25 Amazing Dragon Ball Z Sleeve Tattoos You Need To See

The very best Dragon Ball Z sleeve tattoo designs. Get inspired with these talented bright and colorful ideas from Goku to Vegeta.

Many fans of the show have gotten Dragon Ball Z tattoos, so many that some tattoo artists specialize in the popular design.

When done properly, sleeve tattoos can be both beautiful and artistic. Due to the massive number of Dragonball tattoo sleeves available online, it can be difficult to find the best designs. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the most cool and unique sleeve designs, with the highest-quality artwork.

With so many amazing example, I hope you get inspired by these.

Dragon Ball z Tattoo Arm Sleeve

dragon ball z tattoo Full sleeve design with Buu Vegeta Full Sleeve Dragon Ball tattoo Dragonball Z half sleeve tattoo

comic book style dragonball sleeve tattoos

colorful lower arm sleeve tattoo

full arm sleeve dragonball z tattoos

Black Bold Shades Dragon Ball Sleeve Tattoos


Purple hair Vegeta Sleeve Tattoo

Blue Color Goku Sleeve tattoo

Super Saiyan God Sleeve Tattoo

Half Sleeve Dragonball Z Tattoo

There is no need to cover your entire arm in order to impress. The half-sleeve tattoo is a great option for those who wish to conceal the art at work or at a formal event, but are not afraid to show it off when the time is appropriate. These half sleeve tattoos of Dragonball characters like Vegeta will sure catch the eye.

amazing vegeta and piccolo half sleeve tattoo

Half Sleeve tattoo of Goku and Vegeta

black and grey half sleeve dragonball z character tattoo

ripped skin dragon ball z half sleeve tattoos

Bright color young dragonball z sleeve tattoos for the lower arm

Geometric Dragonball Tattoo Sleeve

To create a brilliant and eye-catching effect, geometric tattoos utilize shapes and angles and lines. A geometric element can be incorporated into almost all designs, whether they have an abstract appearance or are incorporated into recognizable images of animals or nature.  These Dragonball Z designs just have added lines to bring out the characters.

Geometric Gohan Dragonball Tattoo upper Sleeve

Geometric Dragonball Tattoo lower arm Sleeve

Geometric colorful Dragonball Tattoo Sleeve

Goku Dragonball Half Geometric Tattoo Sleeve

Sketch Geometric Style Dragonball z sleeve tattoos

Cool Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Sleeves

Whether you are an anime fan or not, Dragon Ball is one of the most impactful anime series available today. Throughout the film, a powerful message is conveyed about friendship, power, hard work, and much more. If you have ever watched anime, you are probably familiar with its rich character development.

dragon ball z tattoo arm sleeve Goku and Gohan

Upper Arm Sleeve Tattoo Of Dragonball Z

Vegeta Sleeve Tattoos

Cell and Goku sleeve tattoos

God Power Dragonball Z Sleeve Tattoos

dragon ball z shenron sleeve tattoo

dragonball z half sleeve tattoo

dragonball tattoo sleeve ideas

dragon ball z filler style tattoo sleeve

dragon ball z shenron sleeve tattoo

dragon ball z full sleeve tattoo

Dragon ball Z Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos don’t need to be just on the arms. A full leg tattoo extends from the ankle up to the calf, knee, and thigh. This is the ideal choice for men with an unconventional and rebellious style, as it is striking and bold in appearance. This size tattoo will require more time to complete.

Dragonball leg Tattoo

Dragonball z leg sleeve Tattoo

dragon ball z tattoo leg sleeve

Goku Leg Sleeve tattoo

Vegeta and Buu Leg Sleeve tattoo

How Long Does A Full Sleeve Tattoo Take ?

The process of getting a full-sleeve tattoo is time-consuming and costly. However, it’s always worth it! The process may take around 15 hours, or it may take more than 40 hours.

Its going to depend on the details and color. Photorealistic artwork, for example, requires more time due to its intricate and detailed nature. It may also take longer if you choose colored ink.

Is it Painful To Have a Sleeve Tattoo?

Sleeves are generally painful because of how long it takes. You will usually need several sessions. The most common areas of pain reported by most people are the elbow, inner elbow, wrist, and armpit.

How much Is It For an Anime Sleeve Tattoo?

It is estimated that a sleeve tattoo will cost between $1500 and $3000. Anime designs are usually on the higher end of the cost due to the design of the characters. However, this will depend on the size, color, details. You should consider the artist’s fees, whether they will charge for drawing the design, and how quickly they work.