How to Tell if a Tattoo Shop is Clean

How to Tell if a Tattoo Shop is Clean

This video discusses the topic of cleanliness in tattoo shops and includes some common things to look out for or ask about if this is a concern of yours as a prospective tattoo client.

Included in the video are some tips for you to consider regarding evaluating how clean a tattoo shop is, as well as some tattoo etiquette advice so that you don’t offend your tattoo artist when you are asking about these sort of things. Please keep in mind that in a lot of places there is no standardized system for tattoo shop cleanliness and that some professional tattooers may have differing opinions about what things are important and what the level of cleanliness should be. This is not a black and white issue and these are just my personal opinions as a professional tattooer of 8 years at the time of this recording.

I hope this helps to make your experience a safer one and gives you some peace of mind of cleanliness in tattoo shops is your concern. Thanks for watching!

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