Ephemeral Tattoos – Real Tattoos Made-To-Fade In 9-15 Months

You Can Now Get Tattoos That Fade After A Year For Less Than $200. Temporary Tattoo With a Real Tattoo Needle. Formulated over 6 years.

The Ephemeral Tattoo Company is revolutionizing tattooing with its made-to-fade designs that last between a year and 15 months. This method is not the same as the flash stickers commonly used. Ephemeral tattoos are applied with a needle and tattoo machine in the same manner as traditional tattoos, except that, as the name suggests, they will only last for a short time rather than a lifetime.

What Is an Ephemeral Tattoo?

Ephemeral tattoos are those that use a biodegradable ink designed to fade gracefully over the course of a year.

“The idea for Ephemeral came up from a shared experience between me and my co-founders,” Sakhai says. “We’re all from immigrant or first-gen households that hold onto a lot of culture, tradition, and values, which are all good things but can be very limiting, especially when it comes to tattoos.”

Sakhai’s co-founder posed the question: If it’s not possible to effectively remove tattoos, shouldn’t there be ones that fade? Ephemeral was born from that idea. Ephemeral Tattoo opened its first shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after six years and more than 50 different formulations of ink were tested on Sakhai and his co-founders before clinical trials were conducted. With two open studios and one in San Francisco on the way, the company currently employs 30 tattoo artists.

Do Ephemeral Tattoos Hurt?

The degree to which a tattoo hurts depends as much on your tolerance as it does on the placement of the tattoo. In my opinion, ephemeral tattoos are more painful than regular tattoos.

Ephemeral ink has a lighter pigment than permanent ink, so tattoo artists have to tattoo the skin at a slower pace. In addition, they need to press a little harder.

To summarize, it hurt a little more than any of my other tattoos, but was still manageable.

Benefits of Getting an Ephemeral Tattoo

The obvious benefit is? You can test the waters of getting a tattoo with a piece of artwork that fades over time, allowing you to either return to your starting point or make it permanent. For those who have never had a tattoo before, this option may appear more appealing (and less intimidating).

First-timers may not know where to begin in terms of finding an artist, or they may be intimidated by the experience of a tattoo parlor.

Often, clients have previously had tattoos, but are coming in to obtain pieces that they would not get permanently – maybe it’s in a visible location, or the design is more of-the-moment than permanent.

How to Prepare for an Ephemeral Tattoo Session

The preparation process for a traditional tattoo is similar to that of a traditional tattoo. To get started, book your appointment online and fill out a form describing what you want. If necessary, attach reference photos to help your artist create your custom design.

It is recommended that you avoid alcohol the night before tattooing due to the fact that it thins the blood and can cause excessive bleeding.

If this is your first tattoo, eat something beforehand so you feel good and ready when you arrive.

In addition, wearing loose-fitting clothing will ensure you’re comfortable during the process and won’t have to struggle getting super-tight clothing back over the new item.

What to Expect During the Ephemeral-Tattoo Process

Ephemeral tattoo appointments are similar to regular tattoo appointments. You share your design idea with the artist via a handy online survey ahead of time, and then arrive at the studio. Under the ring light, you lie back in a leather tattoo chair.

There are many well-known tattoo studios in the city, so all of the tattooists are vetted and legit. The ink is made-to-fade and each artist is trained in shading techniques that are best suited for it. Among them are stippling, hatching, and etching.

Each tattoo artist has their own style, so if you have a specific aesthetic in mind, you should check out the brand’s Instagram.

What to Expect During the Ephemeral-Tattoo Process

Ephemeral-Tattoo Aftercare

A hydrocolloid bandage is applied to the tattoo immediately following your session. In the same manner as pimple patches sold on the market, this product is intended to draw out fluid during the healing process. It is suggested to leave this on for two days as directed. However, you can keep it on for up to four days if you prefer, resisting the urge to clean it after seeing the outline of my tattoo turn blue.

When compared to regular tattoos, ephemeral tattoos can take longer to heal.

For it to fully heal, it will take between four and six weeks after the flaking process has passed.

It does not matter where you get your tattoo, proper aftercare is generally the same. Ephemeral, however, will provide you with a free cleaning and maintenance kit.

Potential Side Effects

As with traditional tattoos, Ephemeral tattoos can cause scarring in the treated area as well as hypo/hyperpigmentation.

If you have a needle inserted into your skin, or if you have a cut or abrasion, your skin must heal. When that happens, there is a risk of a scar and that the pigmentation of your skin may differ from that around it.

Ephemeral Tattoo Price

The majority of tattoos offered by Ephemeral can be categorized as either subtle or statement.

A subtle tattoo consists of linework or script, and will cost between $195 and $255.

These are larger, more detailed tattoos that need depth and shading, and they range in price from $350 to $575.

How Long Do Ephemeral Tattoos Last?

Ink fades faster for some people than for others, because everyone’s skin has different physiology. The brand says a ephemeral tattoo will last anywhere from nine to a year. A year after applying ink, your ink will generally disappear completely.

With Ephemeral tattoos, the main concern is the potential for disappointment as the tattoo fades. In addition to looking faded, it may not necessarily be appealing as it ages. In case you are considering a made-to-fade tattoo, you should be aware that it will begin to fade over time.


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Ephemeral Tattoos vs. Traditional Tattoos

Although Ephemeral tattoos are delivered similar to traditional tattoos, the difference lies in the ink Ephemeral uses in their studios.

Permanent tattoos are permanent because when the ink particles are placed into your skin, they clump together into large blocks that are too large to be removed by your body.

The Bottom Line

Ephemeral tattoos might be the perfect start for you if you’ve ever said I want a tattoo, but I can’t think of anything I’d want forever on my body.

All aspects of the Ephemeral process have been carefully considered by the team. All the way from the moment you request a design to the moment you leave with your aftercare kit.

Maintaining the client’s comfort at all times. The tattoo itself may last a year, but your experience at the tattoo shop will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

Where Can I Get Ephemeral Tattoos

1. Brooklyn

111 North 5th Street in Willamsburg, New York.

Right in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

From our warm and inviting space to our inclusive hiring practices – we go above and beyond to make sure both clients and artists are taken care of.

2. Los Angeles

131 N La Brea Ave,Los Angeles, CA 90036

A tattoo experience like no other, right on N La Brea Avenue. Built inside a former auto body garage, we intentionally showcase the architecture’s history

3. San Francisco

962 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

From beat poets to hippies to techies and beyond, San Francisco has always been a place for forward-thinkers.

4. Atlanta

696-A Cleburne Terrace, Atlanta, GA 30306

Located in Poncey-Highland with a design that pays homage to Atlanta’s distinctive style with a nod to its iconic club culture. Let loose and get the tattoo you’ve always wanted.



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