100+ Unique Neck Tattoos For Men and Women

Neck tattoos for men and women have become popular. Browse the ultimate guide for ideas, designs, and more. Back of neck tattoos ideas.

Neck Tattoos

One of the most visible parts of the entire human body is the neck – despite wearing clothing, it is completely exposed to everyone. Necklaces, fancy jewelry, and other trinkets adorn the necks of both men and women, giving them an elegant and gorgeous look.

Getting a neck tattoo is a great option. This tattoo can be worn by men and women since you can make it look however you want. A tattoo like this can be done in a variety of ways.

The tattoos that girls like to get are cute patterns, while men prefer tribal-style tattoos on their necks.

Tattoos on the neck are highly noticeable.

Good ones look attractive and are cool. People like them because they are cool. It is important if you are getting a neck tattoo to think about the pain you will experience.

The process of getting a tattoo is painful in general, but neck tattoos may be nearly twice as painful since the skin and nerves are so sensitive there. As there is a limited amount of space to place a tattoo on the neck, as compared to other areas like the arms and the back, neck tattoo designs are also small and simple. It is still possible for a person to choose a large design if they wish. The neck tattoo comes in many different designs and shapes, as mentioned previously.

Neck Tattoo Ideas

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Full Neck Tattoos

Full neck tattoos are among the most impressive and stunning tattoo locations, especially for guys, since it’s near impossible for them to blend in. The full neck is usually covered with tattoo designs. If you want to create an impression, this is the spot for you.

In addition to wrapping around your throat, a full neck tattoo creates an attractive ‘collar’ effect. Inking a full neck would be a great choice for men who like their tattoos to stand out. Ink in black, geometric patterns, and intricate details make this placement stand out.

Tribal Neck Tattoo

Tribal designs with curved lines and bold, black ink suit curved places like your neck. The tribal tattoo that embraces your hairline is a fresh take on tribal art. You will have thicker hair that stands out, as well as a unique look.

Wings Neck Tattoo

Usually, wings tattoos have a religious significance. They are viewed as guardian angels by many men, especially those who have lost loved ones. Furthermore, they remind us to be a better man and to win the constant struggle against our worst instincts.

Religious Neck Tattoo

Consider a Bible tattoo if you want something more meaningful than across. It could be a psalm or verse that represents your values or a verse or psalm that represents your values. The patron saint of Christian men is St Michael, principal leader of the Army of God and defender of the Church.

Best neck tattoos

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  • mandala neck tattoo
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Eagle Neck Tattoo

A popular tattoo for men is an eagle tattoo because of its association with power, strength, wisdom, and masculinity. The tattoos represent patriotism for American citizens as well. Inking an eagle in flight on your neck is suitable because its wings can follow the curve of your neck muscles, giving the tattoo a lifelike appearance.

Shoulder and Neck Tattoo

A combined shoulder and neck tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos for men. You can create a much more detailed design with the extra space. That’s why mandalas remain popular for inking. The circular pattern of mandalas makes them particularly attractive on curved parts of the body, such as the shoulders and neck.

Dove Neck Tattoo

It is commonly believed that doves symbolize peace, but their meaning can be diverse. In the Biblical story of Noah, doves represent hope and new beginnings. Symbols of victory or God’s will can also be found in them. Due to their wings’ movement, doves look great as neck tattoos, just like other bird tattoos.

Crown Neck Tattoo

A crown neck tattoo shows that each man is the king of his life. A crown tattoo is often a mark of a significant accomplishment in a man’s life. There are other people that appreciate being reminded of their power over their destiny and are ready to succeed. Adding a matching crown to your other half’s tattoo is a great idea for matching couples’ tattoos.

Neck tattoos for men

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Star Neck Tattoo

Tattoos with stars have their origins in sailors of the 19th century. Because ships could navigate using constellations, stars represented good luck to them. Even in the midst of darkness, the stars can lead us to light. The stars remain a popular tattoo design for both men and women.

Badass Neck Tattoo

There will be different badass tattoos for different men. Color, theme and art style could all play a role in the final product. Many badass tattoos are based on weapons or skulls. Others are predisposed to choose wolf packs, tigers, panthers, and spiders.

Skull Neck Tattoo

You can have a skull tattoo in a variety of ways. The wearer can be reminded to live every day like it was their last, to believe in life after death, or to cherish the memories we make. An animal skull might make a great alternative to a human skull on your neck.

Pattern Neck Tattoo

Growing in popularity are pattern tattoos. Patterns are an understated yet undeniably cool way to complete any look from simple lines to intricate geometric designs. The tattoo on your neck should follow the natural line of your muscles.

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Peace Neck Tattoo

Tattoos on the neck are often the most meaningful for men. If you are against violence and war, the peace symbol might be an excellent choice for you. If you’re an activist or a fan of the music of the ’60s, this is an excellent choice.

Lion Neck Tattoo

Lions are popular with men all over the world because of their symbolism for strength, dominance, and confidence. You may want to consider a profile picture of a lion head for your neck tattoo. Your jawline will look sharper and your neck will be shaped accordingly.

Spider Neck Tattoo

Spider tattoos are not only cool but also have a lot of meaning. Spiders are regarded as protectors, hunters, and creators in many cultures. Spiderwebs can be viewed as metaphors for life.

Sailor Neck Tattoo

In addition to traditional tattoo themes like stars, hearts, and roses, sailors’ tattoos feature classic maritime symbols like anchors and ropes. Men who love old-fashioned tattoos and a timeless aesthetic will appreciate a sailor neck tattoo.

Amazing neck tattoos

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  • tribal neck tattoos
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Back Neck Tattoo

The back of the neck is a popular tattoo placement for men. Your first neck tattoo should be a smaller design or something more subtle. It can be covered by a collared shirt or your hair. If you already have a back or shoulder tattoo, one new idea is to combine it with a back neck tattoo.

Small Neck Tattoo

Tattoos on the neck are suitable for any size, but small tattoos look particularly good here. You might choose Roman numerals, a simple symbol, or inking that consists of one word. A smaller tattoo is a great option for those who have a low pain threshold but still want a neck tattoo.

Angel Neck Tattoo

Men’s tattoos featuring angels are very popular. There are a variety of meanings for them. A Christian’s faith is represented by angels for some guys. Those who value classical art consider them to be a tribute. Due to the flowing and flowing lines common to angel tattoos, they complement a neck tattoo that is slightly curved.

Front Neck Tattoo

You can get an eye-catching tattoo on the front of your neck. A piece of art or meaningful piece will always be visible to others, making it the ideal place to display it. As the skin is thin and there are many nerve endings in the front of the neck, it is a particularly painful place to get a tattoo.

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Owl Neck Tattoo

It is believed that owls guard and protect the dead and provide wisdom. They have been a top choice for men’s tattoos for years due to their rich symbolism, importance across many cultures, and fierce appearance. Although owl tattoos can be placed anywhere, owl neck tattoos are becoming increasingly popular.

Devil and Angel Neck Tattoo

As we all have good and evil, grace and temptation, devil and angel tattoos symbolize these opposing forces inside of us. A ‘whispering’ design on your neck is a cool way to have a devil-and-angel tattoo. Rather unusual and unique, this tattoo reflects the human duality and is sure to stand out among people.

Dream Catcher Neck Tattoo

Some indigenous cultures view dream catchers as a means of protecting against nightmares. You can get a dream catcher tattoo on your neck because it’s closest to your head. In addition to representing your culture, they are a superb way to pay tribute to your heritage.

Eye Neck Tattoo

There are many different meanings associated with eye tattoos. Spirituality and intuition are associated with them for some people. A neck tattoo with eyes can add another level of depth to your look. The throat chakra is associated with this placement, and it represents telling the truth as well as expressing yourself honestly and clearly.

Wolf Neck Tattoo

Men are attracted to wolf tattoos because they are associated with their wild, untamed side, as well as loyalty and protection. As with lion neck tattoos, wolf neck tattoos look best when inked in profile or at an angle. Your jawline is drawn to the tattoo’s lines since it has lines.

Barcode Neck Tattoo

If you like the game Hitman, you may want a neck tattoo that includes a barcode. However, barcode tattoos have another meaning too.

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Words Neck Tattoo

When the tattoo is on the neck, it becomes even more meaningful. You can make a message more meaningful by tattooing it on your neck, like a word tattoo on your heart. Over the vocal cords on the front of their neck, many men have words inked.

Cross Neck Tattoo

Religious tattoos, including classic crosses, are very popular on the neck. Faith is the key to your life, and this tattoo shows that to all around you. Whenever space is at a premium, opt for a simple cross in black ink without any extra details.

Rose Neck Tattoo

Since the original sailor tattoos of roses, they have been popular. Life, love, and death are all represented in them. Despite their versatility, rose tattoos are suited to neck placement due to their good looks.

Neck tattoos for women

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Placement of a Neck Tattoo

It’s important to think about the type of artwork you plan to have on your body before getting a tattoo. The final product should be considered in terms of size, as well as what it might look like. What is the size of your tattoo? How detailed or simple is it? Can a tattoo include specific colors that you can’t see unless it’s large?

Choose the area of your body where the tattooist can easily access your tattoo, without forcing you to bend your body at an angle. Tattoos are best placed on the back because it is not only broad but also curves nicely. For large tattoos, the upper arms, stomach, calf, and thighs are excellent options.

How bad do neck tattoos hurt?

It is known that tattoos on the neck and spine are particularly painful because these areas are highly sensitive.