Christian Nodal Finally Explains What Happened To The Chest Tattoo

Christian Nodal finally explains what happened to the chest tattoo featuring Belinda’s eyes. Christian nodal tattoos En la Cara.

There are still several tattoos left for singer Christian Nodal. Nodal’s recent concert photos in Costa Rica show his “Beli” tattoo has been covered up. It was a tribute to his ex-fiancée, singer and songwriter Belinda.

In a deck of playing cards, the four letters represent the four suits: the heart, diamond, club, and spade.

Christian Nodal Tattoos

The couple’s breakup was officially announced on social media on February 12. “To all of my fans and press friends, I want to share that we’ve decided to end our engagement and our relationship,” Nodal wrote.

Nodal’s tattoos of Belinda were quickly the subject of suggestions from the internet. In addition to the tattoo near his ear that is now gone, he has Belinda’s eyes tattooed on his chest and Utopia, the name of her second album, on his forehead.

After Christian Nodal and Belinda split up, the tattoo drama wasn’t the only effect. Just as Nodal’s son did last year, Cristy Nodal deleted all the photos of Belinda from her Instagram page. According to reports, Cristy didn’t like their nine-year age difference.

Last week, Belinda posted her own statement on the breakup thanking her fans for their “unconditional love and support.” Belinda added that it is time for a “new stage” in her life to begin.

Christian Nodal’s Belinda tattoos are gone

Christian Nodal Belinda Tattoo

In an interview with the Mexican morning show Venga la Alegr*a , Christian Nodal explained what happened to the massive tattoo he had of his ex-fiancée Belinda’s eyes on his chest.

For the unwanted ink, he decided to cover it up with more tattoos. “I had some eyes here, I covered them with wings,” Nodal said. “I made a complete chest design…of pleasure.”

Some exes consider redesigning tattoos to look like something completely different as a way to handle more permanent tributes. Additionally, Belinda’s eyes occupied a large part of his chest, so it’s impossible to know how thoroughly the ink was removed or how long it would’ve taken.

It was a different story with Nodal’s other Belinda tattoo, which was easily hidden due to its small size. The tattoo of the name “Beli” near Nodal’s right ear was covered in February. In a deck of playing cards, these four letters represent the four suits: heart, diamond, club, and spade.

Christian Nodal Face Tattoo

christian nodal face tattoo


Did Christian Nodal get a tattoo of Belinda?

Christian Nodal revealed to the Mexican morning show Venga la Alegria what happened to the huge tattoo he had on his chest of his ex-fiancee Belinda’s eyes. To cover up the undesirable ink, he added more tattoos.

Did Christian Nodal remove his Belinda tattoo?

Check out this image for Christian Nodal’s Belinda tattoo removal. Announcing their breakup, the Mexican singer Christian Nodal began removing all traces of Belinda from his life, starting with her first tattoo.

Does Christian Nodal have face tattoos?

Nodal’s tattoo of Belinda sparked the internet’s interest. Many people offered suggestions on how to remove it. He has a tattoo of Belinda’s eyes on his chest and the name of the second studio album she released, Utopia, on his forehead along with a tattoo near his ear that is now removed.

Christian Nodal Tattoo

christian nodal tattoo

Christian Nodal Tattoos En la Cara

christian nodal tattoos en la cara

Tattoo Christian Nodal

tattoo christian nodal