Best Tattoo Shops in Fort Lauderdale – Client Reviewed – Updated 2022

Find the best tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale. This southeastern Florida city is filled with art lovers. HCFL Tattoo – Borrowed Time Tattoo Studio.

This southeastern Florida city is filled with art lovers who won’t miss an opportunity to showcase their skin. So, besides the warm weather and hot vacation spots, Fort Lauderdale is also known for its vibrant art scene, including a thriving tattoo community.

It has some of the most sought-after tattoo parlors in the country that offer premium services at cost-effective prices. The many studios found here can make the selection process quite challenging.

However, you don’t have to go through the grueling search process since below is a review of the top-rated shops.

The Best Tattoo Shops in Fort Lauderdale

Based on professionalism, quality of service delivery, and type of tattoo designs, the best tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale include:

Black Rose Tattoo

There is something about Black Rose Tattoo shop that silently notates luxury and premium services. Its website’s black and white design will take you into the world of what experienced tattoo artists usually do. On the other hand, customer reviews show that once you get your first tattoo here, you are bound to come here a couple more times with friends.

The premier tattoo shop is located in Deerfield Beah, and it’s been an essential part of the thriving local tattoo community. It has earned a reputation among its clients for maintaining high-level service delivery based on professional standards.

Black Rose artists’ conduct and skill speak for themselves, and since 2010, this brand has grown significantly to meet different client needs.

The superior customer services, in addition to personalized consultations, are definitely what you need when choosing custom designs. This studio is known for its impressive and distinct tattoos that are usually bound to create a lifetime impression.

This licensed business makes several styles of visually appealing tattoos. You only have to highlight what you want and watch it come to reality.

black rose tattoo fort lauderdale

HCFL Tattoo

The Google business ratings, social media following, and previous customer reviews speak highly of this brand. HCFL lives up to its name ultimately. It’s popular with locals and visitors alike, and that’s why it’s been rated as one of the best tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale.

Founded in 2015 by Chris Nunez, this shop offers premium services ranging from partial to full-body custom tattoos. The parlor features four experienced and professional artists who are quick to bring your lovely ideas to a bright reality. HCFL specializes in all types of body art, including colored as well as black and grey tattoos.

HCFL Tattoo

Borrowed Time Tattoo Studio

Borrowed Time Tattoo Studio is open Monday Sunday, so you have no excuse not to check them out. This is one of the best tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale, with an extensive artist portfolio. There are a total of 8 in-house artists who specialize in different tattoo styles.

Most of these artists have amassed years of experience, and they work as a team to ensure that your ideas become a reality. They specialize in a wide range of designs, including blackwork, neo-traditional, traditional, realism, dot work, and geometrical.

The award-winning studio with world-class artists is on a mission to produce excellent artwork. The artists here pride themselves in creating design styles that reflect their passion, expertise, dedication to the industry, and personal goals. Borrowed Time Tattoo will always listen to your vision and create the perfect design that complements your needs.

It should be noted that this brand is sponsored by Allegory Lining and Shading Ink, Saniderm, and After Inked.

Borrowed Time Tattoo Studio

Stefanos Tattoo Studio – FL

Stefano’s Tattoo Studio is more like a family business. The owners, cousins, and artists Stefano Alcantara and Bror Wensjoe decided to open their tattoo shop several years ago. It has rapidly grown to become one of the best tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale.

Officially opened in 2015, Stefano’s Tattoo Studio prides itself on meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations. This studio strives to do custom work by effectively turning the client’s idea into the perfect creative design by creating a body of work that they will love to carry around for life.

The certified and professional artists who run a licensed business specialize in all types of tattoos, including neotraditional, blackwork, linework, flowers, black and grey realism, American traditional, and new-school, among others.

This studio has loyal clients in Fort Lauderdale and the whole of Florida state and other states. Visiting the studio will expose you to the artists’ original paintings. The environment itself is clean, neat, professional, and welcoming.

So, you will get a sense of comfort and privacy once you get in for a session.

Stefanos Tattoo Studio

Vatican Tattoo Delray

No one does it better in Fort Lauderdale other than Vatican Tattoo Delray. While this brand’s goal is to stick to business, i.e., offering tattoo services, it’s also into charity, and that’s while it takes part in several charitable partnerships.

This studio’s Instagram profile is a perfect representation of what it does best. This is to offer accurate tattooing services with integrity. The designs are built to last. Since opening its doors in 2007, this studio has continuously attracted locals and visitors thanks to its No Mess No Fuss business policy. You are allowed to come in and enjoy yourself.

Its website highlights a serious business with a sense of carefreeness. Well, Vatican is transparent in creating a clean and friendly atmosphere with a creative sense of art design. This is an upscale tattoo studio with a din art gallery.

This is perfect for triggering a sense of creativity in the artists while giving clients different sources of inspiration. Its atmosphere is quite relaxed and laid-back, making it ideal for visitors and beginners who are just getting ink for the first time.

The artists specialize in various styles, including colorwork, traditional American, traditional Japanese, and black and gray realism, among others.

Vatican Tattoo Delray fort Lauderdale

Rock and Roll Tattoo

Although Rock n’ Roll is relatively new the Fort Lauderdale’s tattoo industry, it’s a game-changer that has quickly accumulated a loyal number of clients. Established in 2017, this top-rated studio specializes in custom tattoos in addition to other body art styles such as laser removal and piercings.

Pablo Zuazo, the founder of this studio, has a team of professional and experienced artsiest who provide the perfect body art on your skin. The team is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate body experience in addition to proper aftercare instructions.

It should be noted that this brand offers removal requirements. The studio features a clean and welcoming environment that makes you feel relaxed. The parlor’s specialization areas include Tiger, New School, Lettering, Natural, Script, Tribal, Asian, Wildlife, Memorial, Realism, Black and Grey, Flower, Geometric, Portrait, and Space Tattoos, among others.

Note: Rock n’ Roll also offers quality laser tattoo removal services for unwanted tattoos. So, if you are no longer comfortable with your inking, you can completely remove it.

Rock and Roll Tattoo

Tattoo Blues

Tattoo Blues has been serving clients in Fort Lauderdale’s tattoo industry for decades. For 30 years, this studio has been serving locals and visitors alike for over 30 years. This studio takes pride in providing customized ranging from small to large tattoos.

Everything is created as a masterpiece to ensure that you carry a lifelong inking with high precision on the skin.

The brand offers several tattoo styles, including black and gray, lettering, biochemical, anatomical, realism, and tribal designs. Tattoo Blues also works on portraits as well as full-body Japanese designs. This studio has hardworking artists, and you can therefore request custom tattoos right on the spot. The best thing about working with this brand is that all artists are trained in safe and effective tattooing, and your safety is guaranteed.

Tattoo Blues Fort Lauderdale

Electric Street Tattoo

It’s categorized as South Florida’s finest tattoo shop, and Electric Street Tattoo shop perfectly lives to its reputation. Once you step into this studio, you will be amazed by the traditional esthetics that makes it warm. Each client is treated professionally, and services are personalized to ensure that you get what you are looking for.

This is an entirely artist-based business that’s owned and operated by experienced professionals. They believe in their blood and sweat, and most of their greatness is attributed to the work that they put in. these artists are passionate about tattooing.

Every drop of ink is simply an expression and continuation of what they have been doing for years.

This parlor has 6 artists, and they frequently bring guest artists to blend their services. Josh Calavera, the owner of this studio, has 20 years of tattooing experience. He works with his teammates to design a wide range of tattoo styles, including American tribal styles, geometric, Japanese, and Polynesian. They also offer full color in addition to black and grey tattoo services.

Your safety is guaranteed since Electric Street Tattoo operates in a safe and clean environment. Besides that, it also adheres to the stipulated safety and health guidelines. So, as a client, you will have the best experience in their hands.

Electric Street Tattoo fort lauderdale

Babylon Tattoo Shop

It’s one of the oldest and best-known tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale. Babylon Tattoo and Body Piercing has served the local community for years, and that’s the reason it continues to attract clients even out of state. It has been consistently providing clients with top-rated tattoo work for over 20 years.

Its artists strive to maintain a reputation by working with every client on their terms. As a result, they continue to produce bright and precise ink designs using sterilized tools and safe environments. This brand’s mission is always to pay attention to detail. They have consistently seen a high percentage of their clients return and even advocate for their services among other people through their dedication.

Babylon tattoo shop offers several styles of tattoo designs thanks to their skilled artists. This includes a new school, tribal, Japanese, traditional American, portraiture, lettering, and realism.

All the artists here are proficient in color and black and grey tattoos, and there is a wide array of colors for you to choose from.

Overall, the artists use the brightest, most effective, and long-lasting ink alongside single-use needles for each tattoo they render.

babylon tattoo shop fort lauderdale

How the Top Tattoo Shops Were Pick

Fort Lauderdale has many tattoo shops. For a newbie, this can make the selection prices quite challenging. However, once you know a few core factors, it will become easier for you to choose a tattoo that suits your needs. some of the factors we considered when selecting these top-rated tattoo shops include:


There are tattoo shops that treat clients like family. But on top of this familial layer should be professionalism. How do they sound when they pick your call or respond to your email? Are they interested, and do they reply on time?

What happens when you get into the tattoo shop? Is there someone to guide and assist you? The best thing about the aforementioned brand is everything, and everyone is taken seriously. The artists will listen to your requirements and concerns before they advise you on the next steps.


Getting your body inked requires the ultimate level of cleanliness. All the tools used should be sterilized and treated, just like what happens when you walk into a dentist’s office. Take note that the tubes and needles need to be medical-grade and disposable after a single-use. Reusable tools should be kept fresh and routinely tested to ensure that they are functional.

The best tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale have implemented all this to guarantee their client’s safety.

License and Certifications

All legal tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale are licensed and comply with the local health and safety guidelines. Those that are top-performers have also received accolades by shining through their accomplishments.

Take your time to research a studio’s background, its artists, and whether it complies with the local governing laws.


Q. What’s the Cost of Tattoo in Fort Lauderdale?

A. The cost generally varies, depending on the size of the tattoo as well as the artists. Some artists usually charge per hour for the services rendered. On the other hand, some charge depending on the size of the tattoo. That’s why you can find a tiny tattoo that costs as little as $100 on the lower end and as much as $4,000 on the higher end.

Q. What’s the Age Limit of Getting a Tattoo in Fort Lauderdale?

A. Fort Lauderdale’s tattoo laws are based on Florida’s state tattoo laws. Anyone can get a tattoo here as long as they are 18 years and older. However, those younger than 18 years can still get them as long as they have a notarized consent form signed by a parent or a legal guardian.

Q. How Do I Know if a Tattoo Parlor is Legitimate in Fort Lauderdale?

A. Well, all forms of tattooing services require licensure in Fort Lauderdale and Florida at, you need to ensure that the artists are licensed and that the business has the appropriate business documents from the local health department.

Q. What are some of the Things to Consider When Choosing a Tattoo Artist?

A. You need to ensure that they have a reputable and verified business entity. It would help if you inspected the premises for cleanliness, professionalism, and an element of privacy for customized services. You should consider reading previous customer reviews and checking the artist’s portfolio to determine if they can match your style.

Q. How Should I Prepare for Tattoo Appointment?

A. Ensure that you are well-hydrated, have eaten, and are well-rested. This is important for both your mental and physical wellness and ensuring that your body can effectively deal with the effects of the session.

The Bottom Line

From Babylon Tattoo, Tattoo Blues, to Vatican Tattoo Delray to Stefano’s Tattoo Studio, there are many tattoo parlors that you can choose from if you are in Fort Lauderdale. The above-reviewed studios are among the best tattoo shops in Fort Lauderdale.

They have a history of delighting their customers, have experience in tattooing, and clients are guaranteed professionalism. They operate their business in legal and approved premises with the right qualifications.

Depending on your needs and budgets, you can always be sure of getting a tattoo shop with an artist who can cater to your needs.