Adorable Opossum Tattoo Ideas For Animal Lovers

Cute Opossum tattoo designs with black and grey or vibrant color designs for the arm, sleeve, wrist.  Possum tattoos are perfect for anyone.

North and South America are the native habitats of the opossum. It is the only marsupial found north of Mexico that belongs to the marsupial family.

In the Western Hemisphere, there are approximately 110 species; however, the only species found in the United States is the Virginia Opossum.

It is well known that possums play dead as a defense mechanism or as an aggressive mimicry as a defense mechanism.

Popular possums include Pogo from the comic strip of the same name, Crash and Eddie from the film “Ice Age: The Meltdown,” and Ozzie and Heather from the television show “Over the Hedge.”

Have a look at these amazing Opossum tattoo ideas.

Small Cute Possum Tattoos

Opossums, also known as possums, may not be the first animal that comes to mind when thinking about tattoos, but they can make for adorable and unique designs.

These marsupials are known for their distinctive snarling face and sharp teeth, which can make for a great tattoo design.

If you’re an animal lover considering an opossum tattoo, there are plenty of adorable designs to choose from.

Virginia Opossums are caring mothers, brilliant foragers, and essential ecosystem members, despite the misunderstandings surrounding them.

There are no picky eaters among these naked-tailed furballs; they will eat small animals, insects, plants, fruits, and ticks, which contributes to the reduction of disease in both animals and humans.

opossum tattoo for the forearm

opossum tattoo on the calf

colorful opossum leg tattoo

opossum shoulder tattoo

cute opossum tattoo for the thigh

opossum skull tattoo on the leg

Possum Tattoo Designs

One popular design is a cartoon-style opossum. This design is excellent for those who want a cute and playful tattoo.

Various poses, such as the opossum carrying a trash can or hanging from a branch, can be depicted.

These designs can be done in various colors, such as black, grey, or rainbow.

Another popular design is a realistic opossum. This design is great for those who want a more realistic tattoo.

In addition to watercolor and portrait styles, black and grey realistic opossum tattoos are also available.

cute floral opossum tattoo

black and grey possum tattoo

opossum hanging from the lower leg tattoo

cute tiny possum tattoo

What Does The Opossum Tattoo Mean?

There are many meanings associated with possum tattoos.

A possum could represent a loved one who has passed on and was unhygienic or somebody who has been around you recently and has been unpleasant – just here for the food.

In addition, it may represent the loss of a loved one or someone you wish you had gotten to know better while they were still alive.

It is an animal that is opportunistic and even eats its kind, so it can symbolize someone who has betrayed you yet also betrayed you in some way in return.

cute tiny possum tattoo designs

Beautiful Opossum Tattoo

It is correct to use both the terms possum and opossum to refer to the Virginia opossum commonly seen in North America.

Commonly, a possum is used; in technical or scientific contexts, the opossum is preferred.

It is possible to pronounce opossum with its first syllable voiced or silent. Below are amazing art designs for your inspiration.

beautiful opossum tattoo

beautiful opossum flower tattoo

Elbow tattoo with a possum

Opossum Tattoo Design Ideas

Over the years, some animals have received a bad reputation. Possums are among these creatures.

These creatures are generally considered pests throughout North America, but we would like to point out how amazing they are with these tattoos.

traditional opossum tattoo with a fish

new school opossum tattoo

opossum skull tattoo for the chest

traditional opossum tattoo for the inner arm

opossum with wings tattoo

colorful sleeve Tattoos Of A opossum

opossum tattoo

opossum tattoos

opossum skull tattoo opossum racoon skunk tattoo

small possum tattoo hanging on the arm

cute possum tattoo for the wrist

Half Sleeve cute possum tattoo

opossum tattoo

possum tattoo designs

cute possum tattoo

possom leg tattoo

cute opossum in the bathtub tattoo

opossum moon tattoo

scary opossum deep color tattoo