Dice Tattoo Ideas and Designs For That Lucky Ink

Dice Tattoos for men and women, In terms of small game ink designs, dice-related tattoos are some of the most popular.

An homage to all the popular board games, such as the classic Ludo or D&D, would be appropriate with a dice tattoo. Keep in mind, however, that dice can have many meanings depending on the context of the tattoo. There are many casino games that use dice, and there are many online casinos that offer a 500% first deposit bonus. All you need to remember is that these bonuses exist and you receive them when registering.

Risk-taking nature and gambling habits may be the meaning of dice tattoos. You will find both men’s and women’s dice tattoos here.

Lucky Dice Tattoos

dice tattoo

What Does The Dice Tattoo Mean

Tattoos featuring dice go back thousands of years, when Asian cultures, as well as cultures around the world, played dice games very frequently. Asian dice have their dots near the center of each side, whereas western dice have their dots at the outer edges.

Nevertheless, like most tattoos relating to gambling, the meaning of the dice tattoo has something to do with luck. Gamblers often get dice tattoos, and the number of eyes on the dice gives the tattoo its meaning. Symbolizing bad luck is number two. It is good luck if the combined number of eyes on the two dice equals seven.

Typically, dice tattoos are combined with other gambling motifs like cards, flames, lady luck, or pinup girls. As you can see, the dice tattoo has many meanings, and your tattoo may have a meaning totally different from mine.

Dice Tattoo

Pair of Dice Tattoo

Although the meaning of dice is few and far between, there is no shortage of awesome designs to choose from. Using the right symbols, they can be some of the most unique designs out there. It also takes a certain personality to be a good match for a dice tattoo – this is not to say it won’t work for you. People wear this tattoo primarily for its cool appearance. You can use either approach to create a unique design that you can be proud of.

Pair of Dice Tattoo

Pair of Dice Tattoo

Pair of Dice Tattoo

Cards and Dice Tattoo

Despite not being a mainstream tattoo, cards and dice tattoo designs enjoy a certain amount of popularity. The pair of dice in the design also works well in conjunction with other design elements. The versatility and interesting aspects of this tattoo design have appealed to both genders.

There have been dice for thousands of years. Older civilizations have also discovered dice made out of interesting materials like bone, wood, stone, ivory, and metal. Even before casinos existed, dice were used in Asia and Europe.

Cards and Dice Tattoo

Cards and Dice Tattoo

Cards and Dice Tattoo

Cards and Dice Tattoo

Dice Tattoo Designs

Every time they want to show their grit, toughness, and roughness, dashing guys get dice tattoos. From the pair a man chooses to roll with, you can learn a great deal about his personality.

The majority of men who get dice tattoos admit themselves to the gambler’s paradise that is life. There is nothing easier or more affordable than getting these iconic squares inked, but they nonetheless proclaim a powerful form of machismo.

It is also important to note that you will rarely see a single die tattoo in a tattoo shop. Men usually get their dice tattoos in pairs, if not more. Then unions are necessary, albeit irregular ones.

Dice Tattoo Designs

Flaming Dice Tattoo

Flame dice tattoo designs are some of the most common dice tattoo designs that can be seen on people. It may look like a crazy tattoo design, but in reality, it is used by people who are confident in their personal outings and want to showcase their fiery personalities in a different way.

This tattoo’s small design and plain black ink work make it ideal for placement on many parts of the body, such as arm sleeves, or shoulders. The flexibility in the designs of tattoos means that if you don’t want to have an exact replica, you can still customize it with your lucky number or other ideas.

Flaming Dice Tattoo

DND Dice Tattoo Design

One of many polyhedral DND dice tattoo designs, it is a visually unique tattoo design derived from a famous board game. Fans of the game will appreciate designs like these.

If you are not satisfied with the original, you can make any number of changes. It can also be engulfed in flames or move in a rolling motion. It can be all black or you can add a hint of white to change it into one of your own ideas as you improve your own game.

DND Dice Tattoo Design

3D Pair Of Dice Tattoo

With this awesome dice tattoo, you break away from the square dice concepts by making use of a rounded-edged tattoo design.

As the numbers are replaced with the Ace of Spades logo in this tattoo, it takes on a different look by adding in a number of elements. There’s nothing better than this design if you like to try your luck in casinos or in everyday life.

3D Pair Of Dice Tattoo

Shoulder Dice Tattoo

Tattoos on the top of the shoulder are popular. When wearing the appropriate clothing, or even in the summer, this tattoo can be displayed, but easily hidden for work or other situations where your tattoos aren’t wanted on display.

Shoulder Dice Tattoo

Skull Dice Tattoos

These skull dice tattoo designs are perfect for people who are confident in their luck, at work, or in life.

Male dice tattoos are often associated with extreme lifestyles, and the images depict a risk-taking approach to life. Why can’t these dudes just roll with the punches? At a glance, you can see that Lady Luck has been generous to them with her fortune.

Hand Dice Tattoos

Desiring the best dice tattoos on your hands? Men’s hand dice tattoos are bold and rebellious. Think twice before getting a hand tattoo if you’re planning on a professional career, but there are plenty of badass hand tattoo ideas you’ll love!

Hand Dice Tattoos

Hand Dice Tattoos

Snake Eyes Dice Tattoo

Some dice tattoo designs have a history behind them, such as the snake eyes tattoo design. According to popular beliefs, when one would roll a set of snake eyes in ancient Rome, they would either experience good luck or bad luck, depending on context.

Snake Eyes Dice Tattoo

Snake Eyes Dice Tattoo

Dice Tattoo Ideas

Numerology is sometimes incorporated into dice tattoos, especially if there is an intention behind the numbers chosen. Spiritualists and metaphysicians believe that within each numerical figure from zero to nine is a great meaning.

It is universally acknowledged that tattoos are enticing and bold, regardless of their purpose.

Two dice with the value of seven are often pictured on dice designs — the lucky number associated with playing dice. Consequently, a dice design that shows seven represents good luck.

dice tattoo

dice tattoo

dice tattoo

dice tattoo

dice tattoo

DND Dice Tattoo Design For Lovers Of Board Games

dice tattoo

dice tattoo

dice tattoo

Dice Sword Tattoo Design For Fans Of Dungeons And Dragons

Dice Tattoo 1

Dice Tattoo 1 1

dice tattoo 13

dice tattoo 14

dice tattoo 15

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dice tattoo 17

dice tattoo

Dice Tattoo Designs

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