Incredible Hulk Tattoos For Men You Have To See

Hulk Tattoo Ideas for men with designs for the chest, forearm, leg, back, small and large. Unique skin rip Hulk tattoos.

It’s fun to customize the Incredible Hulk, and guys can have a lot of fun designing their own version of the raging monster. Take a look at the variety of options below!

Strong Hulk Tattoo Designs

Hulk Tattoo

The Hulk Tattoo

Hulk’s ripped physique complements any man’s own sense of toned muscle.

Additionally, the ink depicts a man with a dual nature, which consists of a mild exterior and beastly powers below. The combination of intellect and power is encapsulated in these gallant green portraits.

With this clever approach, even subtle displays can be achieved with a little less pigment while still conveying the same marvelous meaning.

The Hulk Tattoo

Hulk Skin rip Tattoo

If you’re a big Hulk fan, you’ll want one of those tattoos. In American comic books, Marvel Comics‘ The Hulk appears as a fictional superhero alongside others including Spiderman.

An enormous green humanoid is depicted as possessing invulnerability and absolute strength.

His adventures are fueled by violence and anger. We all enjoy watching and reading about him as a famous character from Marvel comics.

A popular Hulk tattoo design is one where it appears he’s riping the skin. Check out these ideas of Hulk Skin rip.

Hulk Skin rip Tattoo

Hulk Skin rip Tattoo

Hulk Skin rip Tattoo

Hulk Skin rip Tattoo

Hulk Smash

Bruce Banner’s alter ego made this phrase famous with a collection of Hulk tattoos that we’ve gathered here. ” Hulk Smash” is what happens when the Hulk gets angry.

A picture of the Hulk with his mouth open and yelling with anger in his eyes has undoubtedly caused you to think Hulk Smash.

A tattoo can take on so many different forms, including black and white, color, and extremely detailed renderings. There are so many ways to express someone’s love for the Hulk and turn it into a tattoo.  It’s impossible to forget Hulk, from his yelling face to his massive chiseled green body, and you’ll see them all here.

hulk tattoo

hulk tattoo

hulk tattoo

hulk tattoo

Hulk and Iron Man half sleeve

The first Avengers were Iron Man and Hulk, who were both scientists and the brains behind the group. A bright and colorful half sleeve tattoo features the face of Bruce Banner and the hand of Iron Man, as they are often fighting side by side.

Hulk and Iron Man half sleeve

Hulk Hand Tattoo

It would seem fitting to have a tattoo of Hulk thinking about smashing with his hand where he smashes with his hand. In spite of being one of the smaller Hulk tattoos in the post, this one is extremely detailed with a face that isn’t typically used for the Hulk and even includes the timeframe of Hulk thinking about smashing.

Hulk Hand Tattoo

Hulk Hand Tattoo

Hulk Hand Tattoo

Hulk Forearm Tattoo

There is something so lifelike about this tattoo. Even the hairs on Hulk’s eyebrows are detailed. Specifically, you can see wrinkles in his nose, as well as color shading on his teeth. The only tattoo of his face on the Hulk is one of the most detailed. The growl of Hulk’s mouth here tells the story of his anger, which can be felt in many Hulk tattoos.

Hulk Forearm Tattoo
Hulk Forearm Tattoo

Hulk Forearm Tattoo

Hulk Forearm Tattoo

Hulk breaking through the skin

Hulk’s green color distinguishes him from many other Marvel characters. Putting a Hulk tattoo in black and white, especially one as detailed as this is bold. In spite of the lack of green, the shading and detail surrounding his body, as well as the background, make this tattoo feel incredibly alive and detailed!

Hulk breaking through the skin

Shoulder Blade Hulk Tattoos

It’s almost always “Hulk Smash” when Hulk screams, and while the words aren’t said, the meaning is pretty clear. Unlike most tattoos, this one mostly focused on the head, with detailed green elements even on the tongue and eyes.

Shoulder Blade Hulk Tattoos

Large Hulk Tattoo

Hulk’s black and white image takes up most of this person’s leg. Iron Man’s hand is positioned next to Hulk’s fist. It seems like both of them are ready to fight, as Hulk’s muscles are tense and his eyes are fixed on the horizon. The shading obscures Hulk’s pecs and abs, but you can still tell he’s got a large build despite the shading.

Large Hulk Tattoo

Large Hulk Tattoo

Black and white Hulk Tattoos

In this black and white tattoo, Hulk is looking off into the distance from this unusual angle. Hulk’s calf tattoo is extremely popular since it is usually a big canvas with a lot of room for a full-sized tattoo. A lot of shading is used in this black and white tattoo in order to layout Hulk’s entire face.

Black and white Hulk Tattoos

Black and white Hulk Tattoos

Black and white Hulk Tattoos

Black and white Hulk Tattoos

Baby Hulk ready to Smash

I consider this to be a “baby Hulk” since it has a very baby-like face, although it may not be officially classified as one. There are a lot of bright colors in this tattoo, especially the white teeth which really make it stand out. There are a lot of tattoos around which make this one stand out because of the color.

Baby Hulk ready Tattoos

Baby Hulk ready Tattoos

Baby Hulk ready Tattoos

Half Sleeve Hulk Tattoo

As well to the cracks around Hulk’s skin, which show that his skin is broken, the face and features of The Hulk are highly detailed. This is a distinctive image of the Hulk due to the red eye and tongue. Hulk’s bright green color complements the shield’s red and blue hues in this full sleeve tattoo.

Half Sleeve Hulk Tattoo

Half Sleeve Hulk Tattoo

Half Sleeve Hulk Tattoo

Half Sleeve Hulk Tattoo

Hulk Tattoos




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The Hulk Facts

  • The Hulk was originally gray, not green.
  • Hulk made his debut in 1962.
  • Created due to exposure to gamma radiation.
  • Thunderbolt Ross is the Red Hulk.
  • A blood transfusion from the Hulk led to the creation of a She-Hulk.
  • The Hulk has had over five love interests over the years.
  • It was thought that the Hulk only appeared at night.
  • The Hulk was a founding member of The Avengers.
  • Inspiration for the Hulk came from Frankenstein’s monster.