Spear Tattoo Ideas and Simple Designs For Men and Women

Spear tattoo ideas for both men and women. Find inspiration with these simple and stylish designs for the sleeve, wrist, arm and back.

It is likely that you have considered getting a tattoo for the first time, but are unsure of what to choose. During the past few years, spear tattoos have become increasingly popular.

Additionally, spear tattoos may serve as a metaphor for encapsulating the essence of tattooing. Many scholars believe these old-school daggers to be predecessors of today’s tattoo industry because they were formerly used in scarification rituals throughout history. Spear ink conveys a lengthy discussion of humanity’s cultural fascination with painful initiation ceremonies in this covert sense.

In its original form, the spear was simply a sharpened stick, one of the earliest weapons devised by mankind. Spears were primarily used as thrown weapons by primitive peoples. The spear became a thrusting weapon as military practice evolved from individual actions to mass movements.

Spear Tattoo Designs

The tattoo of a spear signifies a sharpened demeanor for the individual who bears the image of the spear. Adding one of these murderous insignia to your external arsenal will add some lethal weaponry to your overall approach to inking.

spear tattoos

spear tattoos

spear tattoo

spear tattoo

spear tattoo designs

spear tattoo designs

spear tattoo meaning

spear tattoo meaning

spear of destiny tattoo

spear of destiny tattoo

Spear Tattoo Meaning

A spear tattoo can be very symbolic for individuals who have military connections, as it represents camaraderie and shared experiences, but it can also represent courage, dominance, strength, pride, freedom, and power.

The best way to get a spear tattoo is to think about your own life and find what it means to you. That will allow you to get a meaningful and personal tattoo.

Historically, spearheads have been used by both warriors and fishermen.

polynesian spear tattoo meaning

spearhead tattoo

stigma spear

cool spear designs

cool spear designs

Spear of Destiny Tattoo

The creation of a Polynesian tattoo which tells your own story as well as being able to explain what it represents shows that you are aware of and respect the significance of such tattoos and as such it is not considered disrespectful. The act demonstrates your appreciation and admiration for Polynesian culture and art.

Spear of Destiny Tattoo

Polynesian Spear Tattoo Meaning

Tahitian tattooing also uses patterns with multiple spearheads arranged in a row, whereas the more figurative style utilizes more realistic spearhead rows. The enata symbols are also used to represent warriors when paired with enata symbols.

Polynesian Spear Tattoo Meaning

Fighting Symbol Tattoo

fighting symbol tattoo





spear tattoo 22

spear tattoo 23


spear tattoo 25


spear tattoo 27


spear tattoo 29

spear tattoo 30


spear tattoo 32

spear tattoo 33

spear tattoo 34

spear tattoo 35


spear tattoo 37

spear tattoo 38

spear tattoo 39

spear tattoo 40

spear tattoo 41






Is the spear the oldest weapon?

There is no doubt that the spear is one of the oldest weapons in the history of warfare and hunting. Historically, the knife was probably the oldest fabricated weapon – created when early man discovered how to chip stones to create an edge.

What Is A Polynesian Tattoo ?

Polynesian tattoos originate from the Polynesia subregion of Oceania and are distinctive forms of tribal tattoo art. Polynesian tribal cultures and traditions are deeply rooted in these designs.

What Is The Cost Of A Small Spear Tattoo ?

For tattoos covering fewer than 3 square inches of skin, the cost averages between $75 and $200. The shop will charge you a minimum fee, usually $50 or more, plus an hourly rate after the first hour, regardless of the size.

What To Do Before Getting Inked

Prior to entering a tattoo parlor, you should be aware of a few things and take the necessary precautions. In order to achieve this, a proper meal should be consumed beforehand. If you are planning to get inked, make an appointment and consume food at least two hours prior to your appointment. A physician’s approval is essential if you suffer from a medical condition.

Consult your tattoo artist regarding the placement of the tattoo and describe your pain tolerance.