75 Stylish Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Meaningful sun and moon tattoo designs. Check out these ideas for some inspiration, sleeve, wrist, forearm, matching or couples ink.

The sun and moon have been associated with a variety of symbolic and symbolic meanings throughout history. Different civilizations and cultures have interpreted these symbols differently, or they have been attributed with various meanings.

Sexy Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

In ancient Egypt, the sun and moon were worshiped as deities, particularly the sun, which was called Re, or the Sun God. The ancient symbolism of the sun and moon has survived into modern times in some form. Due to their ancient and cultural interpretations, the sun and moon are also popular tattoo design inspirations today.

Light pink color sun and moon tattoo for the thigh

sexy thigh Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo On The Lower Leg

Matching Sun and Moon Forearm Tattoo

Larger Leg Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon thigh Tattoo for females

Sexy Full Leg Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Hand Tattoo For Women

Bicep Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo On Each Leg

Dark Fine Line Sun and Moon Tattoo

Tattoos With The Moon & Sun

It is recommended that you continue reading if you are considering getting a unique and cool tattoo. Here are a few interesting design ideas for moon and sun tattoos and some explanations of their meanings and symbolism. It’s time to get started!

Among the classic tattoo designs that are preferred by both men and women, the sun and moon tattoo design is a popular choice. As the yin and yang of the heavens, the sun and the moon are complementary. This piece embodies the beauty and balance between these two opposing forces. This design symbolizes the bearer’s ability to accept both good and bad traits without discrimination. A popular tattoo design for mystics is the sun and the moon, which play important roles in various cultures, traditions, and belief systems.

Large Shoulder Sun and Moon Tattoo

Slick Arm Sleeve tattoo of a moon and sun

Black Shade Tattoo Of A Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Collarbone Tattoo

Colorful Sun and Moon Tattoo for the chest

Meaning of Sun and Moon Tattoo Design

In general, it symbolizes the two opposing forces, but its meaning differs from culture to culture. Life and death are symbolized by the sun and moon design, as well as femininity and masculinity, night and day, good and evil, yin and yang.

In combining the sun and moon into one concept, it represents the ability of the owner to treat both worlds equally. It can be used to accept one’s strengths and weaknesses, good fortunes and bad fortunes, and to find peace along the way. It is believed that the sun and moon tattoo design represents a balance between two forces as a whole. There is more to the word than this general concept. Depending on how they are viewed by the bearer, tattoos always carry their own understanding of their symbols.

Sun and Moon Collarbone Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo On The Forearm For Women

Dot and Poke Sun and Moon Tattoo

Matching Sun and Moon Tattoo

Tiny Male Sun and Moon Ankle Tattoo

Inspirational Sun and Moon Tattoos

After learning the meaning behind the imagery, it is time for a little inspiration. Check out the images below for inspiration for your own tattoo. If you are considering getting a tattoo, you should carefully select the design, the style, and the location that are appropriate for you. Additionally, it is important to select the right tattoo artist.

Inspirational Sun and Moon Tattoos For The Foot

Inspirational Sun and Moon Tattoos Outer Forearm

Two Matching Meaningful Sun and Moon Tattoos

Color Sun and Moon Bright Tattoos

In general, colored tattoos tend to fade faster due to the technique used, especially light-colored ones and watercolors. White tattoos fade the fastest when exposed to the sun.

Despite the popularity of simple, minimalist tattoos, bold tattoos tend to last longer. In addition to the size and thickness of the lines, there are two reasons why these tattoos age well. Villani describes bold, black text and traditional American tattoos as looking cool even after they fade.

Color Back Sun and Moon Tattoos

Color Upper Back Sun and Moon Tattoos

Symbolic Sun And Moon Tattoo

There is no restriction on the placement of sun tattoos or moon tattoos on the hands or on the legs and thighs. There is a minimalistic quality to the designs. The moon is colored black, while the sun and sunspots are outlined in white ink. In the first illustration, the sun symbolizes the dark side of life, while the moon represents the light: thus illustrating a person as a whole. The tattoo design represents and emphasizes the inevitable flow of life through the use of the sun and moon symbols.

Symbolic Sun And Moon Tattoo

Symbolic Sun And Moon Tattoo inner arm Symbolic Chest Sun And Moon Tattoo

Symbolic Sun And Moon Tattoo

Creative Lines Moon Tattoo Designs

There are certain tattoo designs that look great when they are simplified rather than large and detailed. Sun and moon shapes are basic, easy to draw, and look great when the essential elements are highlighted without shading or detail. It is possible to use color ink, but black is the most popular and versatile option. For simple tattoos, a smaller scale can be used.

Creative Lines Moon Tattoo Designs

Tiny Sketch Lines Moon Tattoo Designs

The Half Sun – Half Moon Tattoo

It is a great design for couples to get a tattoo of the sun and moon! It is important to note that the crescent-shaped moon in this tattoo design is almost similar to a new moon, but is not quite the same.

Black and white tattoos of full moons are uncommon unless they contain a night sky or inked details; otherwise, it is quite common to confuse the two stars. Featuring smooth lines and excellent inkwork, this tattoo is also a fine example of fine tattooing. Sun and moon tattoos symbolize discord and hope in life, but we support these types of tattoos wholeheartedly!

The Best The Half Sun - Half Moon Tattoo

Shoulder Fine Line The Half Sun - Half Moon Tattoo

The Half Sun - Half Moon Calf and Leg Tattoos

Tarot Card Sun and Moon Tattoo

In Tarot, the sun and moon symbolize mental clarity, instincts, trust, feelings, and one’s understanding of the past, present, and future. It is not uncommon for Tarot cards to be designed in a manner that evokes the astrological and mystical significance of the sun and moon symbolism. You can get tattoos of Tarot cards in gray (black and white with shading) or in colors that match the colors of the card.

Tarot Card Sun and Moon Tattoo

Rebirth Sun and Moon Tattoo

The concept of rebirth has probably never been expressed in such a beautiful manner as in the sun and moon tattoos and designs. Its intense inkwork depicts the birth of the moon from within the sun, as represented by the sun and moon designer tattoo. As a result, the space art is given almost a tribal appearance.

Rebirth Sun and Moon Tattoo

Abstract Sun and Moon Tattoos

The nature of abstract art leaves even experts with a number of unanswered questions. But isn’t that part of its appeal? Learn here more about abstract art, what it is, and the different types of abstract art to help you come up with an abstract Sun and Moon tattoo design.

Abstract Sun and Moon Tattoos

Black and Gray Sun and Moon Tattoos

An impressive amount of detail is possible with black and gray tattoos. Shading can add depth and texture to a piece of body art when it comes to adding depth and texture.

In addition to the gravitas, black and gray are also good for illustrating whimsy, but not so much for conveying whimsy. A sun and moon tattoo in black and gray is the best application if you want something serious, deep, and conceptually powerful. Similarly, for larger pieces, black and gray add texture and nuance to the background.

Black and Gray Sun and Moon Tattoos

Black and Gray Sun and Moon Tattoos

Heavy Black Ink Sun and Moon Tattoos

As the masculine sun complements the feminine moon, heavy black is the go-to choice for masculine tattoo expression. As a result of their power and boldness, solid black designs attracted the most attention. This style of inking utilizes a large amount of negative space, which provides the artist with many opportunities for expression. Nevertheless, this type of tattoo should not be undertaken by those who are weak at heart. According to your size, you may spend a considerable amount of time in the chair.

Heavy Black Ink Sun and Moon Tattoos

Simple Sun And Moon

With the right design, body art can make a powerful statement about the thoughts and feelings you hold. The sun and moon are among the most meaningful and beautiful options available. A balance is achieved by bringing two opposing forces together.

Simple Sun And Moon Side Rib Tattoo

Aztec Sun Sexy Design

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Aztec civilization was the last of the great Mesoamerican civilizations. Their efforts resulted in impressive temple pyramids, advanced agriculture techniques, and a great empire.

Aztec Sun tattoo

Linework Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos often feature linework as the design element. By modern artistic standards, their traditional depictions are simplistic and almost cartoonish, making linework a perfect subject matter. The tattoo artist has a lot of creative freedom and flexibility when it comes to linework tattoos. A negative space linework tattoo can transform a half moon into a classical wolf tattoo balancing the elements of night and day.

Linework Sun and Moon Tattoos


sun and moon design



Shoulder Sun Tattoo With Moon


Sun and Moon Back tattoo


Unique Cool Hand Tattoo Of Moon and Sun


Unique Sun and Moon Theme Sun


Sun And Moon Tattoo For Female Chest


Sold Shade Moon and Sun tattoos


Types of Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and moon tattoos can take many forms. Some of these designs are based on myths and beliefs from different parts of the world, while others are entirely new concepts made to fit modern times. If you’re looking for inspiration for a moon and sun tattoo, you might want to check out this website.

Types of Sun and Moon Tattoo

Mexican Sun and Moon Tattoo

Unlike other tattoo designs, Mexican sun and moon tattoos are easily recognizable. The design looks like a crescent moon holding the sun. Tattoos featuring the moon and sun are popular among people who are drawn to the rich culture of Mexico. Additional details like stars, clouds, and colors are often added to tattoos, depending on the bearer’s preferences. The sun represents life and the moon represents death in this design which is based on Mexican culture.

Mexican Sun and Moon Tattoo


Sun and Moon Watercolor Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo creates a piece that is vibrant and bold by masterfully blending different hues. Style and design are quite varied, and you may choose the elements you wish to incorporate into your body art in order to make it uniquely yours.

Watercolor Sun and Moon Back tattoo

Sun and Moon Watercolor Knee Tattoos

Light Color Moon and Sun Above The Knee Tattoo

Sun and Moon Best Friend Tattoos

It is impossible to replace a best friend. Through thick and thin, through hard times and through the good times, you have been there for one another. You can make your life brighter just by being around your best friend.

best friends sun and moon tattoomoon and sun friends and couple tattoo ideas

women sun and moon best friends and matching tattoos

Moon Dreamcatcher Tattoo

In Native American culture, the dream catcher is considered a protective talisman that keeps individuals safe from negative energies and bad dreams. In many cases, feathers and beads are incorporated into the weave. Throughout the world, this object has been admired for its beauty and symbolism, which has inspired countless tattoo designs.

Moon Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Tribal Sun and Moon Tattoo

The Sun and Moon tribal design is another popular tattoo design for people who are into mysticism. Due to its use of black ink alone, this tribal tattoo can be worn by both males and females. Patterns are used in carefully shaping or filling out the sun’s surface and the moon’s. An ideal standalone tattoo design is one of these types. It makes a great picture regardless of the background included or not.

Kissing Sun and Moon Tattoo

Kissing Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and moon tattoos are also referred to as lovers, which also explains their popularity among hopeless romantics. Symbolically, the sun and moon in this design represent masculinity and femininity, respectively. A balance must be struck between these two powerful representatives to coexist peacefully.

Kissing Sun and Moon Tattoo

Ideal Placement of Sun and Moon Tattoo Design

The placement of your tattoo is determined by the design of your sun and moon. If you choose to include a background or use an elaborate piece, this tattoo type typically does not require much room.

Arms, legs, wrists, and backs are the most popular places to get this tattoo. A sun and moon tattoo design can be executed in these areas. Remember to take into account your endurance to pain when selecting from these areas. Pain can be more severe in some areas of the arm and leg than in others. Since tattoo artists have extensive experience in this area, they can provide suggestions.

If you already know where you want your tattoo placed, consulting your artist can also help you conceptualize your design. Good tattoo artists will provide you with useful tips so you can customize your design and make it more appropriate for your location.


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Sun and Moon Matching Tattoos

Getting matching tattoos for couples can have a profound effect on how you express your love. Tattoos symbolizing passion, devotion, loyalty, and faith are permanent and eternal. When tattoos are visible and tangible, they can represent a cute way to express your love for one another.

sun and moon tattoo matching For The Hands

Sun and Moon Art Designs

Now that you know the symbolism behind the imagery, it’s time for a little inspiration. Check out the image gallery below and maybe you’ll find a tattoo to inspire your own ink piece. As with any tattoo, it’s important to choose the style, design, and location that suits you. And of course, the right artist to put your ideas on the skin.

Sun and Moon Art Designs


Tips for Preparing for Sun and Moon Tattoos

It is important to prepare your sun and moon tattoo design or concept before your tattoo session. Making a decision about the concept of your tattoo before you visit your artist will save you a lot of time. The communication process between you and your artist can also be sped up by doing this. Make sure to find an artist or studio with a good reputation nearby. If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, it’s best to find a tattoo studio close to where you live. By doing this, you will be able to come and go from the studio more easily.

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Prices and Service Costs for a Sun and Moon Tattoo

Depending on the tattoo studio, the tattoo artist, the complexity of the tattoo, detail of colors, and the size of the tattoo, sun and moon tattoos can cost as much as $1,000. A tattoo’s price is determined by a combination of these factors. Tattoo shops charge clients two ways; one charge per hour and the other charge per piece. A medium-size tattoo costs between $75 and $150 per hour according to Bill Johnson, the executive director of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. Tattoo artists and tattoo shops tend to charge a higher hourly rate for larger and more complex designs.

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun Tattoo

The placement of a thigh tattoo is one of the most appealing. The reason for this can be attributed to several factors, most notably the size and the lack of pain. As a result of the thick skin, muscle, and fat in the area which provides cushioning, thigh tattoos are rated as low to moderate on the tattoo pain scale chart.

mexican sun and moon tattoo for the inner arm

sun and moon tattoo minimalist upper forearm

sun and moon tribal tattoo arms

bright color sun and flowers on the back

cool sun theme tattoo

black outline sun tattoo

colorful butterfly with sun and moon design

wrist tattoo with a moon and sun

sun and wave tattoo design for men

foot tattoo with moon and sun for men


Unity of the Opposites

A sun tattoo symbolizes the need for polarity and opposition, and a moon tattoo, the need for unity of opposites. The meaning and specific interpretation of this symbolism will differ depending on one’s personality and life experiences. Tattoos of the sun and moon, for example, can symbolize to some the union of good and evil, masculinity and femininity, or the two aspects of their dual nature.

Birth, Rebirth, and Balance

Lunar and solar symbols are associated with various cultures and traditions. For instance, the moon, through the patterns of its phases and different appearances in the sky, represents birth and rebirth. It can be very powerful imagery that can be adapted to any person’s life or experience.

The moon tattoo would be a great way to commemorate one’s ability to undergo a rebirth as one age. In this case, the changing moon represents both nature’s transformation and the cycle of human life.

The Sun, on the other hand, is sometimes regarded as a form of divinity. However, the sun itself represents a large sense of harmony, wholeness, and the ability to keep things in order (the Sun coordinates the motions of Earth and the planets).

Putting together these two meanings and symbolisms makes for an extremely elegant tattoo design. Life would be meaningless without balance, birth, and innovation. The implications of this are profound.