Lover Loser Tattoo Ideas – Movie-Inspired Ink

Movie-inspired tattoos, like Loser Lover, have become popular among tattoo enthusiasts. What does the lover loser tattoo mean?

Loser lover tattoos have a unique feature in that they were inspired by Hollywood movies. The movie is called IT, which came out in 2017. Following the release of the film, the loser lover tattoo rose in popularity and was done by thousands of people worldwide.

Where does Loser Lover come from?

It first appeared in the movie IT in 2017. Stephen King wrote the novel that became the basis for this supernatural horror movie. There are millions of people who have seen the movie, which has become a blockbuster.

There was a tattoo on the movie’s lead actor. In the movie, the tattoo owner or the character is known mainly as the pennywise clown.

What Does The Loser Lover Tattoo Mean?

This tattoo has a very deep and profound meaning. It symbolizes the owner’s insecurity, or betrayal by their partner. Someone can also get the tattoo if they have been bullied by their partner and feel like a loser.

Loser Lover Tattoo

How Did The Tattoo Originate?

Loser lover tattoos were inspired by the movie IT, as many may know. The tattoo was on the character’s arm. His tattoo was forced upon him when he was a child.

One day, he decided to change because he was tired of seeing the word loser on his arm. He overlapped the S of loser with a red V, changing it from loser to lover.

lover loser tattoo meaning

The Best Place to Get a Loser Lover Tattoo

The placement of this tattoo depends on your reasons for getting one in the first place. The bully defaced Eddie’s cast with the words “loser” on his arm where his cast was. To show the world your love for the movie and novel IT, you should get the loser lover tattoo on your arm.

The Best Place to Get a Loser Lover Tattoo

Inner Wrist Tattoo – Loser Lover

The inner wrist is a great place to have a meaningful tattoo because it is a placement you will see every single day. This tattoo can be proudly displayed, or hidden with clothing, making it a versatile option for tattoos. The most popular designs for men are small and simple, such as the name of a loved one or a word that inspires them. Nevertheless, the best use of the limited space will be determined by your creativity.

loser lover tattoo

Lover Loser Wrist Tattoo

You should consider placing your next design on the wrist if you want it to look cool. Having wrist tattoos is great because they can be seen but also covered up, they can be simple or more detailed, and there are many options to choose from.

Lover Loser Wrist Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo

You will get noticed if you have a sleeve tattoo, but all of this work does not come cheaply as they are beautiful. It is likely that you will need several tattoo sessions and that the cost will be expensive.

Forearm Tattoos

Forearm tattoos have several pros, but visibility and lack of pain are the most important. The forearm can be shown off or covered up whenever you choose, allowing you to admire your design and serving as a reminder of why you got it.

Because the area has thick skin and muscle, it is one of the least painful options for body art. The space is large enough to not be too restricted with your design, but smaller inkings can look just as good. The placement should be considered if you are getting your first tattoo.

loser lover tattoo meaning

Arm Tattoos – Loser Lover

Tattoos on the arm are among the most popular tattoo designs for men. This type of tattoo can be very stylish and versatile. It’s somewhere you see every day, so it can be covered up or shown off.

Arm Tattoos - Loser Lover

Are we able to change Lover Loser Tattoo Design?

One of the best things about this tattoo is that it was inspired by a film that millions have watched. It is common for people to get the exact same design as it was shown in the movie.

A personal touch, however, would make one feel closer to the tattoo. Tattoos can be customized in any way you like and if you are creative, feel free to change the design in any way. You should decide how to define yourself and reflect your personality through your tattoo.

lover loser tattoo

Who is the Loser Lover Tattoo for?

If you enjoy tattoos and Stephen King, but want to show your love for him in a more subtle way, then the loser lover tattoo is for you. Although the phrase is not as obvious as inking the name Stephen King, you can still show your appreciation and support for him and his work.

Is IT your favorite novel or movie? Did the Losers Club connect with you? Why not show your support by getting the loser lover tattoo? After being bullied and losers, this group of friends has found love and friendship in the face of a monster that feeds on their fear. For non-tattoo lovers, this alone should be enough to make them consider getting this phrase tattooed.

loser - lover tattoo it meaning behind the ear

How difficult is it to get a Loser Lover Tattoo?

That’s an easy and straightforward design. As many tattoo artists say, the loser lover tattoo is one of the easiest to do. The artist does not have to use complex patterns or colors and ensure they are visible.

However, the tattoo artists’ skills will determine how the process is carried out. It is done by skilled and professional artists so that it resembles the same tattoo in the IT movie, which is the perfect overlapping effect.

matching lover loser tattoos

What Is The Big Deal About Loser Lover Tattoos?

It is a movie-inspired tattoo. Because of this, it has reached millions of people in such a short time. Following the release of the movie, people immediately began getting these tattoos.

Fans have shown their love and support for the film by getting tattoos. However, many people got this tattoo because of its hidden meaning and found it relatable to their lives.

Lover Loser Wrist Tattoos

lover loser IT tattoo ideas

lover loser arm tattoo designs

loser lover tattoo designs

loser lover tattoo ideas

lover loser tattoo on the arm

Lover Loser Wrist Tattoos

matching lover loser tattoos

Where do tattoos hurt the most?

Armpits, ribcage, ankles and shins, nipples, elbows, behind the knees, hips, necks, and spines, head, face, ears, hands, fingernails, feet, and toes, stomach, and inner biceps are among the most painful places to get a tattoo.

Take Care of Your Tattoo

The best way to ensure your tattoo looks great is to take care of it. Following your tattoo artist’s instructions after receiving your ink is vital since improper tattoo aftercare can result in fading and even infection.

Select Something with Meaning

The best tattoo design for long-term enjoyment is one that is meaningful to you. Nevertheless, be sure to balance your ink’s meaning with its aesthetics, in order to make sure it is both stylish and sentimental. Also, keep in mind that you can break up with your girlfriend if you decide to get her name.