long as 6 to 8 months to heal completely for some people.

Healing is an individual process. It is recommended that you wait six to eight weeks after surgery before changing jewelry. Your septum piercing needs time to heal properly.

The speed and quality of healing depends on factors such as:

  • Following aftercare instructions.
  • Touching the piercing while it heals will affect how much or how little it heals.
  • Your overall health will be affected.
  • It’s not recommended to change your piercing before it heals.

Septum Piercing

How Do I Care For My New Septum Piercing?

As part of the aftercare process, your piercer will make recommendations on how to prevent infection and other problems related to your piercing.

Be sure to follow these tips

1. Do not touch the piercing

To avoid introducing bacteria, wash your hands before touching it or cleaning it. Wait until it’s completely healed before flipping it up. To minimize bleeding or damage if it needs to be turned, rinse it with warm water first.

Be careful not to use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. You should avoid soaps that contain harsh chemicals, such as triclosan and iodine. Using either a store-bought or home-made saline solution, rinse the area.

2. Do not over clean your piercings

As needed, clean it two or three times a day. Get dressed carefully, blow your nose, or do anything else that might cause the piercing to snag or pull.

3. How Can I Change My Septum Piercing?

You should thoroughly clean your hands before altering the septum piercing. Using a disinfectant solution, clean and disinfect the septum piercing. Hold the jewelry so the gap faces up if you have difficulty altering your septum piercing.

What about jewelry type?

Following your full recovery, you can choose whatever jewelry you want. However, you’ll first have to keep the original piercing, which is usually a circular barbell or horseshoe with a gauge of 14 or 16.

Your piercer can let you know what styles are available and if there are any concerns you might have. If, for example, you want to be able to conceal your piercing at work, a horseshoe shape can be useful.

So, When can I change the jewelry?

Generally speaking, you should wait until it’s fully healed.

  • It should no longer be tender.
  • The skin shouldn’t be crusty or weepy.

If there is no problem with the jewelry, you should leave it in throughout the healing process. In the event that you need to change the jewelry during the healing period, a piercer should perform the change.

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