Best Tattoo Shops in Atlanta – Client Reviews – Updated 2022

Best tattoo shops in Atlanta and the area. Sitting right in the middle of Georgia, this city has always been a great attraction for body art lovers

Atlanta, a Midwest US city is known for its vibrant art scene. Sitting right in the middle of Georgia, this city has always been a great attraction for body art lovers who are keen to ink their bodies with different designs. That’s why there are many tattoo shops here.

But for a person looking to make their body an attractive canvas, going through the many tattoo shops can be quite a challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to subject yourself to all that since below is an overview of the most sought-after tattoo shops in Atlanta.

The Best Tattoo Shops in Atlanta

Some of the top-rated tattoo studios in Atlanta include:

Ink and Dagger Tattoo

With Atlanta being home to some of the best tattoo studios globally, Ink and Dagger has definitely earned its reputation in the industry. What sets it aside from the rest in the crowd is this brand’s dedication to artistry and using innovative designs to attract and retain clients.

The artists are fully committed to listening to different client demands and using their updated tools to bring your idea to life. Note that Ink and Dagger Tattoo ensures that they deliver customized tattoos that suit each individual.

This tattoo parlor’s area of specialization includes Japanese, Neo-traditional, Traditional, Blackwork, 3D geometric, Illustrative, and Black & White.

Ink and Dagger Tattoo

Ink and Dagger Tattoo

Timeless Tattoo

Timeless Tattoo is known for its classic artistic ink designs that withstand the test of time. you can trust that your design will serve for many years to come, helping to preserve the memory of what you love.

It’s renowned for its tradition of excellence, having been one of the establishing pillars of the tattoo community in Atlanta since 1995.

This studio is known to offer its client the highest professional standards when it comes to service delivery. With artists that work based on conduct and deliver based on skills, you can trust that your idea of ink design will come to realistic fruition in an efficient way.

You can bring your own design for a customized piece of artwork. Alternatively, you can peruse through the thousands of sample designs found on the walls if you are looking for a relatable inspiration.

It should be noted that Timeless Tattoo usually accepts appointments with deposits while walk-ins are usually welcomed.

Timeless Tattoo

Ink Paradise

Since opening in 2015, Ink Paradise has grown to become a household name in Atlanta’s tattoo industry. The collaboration between Erick and JC Erik has brought to fruition a studio that’s renowned to locals and tourists alike.

The founders normally blend their passion with professionalism to ensure that you get an inkling that matches your idea.

This studio is focused on creating unique designs for its art clients. so, whether you want full color, black and gray, or neotraditional, there is always something that suits your needs. the best thing about working with these artists is that they continue to push themselves to deliver outstanding designs.

Ink Paradise’s commitment is to satisfy the customer by offering unparalleled quality work in an affordable and efficient way.

Ink Paradise

Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop

Since opening its door in 2011, Mystic Owl tattoo has been attracting clients from all sides of Atlanta and nearby communities. This is because the parlor offers exceptional tattoo services that are meant to benefit tattoo lovers for years to come.

It’s worth noting that Mystic Owl Tattoo’s studio features an attractive and welcoming atmosphere. So, clients always feel at ease and confident while interacting with experienced professionals. The award-winning brand operates in an art-filled environment and has professionals who are committed to offering quality craftsmanship while guaranteeing their client’s unparalleled attention.

Everything about getting a tattoo from Mystic Owl feels right and homely.

Some of the design options you can choose from including Anime, Cartoons, Realistic, and Traditional tattoos. Apart from in-house artists, this studio also has a lineup of guest artists who are meant to enhance service delivery by bringing in a new touch of freshness.

Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop

Thunderbolt Tattoo and Piercing

Even though Thunderbolt Tattoo is relatively new, grown to become one of the best tattoo shops in Atlanta.

Nestled between LaVista road and Briarcliff, this studio features every premium thing that you would expect to find in a modern tattoo shop.

Its wall designs speak of its character thanks to the wide range of tattoo art featuring different styles. You will find a Japanese-inspired design that’s blended with an eclectic mix of vintage prints, Polynesian Hula Girls, and vintage tattoo designs.

Whether you want to create a unique design that strongly matches your personality or simply want a default but classic tattoo design, you can find all those here. The most common designs include traditional and Japanese body art.

Thunderbolt Tattoo and Piercing

Inksomnia Tattoo

There is something about Inksomnia tattoo that you won’t get anywhere. Its service delivery is based on customized authentic designs.

The artists, Jason, Ena, Tory, Mike, Nick, and Mel are all gifted professionals who have amassed years of collective experience to deliver quality work. through their talents and versatile eye for inking, they effectively work with different clients to cater to their unique needs.

Inksomnias’ location gives it an upper hand among the locals as well as clients from all over the world. besides that, this brand’s craftsmanship is one of the reasons why clients keep returning and vouching for them to other art lovers.

The owner, Mike Cummings, understands that it takes more than talent to keep and attract customers. That’s why he has created a personable environment and employed the use of updated modern equipment while offering premium services at cost-effective prices. Besides that, the artists here know what they do and they love it.

Inksomnia tattoo offers design options such as traditional and neotraditional among others.

so, whether you are a newbie who wants something small or a serious tattoo collector looking for an extensive body of work, there is definitely something to cater to your needs.

Inksomnia Tattoo

Memorial Tattoo

It offers the best artistic side of Atlanta, having opened its doors officially in 2006. This is an award-winning studio company that features 8 award-winning artists who work full-time.

with a combined experience of more than 80 years, you can trust this crew to efficiently cater to a wide range of tattoo styles including fine line, Japanese, American, and realism among others.

Memorial Tattoo is one of the most proficient shops in Atlanta. With your idea, anything can be brought to reality as long as you are ready. It should be noted that this parlor is highly committed to creating and maintaining a private and sterile workspace that both the client and artist can enjoy. Besides that, artists are only allowed to use single-use needles and high-quality pigments.

Memorial Tattoo

Memorial Tattoo

Liberty Tattoo

Since it was first established in 20002, Liberty Tattoo has maintained a solid reputation among the locals as well as visitors.

It continues to provide intimate and premium tattoo services in a cozy and clean environment Shay and Kaki Cannon, the founders of this studio, are specialists who have spent years working under the best “old-timers” while learning the history of tattoo and what it takes to ink a good design.

While Shay and Kaki had previously worked in Florida, they decided to open their studio in Shay’s hometown of Atlanta. Their experience, craftsmanship, as well as customer-friendly nature, have earned them several awards including the Best if Atlanta award in 2015.

Customer reviews show that this is an awesome and friendly place with helpful staff. Liberty Tattoo specializes in offering a wide range of tattoo designs including traditional as well as modern-looking body art among others.

Liberty Tattoo

Apocalypse Tattoo Company

If you are looking for a simple design that’s not too fancy or complicated, then this is one of the best places in Atlanta to get a unique traditional tattoo. Apocalypse tattoo has been operating since 1999 while providing residents of Atlanta and beyond with premium tattoo services.

This brand’s commitment is to offer custom-designed services based on specific client needs. so, whatever your tattoo taste or preference is, you can rely on the Artists at this tattoo company to deliver.

Their goal is to give clients the best experience possible with outstanding tattoo design.
Generally, Apocalypse Tattoo studio usually encourages all body art lovers to choose to send their design requirements and they will be assigned the artist.

This is also important in giving them a preview of the budget and their placement in the studio.

Apocalypse Tattoo Company

Only You Tattoo

A first look at Only You Tattoo’s website shows a vibrant parlor with a touch of electric feel. This brand is committed to offering a high level of tattoo services and it’s open 7 days a week, just for your convenience.

It’s known to employ big city skills while offering its clients warm neighborhood feels.

The atmosphere is stylish, clean, and cozy. Additionally, every tool that comes in contact with your body has been sterilized, hence you are guaranteed safety.

Some of the popular tattoo designs offered here include tribal, stylish scripts, Japanese, geometric, and full-sleeve tattoos among others.

Only You Tattoo Atlanta

Live Free Tattoo

This is a classic traditional tattoo shop that’s designed with a modern approach. Since opening its doors to the public in 2012 in Grant Park’s neighborhood, this studio has grown to be one of the most sought-after shops in Atlanta. The fact that it’s surrounding by several small and community-based coffee shops, restaurants, and bars makes it ideal for privacy in a serene environment.

This studio’s mantra requires treating all clients with respect, regardless of appearance or age. The professional artists here will work with you to ensure that you get a tattoo design that fulfills your dreams. Everything regarding your creative vision will be brought to reality using clean and sterilized tools.

This is a place that effectively combines modern techniques with classic esthetics to ensure that your design is customized and unique. Live Free Tattoo is a shop that naturally evolves with the changing needs of clients and that’s why they are known to offer one of the most amazing body art services in Atlanta. Some of the design styles they specialize in include traditional and portraits tattoos.

Live Free Tattoo

Thinking about Getting a Tattoo?

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo but you don’t know where to start from? Well, you need to think or search for an idea that would be pleasing to have on your body for years to come. Finding something that will still be meaningful and treasurable to you and bring it to reality. So, how do you go about that?

Find and Establish a Style?

Well, you have to pick from the wide range of style options available. The best thing about most tattoo designs is that they usually fall under specific style categories. So, you can opt to pick from realistic, cartoon, tribal, traditional, and neo-traditional among others.

It’s also worth noting that not every tattoo artist will excel in all styles hence you have to find a studio with artists who excel in specific styles. If you are in Atlanta, the above-reviewed tattoo shops usually have more than one artist hence it’s quite easy to find something that matches your requirements.

But it’s important that you browse through different parlors and artists to find if what they offer and specialize in complements your needs.

Check the Tattoo Shop’s Portfolio

Atlanta is one of the cities with many tattoo parlors. For you to find the best studio and artist, you have to research your local tattoo shops.

Most of these studios have portfolios of their work available online. Check them out before you finally decide to settle down on one.

Check for Previous Customer Reviews and Recommendations

If you have friends who are tattoo lovers, you can request them for recommendations. Finding the best tattoo shops can sometimes happen through referrals. Take your time and go through the studios’ customer reviews to determine what customers are saying about them.

When analyzing customer reviews, always ensure that you pick brands with high ratings since they are more likely to have tattoo services that offer value for money.


Q: Can I Get a Tattoo While Breast-Feeding or Pregnant?

A: No. this isn’t recommended since there are high chances you might end up complicating your health as that of your little one.

Q: Should I Self-Medicate or Drink Before Getting Tattooed?

A: There is a lot that mentally and physically goes in during the tattooing process. this means that you need more focus and strength to handle your tattoo session. What you should know is that the body is the strongest when you are of sound mind, fit, and sober.

Q: What is the Tattoo Legislation in Atlanta?

A: For you to legally operate as a tattoo artist, you need to have a license from the health authority as per the Georgia Rules and Regulations of Body Art Studio. Professionals or people offering tattooing services without the recommended license are therefore practicing service delivery outside the law. For a customer, you need to ensure that the studio you are picking and its artists are all licensed.

Q: Is it Possible for Minors to Get Tattoos in Atlanta?

A. This is only allowed if the procedure is done under a licensed physician under the direct supervision of the guardian.

Q: How Much Will It Cost to Get a Tattoo in Atlanta?

A: Well, there isn’t a specific amount since different studios have different standard prices. It depends on the size of the design and that’s why some artists usually offer their services per hour. For starters, you will need between $75 to $250. But if you choose to work with a famous tattoo artist, you should be ready to pay $500 per hour.


Atlanta is one of the best places to get a tattoo. There are many tattoo studios with skilled artists. The professionals are specialized in different designs hence getting a tattoo that suits your needs and budget is possible.

The above-reviewed studios are among the best tattoo shops in Atlanta since they are known to offer high-quality services.