Heart Areola Tattoo Design Ideas and Information

Heart areola tattoos also called heart-shaped nipples and what you should know. Heart-shaped nipples are a newly popular trend in body modification.

The latest trend in breast modification is heart-shaped breasts. You do not actually have heart-shaped nipples after the procedure. Instead of modifying the nipples, they modify the area around your nipples, called the areola.

As long as the procedure is done by an experienced tattoo artist or plastic surgeon and in a good setup, getting heart-shaped nipples is relatively safe.

Breast augmentation patients with cancerous tumors and other scarring conditions seek this procedure to conceal their scars.

You have come to the right place if you love heart-shaped nipples and would love to have them. Here are the answers to your questions.

Heart tattoo around The Areola

Safer and less expensive than surgery, tattoos have also been used to create heart-shaped nipples.

Nipple Tattoo – Heart areola tattoo

In order to perform a nipple tattoo procedure, a tattoo artist must be certified. Nipple tattoos are less expensive, carry fewer risks, and might not be permanent like nipple grafting.

The type of Nipple tattoo commonly used include;

3d nipple tattoo – Heart Nipple Tattoos

Despite their appearance, they are flat when touched, as they are realistic image tattoos.

Regular tattoo – Heart Nipple Tattoos

Through the use of special tattoo needles, a tattoo artist inserts pigment into the skin.
Because of the sensitivity of the area, the process may be painful just like a regular tattoo.

Based on your preferences, the tattoo artist will change the color, size, and shape of the areola.

As well as nipple tattoos in the shape of hearts, you may choose other variations such as flowers, spiderwebs, stars, and more to customize your breasts. Check out some of the nipple tattoo ideas and designs on Pinterest if you want more inspiration.

Heart areola tattoo Overview

Body modification is becoming increasingly popular with heart-shaped nipples. In this case, you don’t have heart-shaped nipples, but rather slightly darker skin around your nipple called the areola.

There are some things you should know before you decide to have this body modification. Here are the answers to your questions about heart-shaped nipples.

How is this procedure performed?

Nipple grafts or tattoos can be performed here.

Nipple graft – Areola Tattoo

Surgery for nipple grafts can be performed by a plastic surgeon.. Nevertheless, many board-certified plastic surgeons will discourage you from undergoing this procedure.

Your surgeon will need to perform a nipple graft in a sterile and certified medical facility in order for your areola to appear heart-shaped. You’ll see scarring and a heart shape that is not symmetrical after your areola gets better.

Your areola’s outer layer will be removed, and the skin beneath will be shaped according to your specific requirements. Your nipple skin may need to be grafted onto another part of your body to form a heart shape.

Nipple tattoo – Areola Tattoo

Tattoo artists can also make you heart-shaped nipples. Nipple grafting is more expensive, more permanent, and carries more risks than this procedure.

Body modification tattoo artists often hold medical certifications and specialize in body modification. An experienced tattoo artist may be more familiar with the breast, areola, and nipple structures.

Temporary tattoos can also be an option before permanent tattoos to confirm that the results are what you want.

You can have your areola darkened, made pink or brown, or have shapes painted on your nipples and breast tissue. Your natural nipple color will be matched or blended with medical-grade ink. This can take up to two hours to complete.

Picture of heart-shaped nipple

Picture of heart-shaped nipple

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

It is not uncommon to experience serious and permanent side effects from body modification procedures, including heart-shaped nipples. Any type of body modification procedure creates a risk.

You may experience some bleeding or a clear discharge during healing. Infections must be treated immediately if the following symptoms are present:

  • a fever
  • yellow or white discharge
  • pain and bleeding that won’t stop
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding and pain that does not stop

Breastfeeding is often problematic for those who have undergone nipple graft procedures, even after they have fully healed. Breastfeeding will not be affected by procedures such as permanent tattoos or semi-permanent tattoos.

Having a nipple graft can reduce sensitivity on your nipples in many cases. Surgical procedures can also cause changes in the nipple’s appearance.

It’s also possible that the “heart shape” will not turn out exactly as you envision. Your practitioner’s skill level, experience, and attention will determine the results of anybody modification. The outcome may also be affected by your own skin texture, pigment, immune system, scarring, and healing process.

You might even not like the way your nipples heal, even in the best-case scenario. Throughout the years as your breast shape changes, your nipple modification may also become more or less apparent.

How much does this procedure cost?

Body modifications such as heart-shaped nipples are considered elective. Insurance doesn’t cover these modifications.

It is more expensive to have a nipple graft. The cost can vary between $600 and over $5,000 depending on the surgeon who performs the surgery. Costs vary according to your practitioner’s experience, whether it is performed in their office or out of a hospital, type of anesthesia used, and the cost of living in your area.

A nipple tattoo is charged by the hour. This will affect the cost. The cost for an over-the-nipple tattoo can be as much as $1,000. Nipple tattoos may require multiple sessions. Touching up or shape and color restoration every two years or so.

Heart Areola Picture design Ideas – Modern Picture designs For Women

Essentially, they tattoo around the areola a heart shape. An example of a heart-shaped nipple tattoo follows. Check it out on Google. Hottest tattoo I’ve ever seen. What do girls and guys think about heart-shaped nipple tattoos?

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