28 Amazing Bold Owl Neck Tattoo Designs

A Neck Piece of Wisdom: The Art and Significance of Owl Tattoos on the Neck

Look at these fantastic owl neck tattoos that will be a great addition to anyone who wants to add style to their outfit.

There’s something about owl neck tattoos that screams “badass.” Perhaps because they’re so bold and big, or maybe because they’re always so cool.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is; owl neck tattoos are one of the most popular options for people looking to get inked. And we can see why!

Not only do owl neck tattoos look amazing, but they also have a ton of different meanings.

Owls are often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and insight, which makes them the perfect choice for a tattoo.

If you’re considering getting an owl neck tattoo, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created a list of 21 fantastic owl neck tattoo designs to inspire you.

Stylish Owl Neck Tattoo Designs

Owl tattoos are often associated with wisdom and knowledge.

This is because owls are known for being brilliant animals. They can see in the dark, and they can hunt prey that is much larger than themselves.

For these reasons, many see owls as wisdom and knowledge symbols.

full owl neck tattoo

owl side neck tattoo

left side owl neck tattoo

owl throat tattoo design

full wings owl neck tattoos

Bold Owl Throat Tattoo

An owl throat tattoo is a trendy choice for people who want to express their individuality.

In addition, it is a prevalent choice for people looking for something unique and different. In addition to finding owl throat tattoo designs online, you can also find them in many other places.

Many different websites offer owl throat tattoo designs, and you can even find some that provide custom owl throat tattoo designs.

An owl throat tattoo is something you should consider if you are looking for something unique.

Owl Eye Neck Tattoo

realistic owl neck tattoo

owl neck tattoos for men

guardian owl owl neck tattoo

Sexy guardian owl owl neck tattoo

Showing Off Your New Tattoo

So you just got a new owl neck tattoo and feel pretty proud of yourself. (We don’t blame you, it’s a pretty sweet ink job.) But now comes the hard part—showing it off to the world.

How do you go about doing that? Well, there are a few different ways. Consider posting a picture of it on social media and seeing what people think (and what they don’t).

Show it off with a t-shirt or blouse. Let people see it naturally as you go about your day. When getting an Owl neck tattoo, make sure you are proud!

It’s a fantastic way to show your love for these fascinating creatures.

large owl full neck tattoo

owl bright eyes neck tattoo

neck tattoo with owls face

neck tattoo with blue eye owl

wrap around neck owl tattoo

stretchy owl neck tattoos

side neck owl tattoo

owl head neck tattoos

back of neck owl tattoo

black line dot owl tattoos

owl tattoos for the neck

owl wing neck tattoos

top of the neck owl tattoo

geometric side owl neck tattoo

owl geometric neck tattoo

owl neck tattoos for men

lower neck owl tattoo

blue eye owl tattoo

Owl on Neck Tattoo

Owl tattoos are popular for those looking for a unique and symbolic tattoo design.

The owl, known for its wisdom, intelligence, and ability to see in the dark, represents knowledge, insight, and the ability to see things others can’t.

When it comes to tattoo placement, owl neck tattoos can be particularly striking as they can be obvious and can be used as a form of self-expression.

One of the most popular designs for an owl neck tattoo is a realistic or stylized depiction of the owl.

This design can be done in black and grey or color, and it often features the owl in its natural habitat, such as in a tree, with intricate details and shading to capture the creature’s unique characteristics.

The design can include various elements such as flowers, branches, or other animals.

How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

It’s time to take care of your fantastic owl neck tattoo so it looks good for years.

The following tips will help you:

1. Keep it clean. Be sure not to let your tattoo get wet in the shower, and wash it twice a day with soap and water.

2. Apply a Tattoo Aftercare ointment. Your tattoo will heal properly if you keep it moisturized.

3. Don’t scratch it! This will only make it heal more slowly and could cause infection.

4. Avoid the sun. Whenever possible, avoid the sun so that your tattoo does not fade.

5. Get a sleeve! Just kidding (sort of). If you want to protect your tattoo from the sun, you can always wear long sleeves or a shirt that covers your tattoo.