Rhino Piercings: Your Guide and What You Should Know

Rhino piercings are rare and a unique way of self-expression. The rhino is a cartilage piercing done vertically through the tip of the nose.

So, What is a Rhino Nose piercing ?

Are you looking for a piercing that’s more dramatic than a nostril piercing, but not as significant as a septum piercing?

Check out the Rhino Piercing! If you want to try something different in the piercing department, this will definitely give you a more unique look.

The tip of your nose is pierced by inserting a curved barbell. With a longer, straight barbell, you can also get a deeper rhino piercing, but not everyone has the anatomy for it. No matter what style you choose, you will have a piercing like no other!

Rhino piercings are sometimes also known as vertical nose tips, since they resemble the nose of a rhinoceros.

Piercing The Vertical Tip Of The Nose

From the bottom of the nose out to the tip of the top is the most common form of rhino piercing. It can be pierced between the major cartilage sections of your nose tip before much of the major cartilage begins in your nose.

You can feel a little divot between the two halves of cartilage on the tip of your nose if you place your finger on it. That is where the rhino is pierced.

Are Rhino Piercings Dangerous?

This is true for any modification. A piercing is always at risk for infection, injury to the body part, and rejection. Every body modification involves some level of risk, but that’s part of what makes it so exciting! Despite this, there are some piercings that are more dangerous than others, and unfortunately, the rhino piercing is definitely one of them.

Having this piercing done incorrectly is the biggest danger. Rhino piercing causes interference with delicate nasal structures that you do not want pierced or interfered with.

The Deep Rhino Piercing

An extreme rhino piercing is one that goes from the bottom of the tip of your nose all the way up to much higher on the bridge. Depending on how deep you desire your deep rhino to sit, your piercing might naturally need to be centered.

It is because the cartilage on the bridge of the nose becomes more dense as you go higher up.

There is a thin strip of cartilage between the two halves of your nose that cannot be pierced through, so you have to pierce on one side or the other.

IA deep rhino can also be obtained before the central cartilage of your nose, however, you will not be able to get as far up your nose.

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How much does a rhino piercing cost?

Obviously, this will vary from location to location, and it can be hard to predict. Due to the rarity of this piercing, most places do not list the price. You’ll need to talk to your piercer personally to figure out their price.

I have seen places advertise the cost online and the average cost for a Rhino piercing is between $60 – $150

How long does a rhino piercing take to heal?

Due to its complexity, rhino piercing takes longer to heal. Experts recommend a healing time of 6 to 9 months. This will take time.

Why does my nose piercing sink?

Your piercing may sink due to swelling, which is one of the most common causes. Although a little swelling is okay, you should make sure that the jewelry matches all the requirements.

Can the nose ring get infected?

Consult a professional if your piercing becomes infected. Leaving the issue untreated could result in scars, nose bumps, or complete rejection of the piercing.

What happens if you pop a piercing bump?

Piercing bumps are pretty much solid, and you should be aware of this. Nothing will come out. Consequently, popping keloid and granuloma lesions is not recommended.

What does Rhino nose piercing symbolize?

The experience of spiritual enlightenment was sought by young people from all over the world. The nose ring became a symbol of rebellion against society’s traditional values for many girls. Symbolizing boldness, rebellion, and freedom of choice, the piercing was considered a sign of boldness.

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Inflammation Stage

During the first stage of piercing, inflammation occurs. There is some swelling around the jewelry as the body attempts to heal. A reddened and irritated area will develop around the piercing for approximately a week during this stage. Symptoms that persist after two weeks should be addressed by a health professional as they may be indicative of an infection. Ensure that your piercing is kept clean and avoid picking at it. Jewelry should not be changed.

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Healing Proliferate Stage

Healing is the next stage, and some common symptoms include bleeding, swelling, and bruises. There may also be discomfort and tenderness at the site, but you should avoid touching it frequently in order to prevent the spread of bacteria. It is also possible to see a yellow fluid being secreted. Blood plasma, lymph, and dead blood cells are present in the fluid and do not constitute pus. Generally, pierced nostrils heal within two months, but it may take longer in some cases. To facilitate healing, it is important to practice proper aftercare.

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Maturation Stage

Your piercing is fully healed at the end of the healing process. The onset of this phenomenon is usually between two and four months after your initial piercing. The time has come for you to change your jewelry. There should be no difficulty in removing it, and it should not be painful.

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Nose Piercing Aftercare

In general, nose piercing aftercare is relatively straightforward. It is important to keep it clean, and you can do so by cleaning it twice daily with a saline solution. As well as avoiding touching the area, you should avoid introducing bacteria and causing irritation to the skin. It is recommended that you first wash your hands before touching the piercing. During the first two to four months following a nostril piercing, you should not change your jewelry. In case of persisting tenderness, discomfort, or discoloration of the skin, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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Nose Piercing Side Effects

There may be side effects associated with any body modification. It is most likely that an infection will occur if the piercing is not cleaned adequately or if the jewelry reacts with the material.

If you are concerned about allergic reactions, it is best to choose a stud or ring made from implant-grade surgical steel or titanium. You may also experience side effects such as rejection of the piercing, it closing or growing over, and having to change how you blow your nose.

The process of changing your jewelry can be challenging, depending on the style you choose, and you may also have to put up with the judgment of others. As long as one maintains good hygiene and follows the aftercare instructions, many potential side effects can be mitigated.

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How to change out a Rhino Nose Piercing?

It is important to ensure that your nostril piercing has fully healed before changing it. Once this has been established, wash your hands thoroughly and make sure the jewelry you wish to use is clean. After removing the stud or hoop, wash your hands again. Your piercing should be adorned with the new jewelry. Warm water can be used to loosen a crust that has built up at the end of your nose bar.

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How old do you have to be to get a Rhino nose piercing?

When getting your nose pierced, you will need to be over 16 years of age and present a valid form of identification. You may also require parental consent if you are under the age of 18, either in writing or with the presence of a parent or guardian.

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What is the significance of Rhino Nose Rings?

Each country and culture has its own significance when it comes to nose rings. A nose piercing can symbolize wealth, fertility, marriage, and spiritual enlightenment, and it has a long history. However, in the West, it is typically associated with personal style and rebellion. The use of a nose ring can serve as a means for expressing yourself and altering your appearance in a manner that is personal to you.

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