85+ Ocean Tattoo Ideas and Designs You Need To See

Here are some ocean tattoo ideas to express your love of the sea. There are ocean designs available for the sleeve, arm, wrist, and back. A tattoo depicting an ocean can serve as a metaphor for mystery and depth of character.

Ocean tattoos are typically overlooked because most people tend to get memes, sharks, skulls, scorpions, and movie quotes as tattoos. The power of ocean tattoos cannot be overstated.

In addition, if you have overlooked ocean tattoos in favor of another popular tattoo, we have compiled a list of some cool ocean tattoo ideas that you are sure to enjoy.

Colorful Ocean Tattoo Ideas

An ocean-themed tattoo is characterized by somber ink, which represents the tranquility of the ocean on your skin. In addition, ocean tattoos are therapeutic in comparison with tattoos that have symbolic meanings or associations. Here are some ideas that will blow your mind if you are interested in ocean tattoos.

watercolor ocean shell tattoo for the thigh

ocean turtle with palm tree for arm

black and grey crab tattoo for the arm

whale tattoo with flowers ocean thigh tattoo

black shade sea horse tattoo for the arm

octopus thigh tattoo

bright colorful ocean treasure hand tattoo

Jellyfish tattoo for the outer forearm

side arm ocean whale tattoo

amazing ocean sleeve tattoo for men

octopus arm tattoo in the ocean

matching ocean tattoo for the wrist

half sleeve ocean tattoo for men

ocean half sleeve tattoo

lighthouse and ship wheel tattoo

sea shell arm tattoo

bright color ocean wave tattoos

Minimalist Ocean Tattoo

How important is the size and detail of your ocean tattoo? Tattoos that are minimalist in design and lack detail are as therapeutic as tattoos depicting the ocean. People who choose minimalist designs often tattoo waves or rising tides on their bodies. A tattoo inspired by waves and tides can be relaxing and look incredibly cute if it is designed and sized properly. The majority of minimalist tattoos feature black, blue, or other dark colors. Forearms, wrists, shoulders, and necks are good places to get minimalist tattoos.

Tiny minimalist ocean tattoo designs for the arm

Tiny minimalist ocean whale tattoo designs

beautiful ocean spine tattoo with whale jumping out of the water

minimalist ocean fish tattoo designs

minimalist ocean tattoo

ocean wave tattoo for the shoulder

ocean turtle tattoo for the side of the rib

ocean flower with wave flow tattoo

ocean wave armband tattoo

ocean scene tattoo

small cute turtle tattoos

tiny palm tree in the ocean wind tattoo

Ocean Sleeve Tattoo

Ocean tattoo sleeves are the best option for those who are more adventurous, since they capture both the look and feel of the ocean in a small design. Using your entire arm or leg, you can create a beautiful seascape by wearing these sleeves.

Many times these sleeves are too small to display things such as ships or other objects, but larger ones display the underside of the ocean as well as the many species that reside there. A colorful and vivid sleeve can be used, and you may use either a realistic or a cartoonish style.

Tattoo Design for Ocean Sleeves

A free hand illustration of the ocean on a sleeve

Cover up wave ocean tattoo with realism

half sleeve ocean tattoo upper arm

ocean sleeve colorful tattoo

ocean ship tattoo for the lower sleeve

full sleeve ocean theme tattoo

ocean whale sleeve tattoo for men

full sleeve black ocean tattoos

bright colors lower leg sleeve tattoo

Ocean full leg lower sleeve tattoo

Underwater Cool Ocean Tattoo on The Back

What size tattoo would you like? I really like this one. It’s a good idea to change the size of your tattoo periodically. This large piece will appeal to those who enjoy body ink.

Under Ocean Thigh tattoo For Women

Ocean under water tattoo for sleeve idea

ocean underwater tattoos full of sea animals

sea animals underwater ocean tattoo

underwater ocean tattoos for men

underwater ocean tattoo full leg sleeve

ocean tattoo large design for the thigh

ocean themed tattoos for the upper arm

ocean themed tattoo on the leg with dark blues

blue yellow underwater ocean tattoo art

Different Types of Ocean Style Tattoo Ideas

The following are seven popular niches of ocean-themed tattoo designs that can be easily tailored to suit your personality, meaning, and body type.

Wave Tattoos with Color Inspiration

ocean tattoos small shark under the boob

ocean theme tattoo hammer head shark

ocean life tattoos

ocean life tattoos

Wave Tattoo Simple And Small

This simple and neat wave tattoo is ideal for your arm or forearm. If you are looking for a quick and easy tattoo, a wave tattoo is an excellent choice. What is the meaning of a wave tattoo? The wave represents hidden emotions, secrets, and celebrations.

ocean wave tattoo for the wrist

geometric ocean wave tattoo in a triangle shape

tiny waves on the forarm tattoo

small wave in a circle tattoo

Bright Sea Tattoos Sleeves

Are you a fan of bright tattoos? In terms of sleeve tattoo ideas, an incredibly large tattoo such as this would be suitable for men. You can embellish your sleeve with a wide variety of ocean symbols, but make sure you have patience in order to achieve this cute and large design.

Watercolor Bright Sea Tattoos Sleeves

Bright Sea Tattoos shoulder and Sleeves

Bright Sea Tattoos half Sleeves

Ocean Tattoo Ideas On Leg

It is not painful to have a leg tattoo. The process will, however, take some time. The ocean tattoo on this upper leg is ideal if you are looking for a perfect ocean upper leg tattoo.

Ocean Tattoo Ideas On Leg

tattoos of ocean theme designs for the leg

traditional ocean ship tattoo for the leg

traditional ocean storm tattoo for the leg

Linework Wave Ocean Tattoo

Linework tattoos are only successfully applied by a limited number of artists. An impressive tattoo is created by waves crashing through the linework. Despite the fact that only linework is used throughout the tattoo, the waves have sufficient detail. Due to its minimalist nature, this tattoo only uses a single color. Use black and dark blue colors to make this tattoo stand out from the rest.

Linework Wave Ocean Tattoo

Ship On Water Ocean Tattoos

In terms of body art, ship tattoos are among the most stylish. Especially this tattoo deserves a place on a tattoo list of its own. Despite the tattoo’s somber appearance, a ship is depicted cruising the seas. The colors used for this tattoo can be bright and vibrant, but they may not be as soothing as those used in monochrome.

Ship On Water Ocean Tattoos

Ocean Tattoo Of A Lighthouse

It is not common to see lighthouse tattoos because they have a lot of symbolic meaning attached to them. One of the most desirable ocean tattoos is a lighthouse tattoo, which symbolizes guidance, hope, and safety. In spite of this, the lighthouse is located away from the ocean and the ocean can be seen alongside it, making the tattoo appear extremely relaxing.

Ocean Tattoo Of A Lighthouse On The Shoulder Females

Black Shade Ocean Tattoo Of A Lighthouse

Tiny Ocean Tattoo Of A Lighthouse

Ocean Tattoo Of A Lighthouse

Tattoo Of A Lighthouse On The Arm

Ocean Tattoo Palm Tree

It is quite relaxing to spend an afternoon on the beach. Furthermore, if you have ever spent a calm and relaxing day at the beach, you know how relaxing it can be. This tattoo will serve as a constant reminder of that beautiful feeling whenever you pass by it. The beach is lined with palm trees, the ocean, and a nice stretch of sand.

Ocean Tattoo Palm Tree sleeve

Ocean Palm Tree sleeve tattoo

Ocean Palm Tree tattoos for the outer arm

Ocean Palm Tree tattoo for the forearm

Coral Reef Ocean Tattoo Design

Can you get tired of seeing the same old waves and tides in ocean designs? The coral reef design may be just what you are looking for if you are looking for a fresh change of pace. Coral reefs under the ocean make excellent tattoo designs due to their variety of colors and ability to be translated into tattoos. Due to the attention to detail, this tattoo requires a lot of space, so get it on your calves, back, and chest.

Coral Reef Ocean Tattoo Design

Ocean Life Tattoos

Another great tattoo idea is a tattoo of fishes under the sea. The tattoo is characterized by intricate detail and rich colors. The tattoo is recommended only for those who are dedicated and patient, due to its large size.

Ocean Life Tattoos for the arm filler ideas

Shark In The Ocean Tattoo

It pays tribute to one of the most famous thrillers of all time (Jaws) with this amazing shark tattoo. In addition, there is a large underwater portrait, although it is not as large as the shark tattoo. This garment can be worn as an arm or leg sleeve, as well as on the back, chest, and calf. An attractive and colorful tattoo.

Shark In The Ocean Tattoo

Mermaid Ocean Tattoo

It was once common for sailors to tattoo mermaids, but the incredible design and artistry made them so popular with women. The realistic style of art allows the beauty of mermaids to be displayed to the fullest extent possible. No matter what color you choose, this tattoo will look great on you.

Mermaid Ocean Tattoo Mermaid Ocean Half Sleeve tattoo

Ocean Tattoo Meanings

Additionally, there are different meanings associated with ocean tattoos in addition to aesthetics and art styles. There is a calming and soothing effect associated with tattoos depicting ocean imagery, including waves and tides. These tattoos are often obtained for therapeutic purposes in addition to the obvious fact that they look good and have a deeper meaning.

Ocean Tattoo Placement

It is also important to consider the location of the tattoo when choosing it. The location where you get your tattoo speaks volumes about you as an individual as tattoos have become such a well-known art form.

You are someone who lives life according to your own terms and you like to live life on your own terms when you get tattoos on parts of your body that are visible, like the forearms, hands, necks, and faces. A tattoo on a part of the body that is usually hidden is very intimate and demonstrates that you follow a standard career path but aren’t afraid to show off your creative side.