Nose Piercing On Both Sides : Everything You Need To Know

Two piercings in the nose are called double nose piercings. Piercing both nostrils, either on the same side or the opposite side, is popular.

As you think about it, you realize that you haven’t noticed whether people wear their nose piercings on the left or the right side.

As people love to pierce their bodies, piercings are a classic trend that will never fade. The left side of the nose is usually the preferred location for nose piercings. As an alternative, you can pierce your nose on both sides if you wish.

Despite their taboo status, piercings still have meaning in many cultures, depending on the place where they are. You are in the right place if you want a piercing on both sides of your nose.

What Does Piercing Both Sides Of The Nose Mean?

When you pierce both sides of your nose, it is called a double nose piercing. Piercings can be done on both sides of the nose, or both sides can be pierced. In addition to that, you can also get a nostril piercing or a septum piercing if you’re feeling adventurous.

Depending on your culture and traditions, nose piercings can mean different things. Hinduism claims piercing the left side of the nose eases pain associated with childbirth and menstruation. So, this is a culturally and religiously based meaning.

Double Nose Piercing With Septum

In the past, piercing the septum was a popular nose piercing choice. The new trend in terms of piercing is a Double Nose Piercing With Septum. For both punctures and septum piercings, a nostril screw and septum ring are suitable jewelry.

It is best to pierce a nose with a wide septum as narrower septa don’t provide as much surface area for the piercing.

Two Nose Piercings On One Side

The following image shows two nose piercings on one side of the nose. It is suitable to use nostril studs for both punctures as double nose piercing jewelry for this type.

Two Nose Piercings On One Side

What are 2 nose piercings called?

A Nasallang piercing is a double horizontal piercing on the upper part of the nose. It is the horizontal piercing between your two nostrils. A septril piercing is a single piercing that appears at the tip of your septum. Double Rhino piercings on your nose at the tip, slightly above the septum.

Do Both Sides Of A Nose Piercing Have A Sexual Meaning?

Pierced noses have always been associated with open sexuality and sensuality. It is therefore no secret that nose piercing on both sides also has a sexual meaning. It is common for women of the subcontinent to wear nose rings, for example.

A nose ring is believed to strengthen and solidify a marriage relationship in the subcontinent.

Two Nose Piercings On Each Side

There are many different kinds of nose piercings, but the most common is a single nostril piercing. In the following image, you can see a reference to a nose piercing on both sides of the nose. If you want your piercing to be simple yet unique, this type of nostril piercing might be for you. It is appropriate to use a nostril screw on both sides for this double nose piercing jewelry.

Is it possible to get a piercing on both sides at once?

You need to give piercings some time to heal since they cause trauma to the body. You should not get two nose piercings at the same time. As an alternative, get one piercing and wait for it to heal completely before getting a second one.

The healing process for a nose piercing usually takes two to three months.

How attractive are both sides of the nose piercings?

You can only answer this question for yourself, as they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Others find these piercings unattractive while others find them attractive. All that matters is if you like it and are happy with it.

Ultimately, it is your nose and face, so you can do as you please with it. If you want to make your nose look fantastic in no time, you can choose attractive nose rings. When you do, you will feel and look fantastic.

Double Sided Nose Piercing

Here is an example of a double-sided nose piercing with a single nostril piercing that works both ways as a stud and a hoop.

There are many types of nose rings, from simple seamless rings to rings with a bead or gemstone in the middle, which are called captive bead rings. Double hoop nose piercings are a good alternative to studs for a double-sided nose piercing without studs.

Two on One Side

If two piercings are placed on the same nostril, you might want to consider placing them directly next to one another. The rings or studs can be placed directly next to one another.

As a general rule, rings require less space than studs; if you plan to switch out your nose jewelry, consider how far apart you want the piercings to be.

Place one near the tip of the nose, and one near the cheek, providing the most options, while placing them closer together may have a subtler effect.

One on Each Side

Try piercing one nostril on each side if you appreciate symmetry. You can combine this look with two rings, or a ring and a stud. Make sure each hole’s position is carefully determined so the jewelry is truly balanced.

How Much Does A Nose Piercing Cost On Both Sides?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $45 and $90 for both sides of the nose. The kind of ring you choose for your nose depends on where you get the piercing. Remember to factor in the cost of the jewelry in addition to the piercing.

Nose Piercing Materials

Several different nose piercings are available, allowing you to choose the one that is right for you. A variety of metals and materials are also available, depending on your preferences and budget. The most common option is stainless steel, as it is affordable and hypoallergenic, while 14K gold is pricey but looks great and is more suitable for special occasions.


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Two Nose Piercings on Both Sides And Septum

Piercing On Both Sides of Nose

Nose Piercing on Both Sides


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Nose Piercing On Both Sides