100+ Beautiful Chrysanthemum Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Amazing Chrysanthemum tattoo ideas for inspiration. If you are looking for a flower tattoo you’re in luck with these beautiful designs.

Both men and women have always been attracted to the subtle and elegant appearance of flower tattoos. You should research what type of flower is unique and has a beautiful meaning before getting a flower tattooed on your body. For this tattoo, we chose one of China’s most beautiful flowers.

Chrysanthemums bloom beautifully in autumn in East Asia and China. The chrysanthemum, one of the most common flowering plants in the world, carries a great deal of meaning. In addition to its title as the “Queen of the Fall Flowers,” the Chrysanthemum is available in a variety of vibrant colors, including white, orange, yellow, bronze, red, purple, and pink.

Amazing Chrysanthemum Tattoo Designs

Forearm Chrysanthemum Cool Male Flower Tattoos

Detailed Japanese Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoos for Men

Chrysanthemum male outer forearm tattoos in color ink

Geometric chrysanthemum tattoo on inner forearm of a guy

Male Chrysanthemum Flower Skull Tattoos On the hand

Male Chrysanthemum Blue Floral Tattoo Designs For Forearms

Male Japanese tattoos of chrysanthemums and snakes

Gentleman With Chrysanthemum Fox Sleeve Tattoo

Floral Bicep Tattoos For Guys With Chrysanthemums

Forearm Tattoos For Guys With Tiger Chrysanthemum Yellow Flower

Full Sleeve Tattoos of Coiled Snake Chrysanthemum Flower

Bicep chrysanthemum flower tattoo for men on the inner arm

Chysanthemum flower tattoo for the neck

awesome examples of guys with chrysanthemum full sleeves tattoos

A cute half-sleeve chrysanthemum flower tattoo for guys

Cute Simple Chrysanthemum Tattoo

It is believed that Japanese chrysanthemum tattoos symbolize resoluteness and persistence. Chrysanthemum flowers represent openness, pleasure, rest, and friendship in traditional tattoo meanings! Chrysanthemums symbolize happiness and laughter. Chrysanthemum tattoos represent comfort, firmness, and resoluteness as well as simplicity.

The chrysanthemum is a popular flowering plant that belongs to the daisy family. Several types of flowers have become design elements in tattoos, including the chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many reasons why people love them.

chrysanthemum arm tattoo for cool guys

Black and negative space chrysanthemum inner arm

Black and negative space chrysanthemum inner arm

Forearm tattoo ideas featuring realistic 3D chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum tattoo for the spine

On the forearm is a black tattoo with a cyananthemum outline

Chrysanthemum Flowers shoulder tattoo for females

Chrysanthemum colorful Flowers for the lower inner arm

Hand tattoo With Chrysanthemum Flowers

Men's Watercolor Chrysanthemum Flower Full Sleeve Tattoos

Detailed Colorful Chrysanthemum Arm Tattoo

Tattoos of a chrysanthemum flower on the triceps of men

Half-sleeve tattoo of a female portrait with a chrysanthemum flower

Men's upper chest tattoos with skulls and snakes with chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum Side Rib Tattoos

Simple chrysanthemum tattoo for the ankle

The Symbolism Behind Chrysanthemum Tattoos

The Chrysanthemum tattoo has deep roots in Japanese culture, even though it originated in China. Chrysanthemum flowers are believed to represent a man’s generosity and greatness in Japanese culture. Ever wonder where the name chrysanthemum came from? Chrysos refers to gold, and anthemion refers to flowers, thus forming the name Chrysosanthemon.

A Demon Mask Chrysanthemum Sleeve Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Flower in black and yellow ink

Chrysanthemum tattoo with a tiger for the forarm

shoulder Chrysanthemum flower tattoos for women

Chrysanthemum tattoo with arm tattoo

Chrysanthemum Tattoos upper arm for men

Bright Flower Chrysanthemums Tattoos

Flower chrysanthemums are usually associated with happiness and joy. During grand celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays, and baptisms, flowers are commonly used in the décor. During these days of great celebration, people also give chrysanthemums as gifts to celebrate rebirth, peace, joy, and positive energy.

Chrysanthemums range in color from white to pink to orange to red. Each color signifies something different. Therefore, it is important that you understand what the chrysanthemum tattoo represents and select the right color. The yellow chrysanthemum represents unrequited love, while the white chrysanthemum represents pain.

A colorful Japanese tattoo of a chrysanthemum

Cool Chrysanthemum Flower tattoo for the shoulder

Men's Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo of Chrysanthemum Flower in Negative Space

Realistic 3d Chrysanthemum Flower Shaded Black And White Male Hand Tattoo

Flower Chrysanthemums Tattoos

Samuari Chrysanthemum Mens Neck Tattoo with skull Shaded Black And Grey Chrysanthemum Leg Sleeve Tattoo In Thigh

Purple Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo For Females

Traditional Chrysanthemum Flower on the knee tattoo

back of the leg Traditional Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo

Elbow Chrysanthemum Flower tattoo

half leg Chrysanthemum Flower tattoo

Ocean Waves Chrysanthemum Flowers Womens Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Tattoo of a Chrysanthemum Flower on the forearm of an old school guy

Purple and Black ink tattoos of skulls with chrysanthemum flowers for men

Forearm tattoo designs with colorful chrysanthemum flowers

Chest tattoo ideas featuring colorful chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemum Flowers Male  head tattoo

mens hald sleeve and shoulder Chrysanthemum Flowers tattoo

Chrysanthemum Themed Skull And Flowers Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese Themed Chrysanthemum Flower Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Chrysanthemum Flower Japanese Snake Leg Tattoos

Purple Chrysanthemum Tattoo Design for the knee

Purple Chrysanthemum Tattoo Design for the Leg

Sexy Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo

Chrysanthemums can have different meanings when mixed with different elements. If you have a chrysanthemum or skull tattoo, you are an invulnerable person who is full of energy, as these symbols are protective amulets. Death is symbolized by skulls, and new life is symbolized by chrysanthemums. Using these two elements together, a tattoo is created that has a profound meaning. In addition to butterflies, snakes, lions, dragons, waves, and other creatures, chrysanthemum tattoos can also include other creatures.

Depending on how many flowers you have in it, your chrysanthemum tattoo will have a different meaning. Getting a tattoo of a large chrysanthemum, or one in full bloom and another in the bud symbolizes your love and loyalty to your family. Chrysanthemum tattoos can be both meaningful and beautiful. It’s worth trying if you can relate to these meanings.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum November Flower Tattoo

Known also as a daisy with 16 petals, the Chrysanthemum originates from China. Japan also has a devoted following for this flower, where its association with the Japanese Imperial Family has made it a symbol of royalty. Also popular is Chrysanthemum as a female name in Japan.

Giving this flower is a traditional way to celebrate weddings, births, and other joyous occasions. In symbolism, the heart represents love, peace, happiness, rebirth, and all other positive emotions. In the world of tattoos, Chrysanthemum tattoos are among the most popular.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Butterfly Tattoo

Adding two butterflies to the Chrysanthemum further illustrates the loving relationship between a parent and child, two playful siblings, or the simplicity of one’s spirit.

Chrysanthemum Butterfly Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Combined With A Bird

Chrysanthemums and birds, when combined as a tattoo design, symbolize ultimate freedom, strength, and energy. When an Owl bird is combined with the Chrysanthemum, wisdom, acumen, and mysticism are further emphasized. Owls are known for their intelligence, patience, and knowledge, along with their foresight. Therefore, this type of pairing for the design is most suited for the focused and calm adult.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Black And Grey Chrysanthemum Tattoo

This type of simple and detailed Chrysanthemum tattoo is no less than an art form. It looks like the flower was etched with a pencil by a real artist. You will surely like this tattoo if you prefer black and gray designs. Chrysanthemum tattoos can be inked on your arm, chest, back, or even your leg, as pictured.

Black And Grey Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Small Chrysanthemum Tattoo

The Chrysanthemum flower tattoo is a good choice if you’re among the people who prefer small tattoos. Chrysanthemums are translated as “golden flowers” in Greek. The yellow Chrysanthemum can perfectly represent that meaning as a tattoo. Additional small flowers can also be added to this design.

Small Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Vibrant Chrysanthemum Tattoo

This tattoo can be the perfect choice for those who prefer vibrant and colorful designs. Using pink ink, we have here inked a flower with realistic leaves that are dark green and realistic. If you want to make it look like the sun, you can also choose another color such as red, blue, purple, or golden.

Vibrant Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Dagger Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Dagger tattoos symbolize death, among other things. Besides having a meaning of immortality, the Chrysanthemum flower is also associated with it. The tattoo’s meaning becomes quite profound when the two designs are combined and are related to life, death, and everything in between. This tattoo of a dagger looks quite realistic, with the right combination of shading and gradient coloration. As if to blend seamlessly with the dagger, the Chrysanthemum petals are entirely white.

Dagger Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Hand Tattoo

They remain visible at all times, which makes hand tattoos the perfect statement piece. Therefore, if you decide to get a hand tattoo, you should make sure it is of high quality. Chrysanthemum flowers have been created on a black background in this illustration, which creates a better contrast. Flowers and leaves in yellow and pink compliment each other quite well.

Chrysanthemum Hand Tattoo

Half Sleeve Japanese Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Chrysanthemums, also known as “Kiku” in Japan, have special significance in Japanese culture. Chrysanthemum flowers were introduced to Japan by the Chinese ages ago, and it has become an integral part of their heritage and culture ever since. Chrysanthemums adorned the seals and thrones of the Imperial Family of Japan.

Male leg sleeves with black ink chrysanthemums tattoo

Male Tattoo Ideas for Lower Leg Chrysanthemum Flowers

Red Chrysanthemum chest tattoo

Cool Guys Chrysanthemum Flowers Sleeve Tattoo With Black Ink Outline Design

Flower With Snake And Skull Tattoo For Womens Leg

Chrysanthemum Tattoo for the side rib in black

Chrysanthemum Tattoo below the knee tattoo

Chrysanthemum thigh Tattoo with pink

wrist and forearm Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Japanese Chrysanthemum Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas with buildings for Men

Chrysanthemum Purple Tattoo

Chrysanthemum colorful hand Tattoo

amazing Chrysanthemum sleeve Tattoo

Chrysanthemum leg Tattoo

purple color Chrysanthemum knee design Tattoo

back Chrysanthemum Tattoo

both arms Chrysanthemum Tattoos Chrysanthemum skull Tattoo design for the thigh

all solid black Chrysanthemum Tattoo

Unique Chrysanthemum skull Tattoo

Perfect Place for Chrysanthemum Tattoos

It doesn’t matter what part of your body you place Chrysanthemum tattoos on; they will look stunning. Chrysanthemum tattoos look like a work of art, so wherever you get one, it will accessorize your body. Additionally, these tattoos come in various colors and designs, giving you plenty of options for placement. In addition to the arm, chrysanthemum tattoos are often placed on your shoulders and collarbone.

The thigh is another commonplace for these tattoos. It is solely dependent on the design you choose where you want to have your chrysanthemum tattoo. If you’re going for a small chrysanthemum tattoo that includes only one flower, you can consider getting it on your hands, palms, neck, or upper back. Some people even get it behind their ears for a unique tattoo look.

Perfect Place for Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Chrysanthemum Bouquet Tattoo

These days, larger chrysanthemum tattoos are more in style and help you achieve a cool and elegant look. It is possible to have extravagant tattoos on your thighs, full-leg skin, rib cage, stomach, chest, or even back. You may want your chrysanthemum tattoo to connect your whole body to give you a full-body tattoo look if you want to go all out. There are many placement options for chrysanthemum tattoos, but it all depends on where you feel comfortable.

You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect tattoo placement after you’ve selected a design. Therefore, take a moment to look over each of the chrysanthemum ideas above.

Chrysanthemum Bouquet Tattoo

Chrysanthemums with Waves Tattoo

This Chrysanthemum with waves tattoo will give you an amazing tattoo look if you plan to achieve a whole tattoo look with many elements. There are three different kinds of chrysanthemums inked over the black background of the sleeve tattoo. There is a wave inked in grey on this tattoo. Your entire sleeve is covered with the waves of the flower, which were expertly drawn by the tattoo artist.

Symbolizing water and earth, this tattoo indicates a new beginning or a change in your life. Those who need the motivation to become better and emotionally stronger can use this tattoo as a good reminder.

Chrysanthemums with Waves Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Skull Tattoo

For a tattoo that has a strong meaning, go for the chrysanthemum skull tattoo. You will come across this tattoo quite often, as Chrysanthemum tattoos often contain skulls. Below is an inked reddish chrysanthemum with different green leaves. Over the leaves and Chrysanthemum, the tattoo artist has inked a white and gray skull with intimidating black eyes.

A descriptive tattoo like this should be tattooed on a bigger area. It combines the meaning of both the skull and Chrysanthemum; this tattoo carries a strong meaning. As a result, it defines you as someone who is energetic and isn’t vulnerable. As skull tattoos symbolize death and rebirth, this tattoo is perfect for those seeking a change.

Chrysanthemum Skull Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Snake Tattoo

One of the hottest tattoo looks is this chrysanthemum tattoo with a snake. For a pleasant chrysanthemum tattoo that has a fury element, this is the tattoo for you. The tattoo features chrysanthemums with a little red detailing and a snake entwined around the chrysanthemums.

The extra dark shading makes this snake look quite dramatic. Snakes are considered to be supernatural creatures, so chrysanthemum tattoos with snakes represent protection and wellness. Hence, with the help of these powers, you can feel protected and ensure your safety.

Chrysanthemum Snake Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Dragon Tattoo

The cool and vibrant chrysanthemum dragon tattoo is another way to present your chrysanthemum tattoo. There is a blue chrysanthemum and some pink blooms on this tattoo, along with a grey dragon spiraling all over the design. Dragons may hold eggs as protection, putting their lives at risk to protect the eggs they hold.

Japanese in style, this tattoo is perfect if what you’re after is something with many elements and a dramatic look. As a symbol of courage, chrysanthemum tattoos featuring dragons are quite meaningful. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be courageous? We should all strive for this quality.

Chrysanthemum Dragon Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Bird Tattoo

The feminine, bird-adorned chrysanthemum tattoo features a classy and interesting design. In spite of the fact that the chrysanthemum tattoo appears simple, you can easily create a unique tattoo with all the details. A sea blue and green Chrysanthemum is displayed on top of a white and gray inked bird with flapping wings.

In addition to representing your personality or the person you wish to become, tattoos of this type symbolize vitality and freedom. The tattoo design illustrates your carefree lifestyle or serves as a reminder to live life to the fullest.

Chrysanthemum Bird Tattoo

Is chrysanthemum Tattooing Still Popular?

There are still many chrysanthemum tattoos out there, especially in Asian countries. Japan and China respect and appreciate these kinds of flowers. These types of tattoos are even considered a must by some. There are many different meanings and colors that chrysanthemum tattoos hold that make them popular around the world. You can experiment with your tattoo and add different elements to it, making it even more meaningful.

How much do chrysanthemum tattoos cost?

Chrysanthemum tattoos cost about $150 to $200 if you’re getting a small one with fewer details and elements. The cost may be higher if you opt for a chrysanthemum tattoo with exotic details or occupying a larger part of your body. Some tattoo artists charge their clients by the hour, so the cost can vary depending on where you get your tattoo. Again, this depends on how long it takes to complete your tattoo.