Intenze Formula 23 Tattoo Ink Review

What tattooing ink are you using?

In this video, I am going to dive in-depth and review Intenze Formula 23 Tattoo Ink. We will take a look at the bottle, we will pour out the ink, test the performance with a nice mandala tattoo, and more!

Me personally I love Intenze Tattoo Ink. For me the Formula 23 is just right and for many reasons. One of the main reasons that comes to mind is the consistency of the ink. I have had problems with several inks where they would begin to dry out during the tattooing process which can make the process a bit more difficult over ink like Formula 23 where it just takes literal DAYS for it to dry out.

Aside from the fact that it takes forever to dry out the ink itself is very easy to work with as it wipes up easy, it goes nicely into the skin and another MAJOR reason why I love Formula 23 is because I can trust Intenze and the inks they make for us. I never have doubts when using Formula 23 ink.

I also love to the Formula 23 for Lining and is my GO TO ink for lining and or letters, fine line, really detailed tattoos. Formula 23 is all around a great tattooing ink and I it is 1 that I can feel comfortable recommending to any and every tattoo artist.

I will go ahead and link you to the Formula 23 product page so you can pick some up on your end.

Intenze Formula 23 Tattoo Ink

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