Nail Tattoos – What Are They ? – Everything You Need To Know

Nails tattoos are a new beauty trend that’s taking over Instagram – and you’ll be able to try it right away if you want to. Nail tats are created by applying ink to the hard surface of your fingernails instead of tattooing the skin.

Tattoo artists have been adding star signs, lettering, and abstract art designs to their nails with an actual tattoo gun all over TikTok lately, and we admit we’re tempted.

There is a myth that nail tattoos are permanent, but that is not true. In other words, you can experiment as you please without any commitment – but more on that later, as there is still plenty to consider before you get a tattoo.

What Are Nail Tattoos?

There is no better way to describe nail tattoos than to say that they are tattoos applied to your fingernails instead of your skin. As with typical tattoos, they are applied with a tattoo gun and ink, but they require a steady hand from your artist.

Tattoo artists usually place the ink on people’s fingernails instead of their skin, which is how the most basic ones work.

Your colorful fingernails will catch everyone’s attention right away. The effect can be absolutely stunning if you move your hands a lot when you speak.

nail tattoos

Are Nail Tattoos Permanent?

Nope, not at all. Nail tattoos are temporary because the ink is embedded in your nail rather than on your skin.

Although some may view it as a blessing, there is one obvious downside. The growth of your fingernails is constant. As a result, fingernail tattoos won’t last that long. Several months after getting the tattoo, no one will know you had one.

So How Do Nail Tattoos Work ?

Similarly to tattooing your skin, tattoo artists can also ink your nails. Ensure your tattoo artist has a lot of experience tattooing nails and is reputable, qualified, and experienced.

It must hurt like hell, won’t it? Despite the fact that it seems intense, the nail tattoo process is apparently painless. The only sensation you should feel on the surface of your nail is a slight scratching. It may be possible for you to get a nail tattoo if you’ve always wanted one but can’t handle a paper cut.

It is important to note that these nail tattoos are not permanent. Ink is directly applied to the nail surface, so the tattoo will grow with your nails. It won’t take more than a few months for them to wear out.

How Much Do Nail Tattoos Cost?

It is common for tattoo artists to charge by the hour or by the amount of time they spend on a tattoo, factoring in the size of the artwork as well as the detail. As nail tattoos are typically very small, some artists may offer to do multiple nail tattoos at once for a set price. We have seen the price around $80 – $120 for a set.

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