Double Tongue or Frog Eye Piercings – Everything You Need To Know

Double Tongue or Frog Eye Piercings. Your guide to everything you need to know, pain, healing, infections. Frog eyes tongue piercing

I love tongue piercings. You can, however, get a double tongue piercing instead if you want your existing piercing to be even more noticeable.

Double tongue piercings are most commonly known as “frog eyes”, since they look like two frog eyes peeking out of your mouth from the jewelry.

If you’re thinking about getting a piercing, there are many more factors to consider besides just the final look. If you have never had your tongue pierced before, a double tongue piercing can seem intimidating

What is a Frog Eye / Double Tongue Piercing?

It is important to know that there are several types of double tongue piercings.

A double tongue piercing can refer to a set of two piercings on either side of the tongue, or it can refer to a single piercing that extends on either side of the tongue. The configurations of tongue piercings do not all have names.

The reason for that is that tongue piercings can pretty much occur anywhere as long as there is enough space and there are no veins or other risky areas.

In contrast, when several people request the same set of piercings, they usually get a name to make it easier for others to seek out that particular piercing.

Frog eye piercings are set horizontally on either side of the tongue, with two piercings on each side. Both sides of the piercing should be symmetrical.

In case you’re wondering what the difference is, this piercing is often called the venom piercing. There is no difference.

What Is A Venom Piercing ?

Some people mistake the venom piercing, also known as frog eye piercing, for a tongue piercing called snake eye piercing. The snake eye is actually one closer to the tip of the tongue.

How Do Frog Eye Piercings Work?

The process of getting your frog eye pierced is very similar to that of getting your tongue pierced if you’re wondering what to expect. Here are the steps to follow.

When you arrive at the studio, you’ll probably have to show an ID.

Next, wash your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash, as with any tongue piercing. This will be provided by the studio.

It is imperative that you follow this step. As a result, you’ll be less likely to get an infection from bacteria entering the wound when you get your tongue pierced.

In addition to inspecting your tongue, your body piercer will mark the two places where you will be pierced. By looking at the underside of your tongue, they can make sure they’re not piercing a vein.

Using a sterilized, hollow piercing needle to pierce each spot, they will hold your tongue in place while they mark it up and prepare it for piercing. Jewelry is inserted.

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Frog Eyes Piercing Pain Levels

Let’s discuss the pain. How much will it hurt when you get a new piercing? Is that what everyone wants to know? There’s no doubt that piercings hurt, but the way they hurt varies from area to area, and every person experiences their pain differently.

The pain associated with tongue piercings is generally much less than most people expect. The initial pain is not as uncomfortable as the swelling that follows.

Double tongue piercings are far more painful than single tongue piercings.

Similarly, the healing process tends to be more difficult than the initial pain following a tongue piercing. A second piercing so close to the first can increase the pain.

What is the cost of a frog eye piercing?

If you do a piercing at a studio that charges a flat fee for the piercing and jewelry, the final price will be different. No matter which type of barbell you choose, or whether they charge a separate fee for the piercing and the specific jewelry you choose.

Having two piercings at the same time is certainly going to cost more than getting a single tongue piercing. It costs roughly $75 to $100 to get a frog eye piercing.

Prices are likely to be lower in areas with fewer studios or less demand for piercings.

Frog Eyes Piercing Aftercare & Cleaning Guide

Taking care of oral piercings afterward is vital. In order to prevent infections in your mouth, keep it clean. You don’t want a tongue piercing to become infected.

Follow these simple steps to avoid infection:

1. It is advisable to wash your hands before tightening the jewelry or cleaning the piercing.

2. Follow each meal with an antiseptic mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol.

3. Be gentle when brushing your teeth, and don’t brush your tongue until all the swelling has gone down.

4. You should rinse your mouth twice a day with warm salt water to prevent infection.

5. Smoking and drinking will irritate your piercing.

6. When the tongue is still swollen, choose easy-to-eat foods that are not too hot or spicy.

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What is the healing time for a double tongue piercing?

While tongue piercings cause swelling and difficulty eating and talking, they heal fairly quickly. Double tongue piercings heal faster than single tongue piercings.

It usually takes about a week for swelling to subside and about two months for your piercing to completely heal.

You should not leave your jewelry out for long periods of time just because you’ve reached the end of the healing period. It’s not uncommon for tongue piercings to heal quickly after you take the jewelry out.

Frog Eye Piercing Infections

The chances of getting infected with frog eye piercings are the same as with any piercing. Be wary of redness, swelling, bleeding, or pain that persists beyond 10 days or appears particularly severe. Yellow or green pus indicates an infection, but some discharge is normal.

Frog Eye Piercings – Signs of a problem

In the first week, you may experience some pain, swelling, and bruising, but these symptoms should gradually subside. Symptoms that persist beyond the first week may indicate complications.

Consult your healthcare provider right away if you notice any of the following:

  • Increased pain, bleeding, or swelling.
  • Inflamed areas around your piercings.
  • Discharge that is yellow or green.
  • An unpleasant odor emanating from the piercings.

Changing Frog Eyes Piercing Jewelry

Your risk of injury and infection may increase if you change your jewelry before you’re fully healed. Don’t switch your jewelry until the recommended healing period has passed. After your piercing is healed, you can have the jewelry changed by your piercer or yourself.


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