Everything About Stomach Tattoos You Need To Know Before Deciding

Thinking of getting a stomach tattoo ? Here is everything you need to know, from pain levels to designs and ideas and complications.

Tattoos have been the biggest trend in body art and ornamentation after piercings. The craze really took off in the 21st century when more and more people became comfortable with the idea. There was a time when getting even a small tattoo was social taboo. Now everyone knows someone with at least one tattoo.

For many people, the idea of a tattoo exceeds its utility as mere ornamentation. A tattoo could be a reminder of something precious, or a symbol of something great which has truly transformed the person. The design and text of the tattoo is very important. It should check the boxes for – meaning, visual attractiveness, authenticity and great craftsmanship.

Stomach Tattoos – What You Need To Know

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Deciding The Body Part

Another factor which should be taken into account while getting a tattoo is deciding where to get it on the body. Each body part represents a separate part of you. Then there is also the issue of visibility. Some areas will be visible at all times, while some will hide your tattoos from daylight. For instance, if you want a tattoo on your hand or arm, you need to ensure that it truly identifies you. This is because others will be able to see it most of the time. But more importantly, you will be able to see it.

Likewise, some of you may be intrigued by the idea of a tattoo on your belly. If you are curious to know how, this article is perfect for you.

Understanding the Stomach Area

The belly area, especially for women, is an intricate region of the body. Many important processes happen in this portion. Digestion through the stomach for sustenance and nurturing of the foetus in the womb are some of its major operations. Going by this, the belly area is a source of power, nourishment and life.

Cultural Significance

In some cultures the belly symbolizes the center of spiritual energy (also called chi). Your heart pumps the blood, your brain makes everything function but your belly gives way into your soul. The stomach area acts like a connecting bridge from the spirit to the body.

Since belly is also the home of the womb, getting a tattoo in this area could be a symbol for love and family. In some instances, Russian brides who married men from the western countries, got tattoos on their bellies. This was to symbolize their love and the soon to be product of their romance (that is, a child).

Stomach Tattoos

Some Popular Reasons for Getting Stomach Tattoos

Your belly area is usually covered throughout the day. Therefore, the idea of getting tattooed at a place where no one can see it sounds discouraging. Isn’t the whole idea of getting a tattoo to show it?

Everybody has a different reason to get a tattoo. For some it is an attempt to increase their physical appeal. On the other hand, some get tattoos as totems for something spectacular that happened in their lives. However, there are some common reasons why many women get tattoos in the stomach area.

Scars and Marks – Many women develop stretch marks around their belly, buttocks, thighs and waist during pregnancy. This is because the belly stretches and protrudes out with a baby inside. Sometimes, women get a Cesarean section during childbirth. This can leave a C section scar on the belly. To cover these marks and scars some women decide to get tattoos.

A Symbol of Acceptance – Many women are conscious about their appearance, especially their weight. Of all the places on the body, the human belly is prone to even the slightest weight changes. Therefore, many women are uncomfortable with their bellies.

Getting a tattoo in this area would then signify a woman’s acceptance of her body. She is letting herself and the world know that she cares about her body, not just its appearance.

A Word of Caution for Stomach Tattoos

Before you get a tattoo inked on your belly area, be very clear about certain things. Tattoos will remain on your skin till you die, so you need to ensure you have made the right decision. Even if you wish to remove them, the laser therapy will cost you a lot and take a long time.

Research the Design:

Be very sure of the design or message you want tattooed on your belly. Do some of your own research and talk to friends, or anyone whose judgment you trust. Then take it up with your tattoo artist. Let this be a collaborative project so you have all the expertise you need.

Be Ready for the Pain:

The pain scale of tattoo needling has four grades. Getting a tattoo on your belly is in the fourth grade, meaning the highest pain level. The skin around the belly has more fat and nerve endings. This makes it more susceptible to pain. Talk to a doctor and your tattoo artist to see if a numbing cream would do you any good. But be prepared to experience a great deal of pain.

Mind the Period: 

As a woman, your body becomes naturally sensitive during the menstrual cycle. It is best not to schedule a tattoo appointment during those days. Tattooing on the belly is already a painful procedure. Do not make it more difficult

Mind the Area:

Even around the belly you need to find a good spot for the tattoo. If you want to hide a scar then tattoo over that area. Although ensure that the wound has completely healed first. If you want a tattoo for aesthetic reasons then choose an area on your belly least prone to changes. The belly will change from weight gain and pregnancy which can spoil the look of your tattoo. So pick a place where it will be least affected.

Stomach Tattoos

Best Types of Tattoo for the Stomach

There are different tattoo patterns for the belly region. Each style has a different vibe to it. The type of tattoo you want inked on your stomach will depend upon its relevance and your personality.

Here are some of the tattoo types perfect for your belly –

The Classic Floral:

Yes it is clichéd, but there is a reason why floral feminine patterns are alive to this day. They are classic and evergreen. And who does not like flowers? In terms of patterns, you could go for a singular flower, or a few vines of intertwined flowers. As far as placement is concerned, around the belly button is an interesting location. Another option includes tattooing either side of the waist. Or, you could run a tattoo from one to the other side across the waist.

Symbolic Meaning:

These designs can be very personal to you. You can let your creative juices really flow for this one. Coming up with an original design is also not out of the ordinary when it comes to symbolic tattoos. Or, you can pick up an existing logo or symbol which is relevant to your message. For example, get the “Om” symbol if you want to express peace.

The Shower:

This for those who are bored with subtlety. A few flowers or some symbols are not enough. They need an elaborative artwork on their belly, the canvas. While it is courageous of you to do so, please be very careful because too many elements can spoil the look.