Egyptian Tattoo Ideas That Are Bold With Amazing Art and Designs

Egyptian tattoo ideas for a creative look. Find ancient and meaningful inspiration for designs on the sleeve, chest, ankle, back, forearm. Cool Egyptian eye tattoos.

The Egyptian tattoo remains popular among many people.  I’ve picked some of the best which you can view below.

It was believed that Ancient Egyptians both feared and revered each other. In those years past, what really happened? The pyramids were built by whom? Was it because cats were such elevated beings in society? Why are there so many hieroglyphs? The best Egyptian tattoos are the best for those who love Egyptian culture.

The Egyptian tattoo represents power, prestige, and beauty. In ancient times, pharaohs ruled the land, and gods and goddesses occupied high pedestals. People have carried their markings through generations despite the different eras.

Stylish & Meaningful Egyptian Tattoos

sexy egyptian tattoos on the inner arm

egyptian cat hand tattoos

colorful egyptian tattoos for the calf

shoulder egyptian tattoos

bold black line tattoos of egyptian eye

egyptian sleeve tattoo with wings


Egyptian Tattoos

Interesting Two-Face Egyptian Skull Tattoo

There has been a long tradition of skull tattoos dating back to the earliest tattoos on sailors. In addition to being bold and badass, they are also meaningful. A skull may symbolize overcoming a man’s fear of death for some guys. This design is one of my favorites with the two face style.

Interesting Two-Face Egyptian Skull Tattoo

Egyptian Finger – Knuckles Tattoos

Many of these symbols have a spiritual meaning as they come from an ancient culture that was spiritual in nature. It should be noted, however, that Egyptian tattoos have many meanings and are not necessarily religious in nature. This piece that I found shows symbols on the knuckles.

Egyptian Finger - Knuckles Tattoos

Bold Colorful Egyptian Neck Tattoo

Having a full neck tattoo forms a cool ‘collar’ effect around your throat. Those who desire ink that will make them stand out from the crowd should consider getting a full neck tattoo. These two examples show bold colors, which makes them really stand out.

Red Colorful Egyptian Neck Tattoo

Red Colorful Egyptian Tattoo On The Neck

egyptian tattoos of a Beatle on the neck

Cool Egyptian Tattoos For The Sternum

Tattoos of this type combine the ancient with adventure and mystery that so many of us cannot comprehend. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular. You’ll encounter a variety of symbols and imagery in this genre. This is bold, adventurous, and commanding. The gods were very important to ancient Egypt, and many tattoos of them can still be seen today. Egypt’s culture and history are rich and fascinating.

Cool Egyptian Tattoos For The Sternum

Egyptian Lotus Tattoo

There are several names for the blue lotus plant (Nymphaea caerulea), including blue Egyptian lotus, blue water lily, and sacred blue lily. Traditional medicine has used it for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac, sleep aid, and anxiety reliever.

Egyptian Lotus Tattoo

Egyptian blue Lotus Tattoo On The Back

Sexy Egyptian Cobra Tattoo For The Arm

Among Egypt’s most dangerous snakes is the Egyptian cobra. The snake reaches a length of 3 to 6 1/2 feet, making it one of the largest species in all of Africa. In this species, the telltale hood is only extended when threatened or annoyed, at which point it reaches a width of about half a foot.

Egyptian Cobra Tattoo

Egyptian Cobra Tattoo

Egyptian Wings Tattoo For The Back

What do the Egyptian wings mean? In Egyptian art, they are also a symbol of safety due to their outspread appearance, which is a protective gesture (Freed 22). Isis’s wings convey her magical power (resurrection power), her grief, and her protective nature.

Egyptian Wings Tattoo

Egyptian Wings Tattoo

Ra Egyptian God Tattoo

Ra was the father of all creation and the king of the deities. Sun, heaven, power, light, kingship, and royalty were his patrons. In addition to being the deity who governed the sun, he could also be the physical sun and day itself.

Ra Egyptian God Tattoo

Ra Egyptian God Tattoo

Egyptian Tattoo Chest

The best men’s chest tattoos will outline the torso well and follow the natural lines of the body, enhancing the definition of muscles while creating extra breadth. A variety of strong animal designs such as eagles, lions, wolves, and snakes are popular options that convey masculinity and strength.

Egyptian Tattoo Chest

Egyptian Symbol Tattoos

Put pharaohs, gods, goddesses, and pyramids if you want the full package! This sleeve will appeal to guys who like hieroglyphics and need giant tattoos.

Ancient Egypt Tattoo

“This tattoo means power!” According to the ancient Egyptians, mortal symbols and animals were a must-have for powerful male figures.

Ancient Egypt Tattoos Egyptian Culture

In addition to the sun symbol, you will also find pyramids and camels. Tattoos on the wrists or similar locations do not require much skill, and these will appeal to men who prefer tattoos.

Osiris Tattoo Egyptian Ideas

You can easily get this design with well-defined tattoos and experienced tattoo artists. If you work out and if this location works for you, wear it on your leg and on your calf.

Egyptian Tattoo On Arm

Do you love ancient Egypt? Go for the forearm placement and place a tattoo on your left hand. Guys who like Egyptian symbols and who don’t wish to deal with too much pain often do this.

Are you wondering what Anubis tattoos mean? This tattoo shows a dog with two heads. Anubis is supposed to watch over souls after they pass into the afterlife. Among ancient Egypt’s many interesting and unusual stories, this is one of them.

Once shaded properly and done by the right tattoo artist, a Cleopatra tattoo design looks amazing. Place this on your arm if you’re fond of creative tattoos and gods and goddesses!

Egyptian Cat Tattoo

There was a great deal of importance placed on cats in ancient Egypt. Several Egyptian gods were depicted as having cat-like heads for thousands of years, so much so that even several Egyptian deities had cats’ heads on their heads.

Deities such as Mut (meaning ‘mother goddess’) were depicted as cats in the company of cats. Cats are known for their protective nature; for centuries, they killed snakes, scorpions, and mice in Egypt, preventing numerous illnesses for their people.

In Egyptian Cat tattoo designs, the cat is often depicted with wings, heavily embellished with jewelry, and stunning eyes. Often, cats are black and decorated with Egyptian motifs such as the Eye of Horus and rising suns.

Colorful Egyptian Tattoos

Do you like brighter and larger tattoos? Whether it is your Anubis inspiration tattoo or your eye of Ra tattoo, there are many options to choose from. Nevertheless, before you book your appointment, make sure you find the perfect image and a trustworthy artist.

Types of Egyptian Tattoos

Amazing and Unique Egypt Tattoos

Ancient Egyptian tattoos feature classic symbolism or hieroglyphics from the era of the Pharaohs, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. You may be looking to buy something impressive as a back piece or as a whole sleeve. If you’re looking for a small tattoo to place on an ankle, wrist, or behind the ear, there are several Egyptian tattoo designs to choose from.

Meaningful Egyptian Symbols Tattoos

In most people’s minds, the first thing they think of when they think of Egypt is the pyramids or even the Great Sphinx. Ancient Egypt, however, extends much beyond the monuments and is regarded as the basis of civilization. The Egyptians were masters of organization, aside from moving massive stones that still astonish us.

What Does Nefertiti Tattoo Symbolize?

Probably you’ve heard of Queen Nefertiti. She symbolized power, progress, as well as prosperity. Her exemplary character transformed the entire state into a monotheistic one. Her tattoos are beautiful and popular choices.

What Is The Egyptian Symbol For Life?

Are you familiar with the ankh? Life itself is represented in this ancient Egyptian hieroglyph! The ink design was used to represent higher power, and nowadays men and women like to have it emblazoned on their bodies.

What Does The Egyptian Eye Tattoo Mean?

As well as referring to the Eye of Horus, The Eye of Ra is a well-known symbol in ancient Egypt. The Eye of Ra is a symbol of knowledge and power, as well as health. The Eye of Ra also provides protection to the one who wears it.

It is probably something you learned a lot about in your History classes, and you have probably seen someone wearing something similar.

Types of Egyptian Tattoos

Types of Egyptian Tattoos

Types of Egyptian Tattoos

Types of Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian Tattoo Ideas

Modern Egyptian tattoos come in a variety of styles. Additionally to ancient symbols, modern tattoos are also very attractive. Egyptian artwork and symbols have hidden meanings, making them one-of-a-kind.

Numerous ancient Egyptian symbols remain a mystery to historians. The artwork of Egypt is thought to have been influenced by other forces, perhaps mystical forces. If you’re interested in getting an Egyptian tattoo, check out these designs.

Amazing Egyptian Tattoo On The Back of the Neck

The Ankh Egyptian Tattoos

Ankhs are important to the Egyptians because they emphasize simplicity. Ankh means “cross” in Latin. This cross resembles a loop rather than a typical cross arm. As the design was closely linked with the ancient Egyptians, it symbolized life to them. In fact, the symbol represents life itself. Many Egyptians wear the symbol on one or both hands for this reason.

The Ankh Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian Pharaoh Tattoos

Tattoos with symbolic meanings have existed for many generations. The ancient Egyptians ruled the world with their pharaohs. Compared to kings, modern-day pharaohs are similar. Historically, the Pharaoh held the highest authority and power. This tattoo design is symbolic of power and authority. Pharaohs from both the first and last eras are prominent in tattoo designs.

Egyptian Pharaoh Tattoos

Eye Egyptian symbol Tattoo

The Egyptian symbol is known worldwide. It has been featured in many movies and books due to its extreme popularity. It is for this very reason that the Egyptians revere this symbol so much. This Eye was believed to belong to Horus by the Ancient Egyptians. Horus is said to have lost an eye in a battle, and the eye was later found.

Among the Egyptians, this Eye was believed to see everything that was bound to happen to the Egyptians. When used as a tattoo design, this symbol represents power, strength, and protection.

The Eye Egyptian symbol Tattoo

Bastet Egyptian Tattoos

Ancient Egypt had many gods and goddesses. One of the ancient Egyptians’ gods was Bast. As a result, lower Egypt is protected by Bast, which explains why Egyptians revere it so highly.

According to legend, she fought with snakes to keep peace in Lower Egypt. The design is still popular with women today.

Bastet Egyptian Tattoos For The Arm

The Sphinx Tattoo

A Sphinx is always mentioned whenever Ancient Egypt is discussed. In addition to being Egypt’s national symbol, the Sphinx has become a symbol of the world at large.

The mythical creature of the sphinx is quite different from any other creature. The head resembles a human on the body of a lion. They are notorious for being cruel and treacherous. There was a riddle given by the Sphinx that some people were unable to solve.

Having failed, they were transported to a place full of ferocious beasts waiting to devour them. Despite its negative connotation, it is a popular tattoo design for men and women alike.

The Sphinx Tattoo

Egyptian Tattoos Full Sleeve Fillers

Meaning of Egyptian Tattoos

It is quite challenging to interpret Egyptian tattoos and symbols. Ancient symbols are still being decoded by artists today. The meaning of Egyptian-inspired tattoos varies greatly depending on the symbols used in the design. Some tattoo designs symbolize positive attributes, while others have negative connotations.

Tattoos in ancient Egypt depict a connection to the divine. It is common for tattoos to include Egyptian Gods as a part of the overall design. The Egyptians are well known as strong believers who faithfully serve their deities.

Various Egyptian tribes, Gods, and Goddesses were honored through tattoos in Egypt. The face of the deity is usually reflected in this kind of tattoo. There is a strong religious aspect to this tattoo. A tattoo like this would indicate that a person believes in the deity they are tattooed with.

The Egyptian tattoo is considered a protective artifact. Even though there is no concrete evidence for the claims, some people still believe that when you use a certain Egyptian symbol as a tattoo, you will be protected from harm.

Meaning of Egyptian Tattoos For The Ankle

Meaning of Egyptian Tattoos For The Ankle

Colorful and Bold Meaning of Egyptian Tattoo For The Forearm

Egyptian Tattoos: The Best Placement

An Egyptian tattoo’s placement depends on its size and on the type of symbol it uses. Before visiting a tattoo shop, decide on the location of your tattoo. As a result, tattoos can be applied more quickly and more efficiently. The next thing to consider after choosing your tattoo design is where to place it. You would probably waste it if you put it in the wrong spot.

Ankh tattoos look great, for example, on the wrists or back of the neck. The tattoo would fit your wrist because Ankh tattoos tend to be small. It will make you look sexier than ever when placed at the back of your neck. Both men and women can benefit from this.

Whether it is placed on the back of the chest, the Sphinx tattoo will be attractive. There will be a great deal of visibility of the Sphinx’s ornate design. Sphinxes grow in attractiveness as they grow larger.

Egyptian Hand Tattoos

Preparing For Egyptian Tattoos

Preparation is necessary before you can get all excited about Egyptian tattoos. If this is your first tattoo, then you should definitely go to bed early the night before. Relaxing during the whole process will help you stay calm.

Before getting a tattoo, it’s also important to eat. It can be quite painful to undergo tattoo procedures, so you’ll need to spare all your energy. Bringing a friend to converse with during this procedure will also be helpful. The pain will be eased by talking to your friend.

Egyptian Dog Tattoo

Death and the Underworld were symbols of Anubis in Egyptian mythology. If you were to get this tattoo, you would be representing your role as someone fighting off evil spirits. Alternatively, you may choose to use this tattoo as a symbol of protection and power in your own spiritual way.

Egyptian Dog Tattoo

Stylized Egyptian-themed Dog


Egyptian Sphinx Tattoo

A reclining sphinx, a mythical beast with a human head and lion body, adorns the Great Sphinx of Giza. On the western bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt, it stands on the Giza Plateau, facing directly towards the west. Sphinx’s face appears to represent Khafre, Pharaoh of Egypt.

Egyptian Sphinx Tattoo

Egyptian Scarab Beetle Tattoo

The scarab beetle was associated with life’s eternal cycle in ancient Egypt due to its significance to dung beetles. The scarab has become a symbol of life, death, and rebirth like the dung beetle’s revolving ball.

Egyptian Scarab Beetle Tattoo

Egyptian Sun God Tattoo

One of Egypt’s creator gods, Re (Ra) is the sun god. The god of the sun (Judie Anderson/Encyclopdia Britannica, Inc.) As one of several sun-related deities, the god Re was usually depicted with the body of a human and the head of a hawk.

Egyptian Sun God Tattoo

Were Ancient Egyptians Tattooed?

In addition to sheep, bulls, and mysterious lines, the 5,000-year-old mummies bear tattoos. The Ancient Egyptians tattooed themselves earlier than we realized. Two mummies have been found with tattoos on them, according to new analysis.

How were tattoos used in Egypt?

Tattoos in public regions of the body marked the woman as associated with religion permanently. Horus’ Eye was placed on the neck, two shoulders, and the back; from any angle, it appeared that a pair of divine eyes watched over her.

egyptian tattoo designs

Pricing and average service costs of Egyptian tattoos

Intricate, ornate designs adorn Egyptian tattoos. As a general rule, tattoos with complex designs are priced higher. It is likely to cost about $100 to $200 per tattoo for Egyptian-inspired black ink. Local tattoo shops may be able to offer you lower prices on your tattoo if you go to them. It may cost more for black ink tattoos to have a reputable tattoo artist do them.

The average Egyptian tattoo costs about $450 for multi-colored and large-sized designs. On top of those fees, tattoo artists also charge an hourly fee. This is about choosing the best tattoo shop where you can get a quality tattoo without sacrificing cost or convenience.

Aftercare Tips After getting your Egyptian tattoos

Following an Egyptian tattoo, you need to follow a few aftercare tips. A thin bandage is usually applied immediately after getting a tattoo. This bandage should be left on for at least 3 hours. After the first 3 hours, you can remove the bandage and wash the tattoo area with soap and water. In order to avoid bleeding and rubbing off the ink, you must do this gently.

Other Tattoo Designs

  • Winged Ma’at
  • Anubis, Guardian of the ancient Egyptian underworld
  • Nemes on the shoulder
  • The Brothers
  • Nekhbet, the Vulture Goddess
  • Kneeling Isis
  • The Sacred Lotus
  • Egyptian Cat Goddess
  • Eye of Ra
  • Mirrored Bast
  • Battle of the Gods
  • Great Pyramids and the Mysterious Sphinx
  • Wings