Shoulder Tattoos For Men With Cool Unique Designs

A shoulder tattoo is a very popular choice among men. The shoulder is usually associated with courage and strength. Male shoulder tattoos.

Men who are thinking of getting their first tattoo can choose from many unique shoulder tattoo ideas. There’s something cool about a shoulder tattoo that extends from deltoid to trap on either side. A large area on the shoulder can also be used as a canvas for a deep tattoo.

Some tattoo enthusiasts choose to have their shoulders tattooed in order to form a larger piece of artwork. Additionally, you might find that shoulder tattoos for men come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes.

Cool Shoulder Tattoos Ideas For Men

Cool Shoulder Tattoos Ideas For Men

Shoulder Tattoo For Men

For those who are getting their first shoulder tattoo, choose a small size that they can easily cover. You can further extend a small shoulder tattoo into a large artwork. Also, people who are getting tattoos for the first time should know about the tattoo healing process.

As long as sailor tattoos were popular, men have been getting tattoos on their shoulders. It is due to the power and strength of the shoulder. While shoulder tattoos may be traditional, this does not mean there aren’t new and exciting designs.

Look no further for cool, meaningful, and badass options that look great on any man’s shoulder.

Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Celtic Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Celtic art is characterized by rings and knots, which make it an excellent choice for a shoulder tattoo. By incorporating circular symbols and lines, the tattoo is shaped to fit around your muscles, so it won’t warp.

Celtic Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Half Sleeve and Shoulder Tattoo For Men

You can get a half-sleeve tattoo that ends around your bicep instead of a full-sleeve tattoo. When paired with a shoulder tattoo, the arm tattoo looks great because there’s less space on the arm for the design. Polynesian men frequently get inked with traditional tattoos here.

Half Sleeve and Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Back Shoulder Tattoo For men

Tattoos that cover both shoulders and back are ideal for men who want a detailed, complex tattoo. Your artist can use some of your existing inks to complete the design if you already have a sleeve.

Back Shoulder Tattoo For men

Animal Print Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

There are many shoulder tattoos for girls and women, but this design is one of the most clever in the recent book of designs. The animal print dress, bag, or shoe have always been popular, and now you can even get them as tattoos.

The designs are quite bold and the use of colors across the board makes them seem very real. This shoulder tattoo design is perfect for guys who are always looking for the latest and greatest trends. You can choose between leopard prints and even animal pug marks, based on what you prefer.

Animal Print Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Star Shoulder Tattoo

Star tattoos are an excellent choice for men who are looking for a simple, striking, and meaningful design. Since stars can be seen at night and are traditionally used for navigation, they represent guidance during times of darkness. They also symbolize faith for some.

Star Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men

Many men get shoulder tattoos. This might be related to the shoulder’s strength and power. There is a wide variety of artwork for shoulder tattoos, both traditional and new. In the right hands, a meaningful tattoo on the man’s shoulder will look badass and great.

Many shoulder tattoos have been shown to be useful, stylish, and awesome all at the same time. If they’re spread over the arms, chest, and back, shoulder tattoos look masculine and bring out a badass look.

There are thousands of cool shoulder tattoo ideas to choose from among these thousands of shoulder tattoos that are so popular.

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men

Colorful Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Inking your shoulders in black ink is very popular, but colorful designs look just as striking. Color can make elements of a shoulder tattoo stand out if it is extensive and complex – like a half sleeve. Traditionally, Japanese tattoos incorporate a lot of colors, giving them a distinctive and dynamic appearance.

Colorful Shoulder Tattoo

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo For Guys

In recent years, geometric tattoos have become increasingly popular due to their understated yet undeniably cool appearance. Modern and minimalistic, they are perfect for guys looking for a tattoo that stands out while still showing off their personality.

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Traveler Shoulder Tattoos for Men

There are few tattoos for men as beautiful and intricate as this traveler’s shoulder tattoo. It combines the design of an old, classic compass with extracts from the world map for an even more elaborate look. Like sailors and navigators used to do earlier, you appear to have kept a compass on a world map.

There is something so bold and sophisticated about this, and it represents a world traveler’s personality well.

Traveler Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo For Males

Dragon tattoos have been popular among men for decades as they represent power, strength, and wisdom. In addition, dragon tattoos offer a variety of options as they can be interpreted in many different ways. The dragon’s long, snake-like body looks great wrapped around your bicep, traps, and chest as a dynamic shoulder tattoo.

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Blade Tattoo For Men

Tattoos on the shoulder blades make a unique statement because they’re placed in an unusual location. You can choose an oversized tattoo with a lot of detail on your shoulder blades since they are a part of your back. An extremely popular design for shoulder blade tattoos is wings. With black and white shading, you can add realistic details to the wings, or you can choose to go with a watercolor style.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Tattoos in tribal art style are still popular today, despite first reaching the mainstream in the 1990s. As the lines are thick and curved, they appear to ‘move’ with your body which is ideal for a shoulder tattoo. When your artist draws the design, they will use your muscles as a guide and shape the ink accordingly.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Religious Shoulder Tattoo For Men

The shoulder is a popular tattoo spot for religious men because it is associated with strength. By wearing a religious tattoo on your shoulder, you show that your faith keeps you strong and is the foundation of your life. In terms of the design of the inking, there are several options to consider – a simple cross, dove of peace, or Sacred Heart would all fit well on the shoulder.

Religious Shoulder Tattoo

Small Shoulder Blade Tattoo For men

Some men opt to tattoo a smaller design on their shoulder blade since it is more painful to tattoo than other parts of the shoulder, such as the bicep. Adding a matching shoulder blade tattoo – such as a double star or sparrow – adds balance and symmetry to the body. You can also use shoulder blade tattoos to emphasize back muscles and broad shoulders.

Small Shoulder Blade Tattoo For men

Shoulder Tattoos For Guys

Tattoo styles for the shoulders feature distinctive designs, shapes, sizes, and application techniques that create outstanding body art. It’s precise because of their versatility and interesting placement options that shoulder tattoos are so popular.

For men, animal motifs, Japanese influences, traditional tribal tattoos, and black and gray warrior styles are excellent tattoo ideas. While for women, butterfly tattoos and rose shoulder tattoos are traditional options, increasingly modern options such as tiny tattoos are in trend.

Shoulder Tattoos For Guys

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Tiger tattoos are common choices for men since they represent a powerful, fierce, and active predator. Considering the significance of tigers in many Asian cultures, these animals are frequently tattooed in Chinese or Japanese art forms. The striped body of a tiger looks great on your shoulder because it can be curved to fit over your muscles.

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Angel shoulder tattoos are very popular here. A tattoo can represent more than just a religious symbol; it can also depict the ‘guardian angel’ of someone who has passed away or protect the person from harm. Alternatively, many Christian men choose to represent their faith through body art by depicting angels from the Bible.

Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Half Sleeve Tattoo For Men

An elbow to shoulder half sleeve tattoo covers the area between your shoulder and elbow. This kind of tattoo looks awesome as a knight’s armor, complete with chainmail, plate, and scratch details. Adding a family crest makes it even more personal. We all have a hero inside us and with this design, you will be reminded to live up to the knight’s values of bravery and integrity.

Shoulder Half Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Upper Back Shoulder Tattoo

Because they emphasize broad shoulders and back muscles, upper back shoulder tattoos are very popular with men everywhere. The back’s wide and flat surface makes it an ideal location for large and complex tattoos. These include animal designs, tribal symbols, and Celtic symbols.

Upper Back Shoulder Tattoo

Badass Shoulder Tattoo

There are various styles of badass tattoos; for example, a skull, a weapon, or a tribal design might suit some men. Some people believe that birds of prey – such as eagles – make powerful and intimidating tattoos. The wings of a soaring eagle can be curved to cover the chest and around the bicep as well as the shoulder when done as a shoulder tattoo.

Badass Shoulder Tattoo

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

It depends on the individual what an eagle tattoo looks like. For some men, it may be a tribal design, weapon, or skull. In the eyes of some, a huge bird of prey – such as an eagle – is intimidating and powerful. The wings of a soaring eagle about to strike look great as a shoulder tattoo since they can be curved to cover the chest and bicep as well.

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo for Black Men

Black men often tattoo their shoulders. This is because these tattoos represent strength. Many designs include lions, family crests, and religious designs. If you want your shoulder tattoo to look natural, make sure you consult a tattoo artist who has experience tattooing black skin.

Shoulder Tattoo for Black Men

Small Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo looks great, but small designs are also beautiful. Try inking a single word, a geometric symbol, or a simple but meaningful cross tattoo. A smaller tattoo takes less time to apply, while a tattoo on your shoulder is among the least painful – so it’s a great option if this is your first tattoo.

small shoulder tattoos for men

Maori Shoulder Tattoo

The Maori people of New Zealand have a Polynesian culture that includes tattoos. Ta moko, the Maori term for tattooing, originally involved applying ink with chisels rather than needles. Modern inks, however, make the tattoos more smooth and less painful, so many Maori men get inked using these tools.

Maori Shoulder Tattoo

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo

Tattooing represents a traditional and sacred right of passage for men of Polynesia heritage. Typically, Polynesian tattoos combine several geometric symbols with black shapes that are curved. Their appearance is unique and they have a rich cultural heritage. Most of their designs incorporate protective and nature-inspired symbols.

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo

Lion Shoulder Tattoo

Since lions are symbols of strength, power, and confidence, these tattoos are popular with men around the world. There are many ways to customize a lion tattoo design, from the art style to where the piece is positioned. If you want a shoulder tattoo, you should choose a profile roaring lion’s head that can stretch from your bicep to your chest.

Lion Shoulder Tattoo

Skull Shoulder Tattoo

Among all of the tattoo designs, skulls have proved to be very versatile. The skulls look great in every style, whether they are Mexican sugar skulls, Gothic skulls, or anatomical skulls. Since skulls tattoos include circular elements and curved lines, they are ideal for placement on the shoulders. Additionally, you can easily transform your skull shoulder tattoo into a killer skull sleeve.

Skull Shoulder Tattoo

Clock Shoulder Tattoo

Symbolizing life and death, clocks are considered to represent time when used in tattoos. We are reminded to make the most of every day and to make the most of our time on earth. Since clock tattoos have such meaning, many men pair them with other symbols. The transience and beauty of life can be represented by flowers and clocks, while wisdom can be represented by owls and clocks over a lifetime.

clock shoulder tattoos for men

Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Rose tattoos are an excellent choice for guys who like classic and old-school tattoos. Symbolizing both the beautiful and challenging aspects of life, these flowers have been popular since the early days of sailor tattoos. Because of the curvature of your muscles, the flower’s rounded shape suits the shoulder position.

flower shoulder tattoos for men

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

In addition to wrist tattoos, shoulder tattoos are also highly sought after, making them one of the most popular tattooing areas. Despite their looks, shoulders are actually small areas where you can get a tattoo.

As well as the various styles, there are more than a few, including tribal, watercolor, and 3D. Butterfly tattoos, flowers, and cherry blossoms are among the most popular feminine tattoos for women.

Quotes, dragons, roses, lions, and angels are all ideas that work well for both men and women. Most shoulder tattoos incorporate dragons.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Meaningful Shoulder Tattoos For Men






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How much does a shoulder tattoo cost?

Similar to tattoo design, shoulder tattoo pricing also caters to a wide range of budgets. An experienced tattoo artist can do a simple black and gray shoulder tattoo or shoulder blade tattoo for around $170-$225USD.

Single needle shoulder tattoos, shoulder sleeves, or pieces incorporating the shoulder cap, upper chest, and upper bicep might cost between $1200 and $2000 USD. For 6-8 hours, a detailed Japanese-style tattoo or intricate tribal tattoo can cost about $1600USD.

As always, when it comes to the price per hour at a contemporary tattoo shop, 150 is standard for an experienced pro, while the best artists charge upwards of $250. You should also be aware that in most tattoo shops in the U.S., a tip of 15-20% is expected for good work.

The Shoulder

Among the biggest and most complex joints in the body, the shoulder is the largest and most complex. As a result of the humerus (upper arm bone) fitting into the scapula (shoulder blade), the shoulder joint is formed.

Other important bones in the shoulder include:

  • The acromion is a bony projection off the scapula.
  • The clavicle (collarbone) meets the acromion in the acromioclavicular joint.
  • The coracoid process is a hook-like bony projection from the scapula.