Best Tattoo Shops In Las Vegas – Client Reviews – Updated 2022

Find tattoo shops in Las Vegas. Many Vegas tattoo shops can be found in The Strip and the Downtown area. Club Tattoo, Basilica Tattoo, and more.

Are you looking to visit Las Vegas on your next weekend vacation? Planning to visit one of Vegas’ tattoo shops to get your new ink? Check out these Casino tattoo Ideas.

Las Vegas has always been the go-to destination for thrill-seekers looking for fun. Famous for its clubs and casinos, Las Vegas coined the nickname Sin City. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, Las Vegas turned from a neon city into a ghost town.

As the vaccine becomes more accessible to the public, many tourist destinations are beginning to reopen. Most fan-favorite buffets, casinos, and hotels are open again with some restrictions. If this is your first trip after quarantine, there’s no better place to enjoy than Vegas.

So, why not celebrate the occasion with a new tattoo? This article covers some of the most popular tattoo parlors in Las Vegas. Read on to discover the best shops to get your latest tattoo design.

Tattoo Shops In Las Vegas

1. Club Tattoo

Club Tattoo has been in business for over 20 years and continues to go strong as one of Vegas’ best tattoo shops. Home to some of the best tattoo artists in the industry. Clients flood in and out thanks to their world-class popularity and quality tattoos.

Aside from quality ink, Club tattoo also offers body piercings. You can even shop for apparel and unique body jewelry designs.

Because Club Tattoo is a busy studio, you may need to book an appointment before you can visit. Club Tattoo does allow walk-ins. However, we still recommend calling beforehand to see if they have an available slot.

If you do decide to book an appointment, expect to pay a non-refundable deposit. This secures your spot, and all you have to do is wait for customer service to call in. While the hassle may disenchant an enthusiastic tattoo collector, it’s all worth it.

Club Tattoo’s customer service is more than willing to help you bring your vision to life. The sky’s the limit at Club Tattoo as the artists cover all tattoo styles under the sun. The styles range from watercolor, American-traditional, to neo-traditional tattoos.

Want to get a true token of your Vegas trip? Ask your artist for a Vegas-inspired art of casino cards and chips.

One of the best things about Club Tattoo is that they make tattoo design planning so much more fun. Their patented Interactive Tattoo™ touch screens help clients bring their ideas to life.

If this is your first Vegas ink, you can’t go wrong with Club Tattoo

Club Tattoo - tattoo shops in las vegas

Club Tattoo - tattoo shops in las vegas

2. Basilica Tattoo

Basilica Tattoo carries world-famous tattoo artists with some names that you may recognize. You may know award-winner Vic Vivid and Hiram Casas. You may even get your ink from Jose Carlos, Jose Fernandez, and Dayan Rodriguez.

The tattoo artists in Basilica Tattoo specialize in both color and black-and-grey realism. There is, however, the exception of Masu, a former graphic designer who brings a unique style to the table. Aside from smooth and realistic tattoos, her portfolio also features some neo-traditional pieces.

Established in 2016, Basilica Tattoo is one of the younger tattoo parlors in Sin City. Vic Vivid wanted to open a tattoo shop where he could give clients a unique and memorable experience. This is evident in their ambiance, with gold on black embellishments around the establishment.

Do you want to get inked at Basilica Tattoo? Basilica Tattoo is always open to appointments from Wednesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. Booking an appointment is easy, thanks to the contact form on their website.

All you need to do is list personal details and what you want from your tattoo. Depending on your desired piece, you can even choose an artist or have the best one picked for you.

Basilica Tattoo Las Vegas Tattoo Shops

Basilica Tattoo Las Vegas Tattoo Shops

3. Revolt Tattoo

Are you familiar with the show Ink Masters? Ink Master debuted in 2012 as a reality competition show for the best tattoo artists in the country. Artists compete for the title of Ink Master and a feature cover on the Inked Magazine.

If you’re a huge fan of the show, you may recognize artists Walter ‘Sausage’ Frank and Joey Hamilton. These two famous tattoo artists found Revolt Tattoo together in 2014. Revolt Tattoo is the best tattoo parlor for the rebellious soul.

If you’re looking to get a statement piece, Revolt Tattoo is the place to go. This tattoo parlor embraces the ideas and desires of the clients while seeking innovation. You’ll find a variety of tattoo styles to choose from and a diverse team of tattoo artists.

Revolt’s tattoo designs range from realism, colored, high-end portraits and floral tattoos. Revolt Tattoo is also the go-to tattoo shop for celebrities looking to touch up their current ink. This tattoo shop has two locations in Las Vegas in the Meadows Mall and the Fashion Show Mall.

Do you wish to join the Revolt? Visit Revolt Tattoo’s artists booking form and choose the location you wish to visit. From there, fill out your information and describe the tattoo you have in mind.

#InkMaster stars Joey Hamilton & Walter ‘Sausage’ Frank

Revolt Tattoo Las Vegas - best tattoo shops in las vegas

Revolt Tattoo Las Vegas - best tattoo shops in las vegas

Revolt Tattoo Las Vegas - best tattoo shops in las vegas

4. Downtown Tattoo

Are you looking for an American-traditional tattoo? Have you yet to decide on a final design for a tattoo while you’re in Vegas? If so, there’s no better place to go than Downtown.

You can find Downtown Tattoo in the historical Freemont Street. Featuring old-timey charm, Downtown Tattoo features a classic parlor tattoo shop from straight out of a Hollywood film. If you’re a huge fan of the Coney Island era, this tattoo parlor is sure to bring out the geek in you.

Did you know that clients elected Downtown Tattoo as the best tattoo shop every year since its opening? First established in 2008, artists have over 35 years’ worth of collective experience. Under their roster, there’s Buddy Holiday, Ryan Philips, Amanda Bonhomme, and more!

Inside the parlor, you’ll find tons of inspiration on the walls with all kinds of styles. Aside from American-traditional, Downtown Tattoo also specializes in lettering, black-and-grey work, and Japanese. Downtown Tattoo is open every day starting at 12 pm.

If you find yourself in Freemont street, drop by Downtown Tattoo for a walk-in appointment. You’re sure to enjoy the laid-back ambiance and friendly and professional service.

Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas

Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas

5. Beneath The Surface Tattoos

Are you looking for something completely new and different? Beneath the Surface specialized in putting out custom and exclusive ink. This small custom tattoo shop first opened in 2015 and has been highly recommended since.

Beneath the Surface Tattoos specializes in black-and-white tattoos, including custom lettering and portraits. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, you can rest easy at BTS. Beneath the Surface maximizes the consultation period to talk in-depth with their client to fulfill their vision.

One of the most common feedback you’ll hear from clients is how friendly the staff is. With a team of five tattoo artists and the occasional guest artist, BTS aims to provide a calm experience. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth vibe amidst the parties in Sin City, Beneath the Surface is where you want to be.

All tattoo artists at this small tattoo parlor have professional licenses. While Beneath the Surface does welcome walk-ins, it’s much better to book an appointment beforehand.

Beneath the Surface Tattoos Las Vegas

Beneath the Surface Tattoos Las Vegas

6. Dotty Ginger

Dotty Ginger is one of the most dedicated tattoo artists you’ll find in Las Vegas. She has a degree in art studies, and according to her website, is still going. She’s also been 3D modeling jewelry with over six years of experience.

This tattoo shop combines traditional and digital mediums to produce sketches for their clients. Dotty Ginger specializes in applications like Photoshop, Procreate, Rhinoceros, and Illustrator. If you’re looking for a contemporary art style, we definitely recommend Dotty Ginger.

The Instagram page features pop-art ink and unique realistic animal portraits. Tattoo enthusiasts looking to get a big piece may even get a discount. However, if you’re looking for lettering, tribal, or geometry, it’s best to visit a different tattoo parlor.

Dotty Ginger mentions on her website’s FAQ that she only does what she specializes in. She prioritizes an individual approach so she can give her clients a tattoo they’d love.

You can book a tattoo appointment on her website by filling out the pre-registration form. You can expect a response in 24 to 72 hours to discuss the details of your tattoo.

Dotty Ginger Tattoos Las Vegas

Dotty Ginger Tattoos Las Vegas

7. Inner Visions Tattoo

Do you have a specific tattoo design that you want to get inked? If you’re in the strip, consider visiting Inner Visions tattoo to bring your ideas and desires to life. Owner of Inner Visions, Joe Riley, prides his custom tattoo shop on integrity.

Inner Visions specializes in unique tattoos so that no two pieces of ink are the same. Joe Riley himself is a famous tattoo artist who boasts the title of the Best Las Vegas Tattoo Artist. His style is diverse, but he specializes in large-scale tattoos and biomechanical.

With his astounding skill, talent, and work ethic, it’s no surprise that Joe Riley comes out as one of the world’s most famous tattoo artists. Joe Riley handpicks his own artists to provide the best products for their clients. He does not only focus on their inking skills but all artistic capability outside of tattoos.

As a tattoo shop with a culture focused on art, Inner Visions puts 110% into each tattoo. As a result, every client receives the highest level of care and respect. If you enjoy your visit to Inner Visions, you can even get a smaller token like artwork, coffee cups, and clothing.

Inner Visions is open to all, including local followers and tourists looking for new ink. Inside the parlor, you can enjoy an edgy but down-to-earth ambiance. Artists have their canvas paintings posted on the wall for clients to enjoy.

If you’re looking to get your next ink at Inner Visions, you can visit their website to book an appointment. Inner Visions usually replies within the hour.

@joeriley ready to do some big things at inner visions tattoo. Check out his work and see what he can do for you.

Inner Visions Tattoo

Inner Visions Tattoo - best tattoo shops in las vegas

8. Sleeping Tiger Tattoos

Have you come to Las Vegas all the way from Hollywood, Los Angeles? You may be itching to get an inked piece of your favorite pop culture references in cartoons. If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to visit Sleeping Tiger Tattoos in Las Vegas.

Sleeping Tiger Tattoos boasts a talented team of tattoo artists with vast artistic talent and skill. Walk-in appointments are more than welcome at the Sleeping Tiger. If you’re at the strip, get that impulsive tattoo idea with your best friend.

As seen on their Instagram, Sleeping Tiger boasts tattoo pieces that you’ll be proud to bring home. You can get vibrant and clean pieces added to your tattoo collection. Clients and tattoo enthusiasts are sure to feel right at home when visiting the Sleeping Tiger.

Walk-Ins Welcome – @willycutliptattoo @missladylucktattoo@brandoche_tattoos @nickaffairart @kdktattoos @trev.dunc88

  • Website: 
  • Address: 5752 S Fort Apache Rd Unit 147 Las Vegas
  • Phone: 1-702-462-2331
  • Social:  FacebookInstagram

Sleeping Tiger Tattoos

Sleeping Tiger Tattoos

9. Studio 21 Tattoos

Are you looking to get a smaller and more intricate piece done? Do you have a micro tattoo design in mind? Studio 21 is the place to go if you’re looking for great detail packed into a small tattoo.

Studio 21 Tattoo is the first family-owned business on this list. The Spencers opened Studio 21 Tattoo in 2003 and has been a strong competitor in Las Vegas since. You may recognize award-winning tattoo artist Austin Spencer, among many other great artists.

Studio 21 Tattoo has featured in various magazines like Racket, Las Vegas Life, and even the aforementioned Inked magazine. Charlie Spencer, Austin’s dad, has been tattooing since 1999. He specializes in traditional pieces that are sure to capture the hearts of any tattoo lover.

Studio 21 Tattoo aims to produce fun tattoos that clients can wear with pride. If you’re a huge fan of pop culture tattoos, Studio 21 Tattoo has got you covered. You can get Pokemon characters to anime creatures and more!

Studio 21 Tattoo does not currently accept walk-ins. However, you can make an appointment and most likely get your ink on the same day. If not, Studio 21 Tattoo is sure to make room for you the next morning.

If you have low pain tolerance, Studio 21 goes to great lengths to care for its clients. Artists are happy to address your concerns and answer your questions.

Studio 21 Tattoos - las Vegas tattoo Shops

Studio 21 Tattoos - las Vegas tattoo Shops

10. Last Chance Tattoo

Do you love tattoos with clean and bold lines? Are you looking for authentic designs that combine color and traditional styles? Last Chance Tattoo Studio and Shop is one of the most popular tattoo parlors in Vegas for this reason.

Last Chance Tattoo carries some of the most talented award-winning tattoo artists. The artists boast a diverse skillset, so you can get almost any tattoo you want. Meet artists like TJ Denton, Rylee Coyote, and Bradley Pauley with over 20 years of collective experience.

Bradley Pauley opened Last Chance Tattoo Studio and Shop in 2014. Last Chance Tattoo puts careful love and cares into every client and their tattoos. Artists are patient, communicative, and offer plenty of advice for aftercare.

@bradleypauley – @ryleecoyote – @frankbobtattoo – @chris.gasca – @joshwilcox – @joeyanderson_tattoo –

Last Chance Tattoo

Last Chance Tattoo

11. Skin Design Tattoo Ink

Skin Design Tattoo Ink is another top-rated tattoo parlor in Las Vegas, and for a good reason. They are well-known around the world as a purveyor of high-quality tattoos. You may have seen this tattoo studio and shop featured in your favorite magazines.

If you’re looking for black-and-grey, custom lettering and script, Skin Design is the place to be.

Skin Design has several locations across the United States. Skin Design also has two locations in Las Vegas, one in Caesars Palace and the other at the Center at Spring Mountain.

Owner Robert Pho is an advocate for the tattoo industry with a huge love for ink. Robert Pho became a voice for all tattoo artists. By fighting discrimination, he was able to establish tattoos as part of an important and legitimate culture.

Thanks to Robert Pho, many tattoo artists have found their home in Skin Design doing what they love. In Las Vegas, you can meet Angel Antunez, Cat Castro, Jake Engersoll, and Clause Estrada. His team features talented artists with diverse styles.

If you’re looking for Japanese, photorealism, or Polynesian tattoos, Skin Design can make that idea come true. You can also get cover-ups and laser removal for your more regrettable tattoo choices.

Skin Design also specializes in color realism and cover-up tattoos.

Skin Design Tattoo is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. You can also get an online consultation or booking through their website or number.

Caesars Palace Location NOW OPEN

Skin Design Tattoo Ink

Skin Design Tattoo Ink

12. Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor

The Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor is another popular location in Las Vegas for tourists and locals alike looking for their next ink. Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor entered the Las Vegas tattoo scene in 2013. It’s located only a few minutes from the strip, so you don’t have to wander too far.

Since its opening, Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor has established a reputation and legacy. Their level of artistry wishes to tell the tale of the past, present, and future of the tattoo shop. The artists at Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor are loyal to ideals of hard work and ambition.

These dedicated artists take the time to communicate and construct designs that would make clients happy. Because of this work ethic and culture, it’s no surprise how Broken Dagger became a fan favorite. This tattoo parlor is also famous across all the states and even worldwide.

Broken Dagger covers almost every major artistic style and everything in between. Are you looking for a traditional piece or a unique neo-traditional artwork? Whatever it is, Broken Dagger is sure to deliver your ideas.

Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor has eight artists on the team. You may recognize names like Leah Westerlund, Jessi Reyes, and Vito Russo. Walk-in appointments at Broken Dagger are welcome. However, it’s best to book a session by appointment.

Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor

Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor
13. Black Spade Tattoo

Are you getting your retail therapy in Downtown Container Park? This premier shopping and entertainment district is also home to one of the best tattoo parlors in Las Vegas. You may recognize Black Spade Tattoo right away, thanks to their shop exterior.

The tattoo parlor itself looks like a shipping container with dark exteriors. You can walk into its train-like architecture and find some of the best tattoo artists in Vegas. Black Spade Tattoo has a diverse team of artists with an equally diverse set of skills.

You can get anything from a 1×1 micro-realism tattoo to a full-body suit. One of Black Spade Tattoo’s specialties that helps it stand out is Permanent Makeup. Black Spade helps its clients achieve the eyebrows of their dreams with eyebrow tattooing.

You may also recognize King Ruck, who also features in Ink Masters Season 4. King Ruck himself specializes in grey work, color, and semi-realism.

To check on available slots and booking, you can visit the Black Spade Tattoo website. If you’re a tourist looking to get a tattoo done at the Black Spade, ensure to inform customer service. This allows the tattoo parlor to allocate enough time to help you plan the tattoo.

Black Spade Tattoo

Black Spade Tattoo

Black Spade Tattoo

14. Rockin Ink Tattoo

What better way to end a night of intense fun and partying in Vegas than with a tattoo? A fellow tattoo-loving local may tell you tales of getting a midnight tattoo at the Rockin Ink studio. This tattoo shop in Vegas offers unparalleled professionalism, craftsmanship, and creativity.

Rockin Ink aims to give clients high-quality work and help them feel at home. Rockin Ink is one of the only tattoo parlors in Las Vegas that is open 24 hours a day on all seven days of the week.

They also boast some of the most vibrant colored tattoos and black-and-grey pieces with deep contrasts. Walk-ins are available, and you can also book an appointment on the Rockin Ink website.

Rockin Ink specializes in mandalas, dot work, and neo-traditional.

Rockin Ink Tattoo Las Vegas

Rockin Ink Tattoo Las Vegas

15. Hart and Huntington Tattoo Las Vegas

There is no doubt that Carey Hart is one of the most famous faces behind Hart and Huntington Tattoo Las Vegas. A former freestyle motocross champion opened this Las Vegas tattoo studio in 2004. Since then, he has inked thousands of clients with his team of passionate and dedicated artists. There are six artists in the team, whose skills and specialties range from hyperrealism to pet portraits, as well as boldly colored traditional styles.

It is always our goal to create the highest quality work to capture a moment in time, pay tribute to a loved one, or to simply add to your collection of artwork. Located at Caesar’s Palace’s Forum Shops, the studio is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, seven days a week.

Hart and Huntington Tattoo Las Vegas

16. Iron Horse Tattoos & Piercings

Visit Iron Horse Tattoos & Piercings (IHT) in order to escape the chaos of The Strip. In 1993, founder Tony Otto borrowed his girlfriend’s tattoo gun to tattoo himself for the first time. As a result, he progressed from an apprentice to a fully qualified tattoo artist before founding IHT in 2000, becoming the 21st licensed tattoo shop in Las Vegas.

His shop is staffed with a number of artists, including himself, Eddie Frank, who has been there since it opened, and Chris Ciconga, who is known for his modern style. In addition, Yuba Ones specializes in black and gray work, Marina Dixon enjoys dark and macabre designs, and Allie Otto loves cartoons and fine line ink and is the resident body piercer.

Walk-in’s Welcome

  • Website: 
  • Address: 700 E Naples Dr Ste 106 Las Vegas, NV 89119 United States
  • Phone: 702-866-6300
  • Social:  FacebookInstagram

Iron Horse Tattoos & Piercings

17. Revolution Tattoo Las Vegas

Two locations are available for Revolution Tattoo Las Vegas – one is located just a short distance from The Strip, and the other is located along W Saraha Avenue. Throughout both venues, the staff is dedicated to providing high-quality custom artistry and ensuring that every customer walks out with the best artwork possible.

Guests are welcome to walk-in, but appointments are also available to reserve a specific appointment time. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of styles, such as Japanese, color realism, horror, and gray work. His passion for large-scale designs in vibrant colors is particularly evident in the work of Manny, the owner, a native Cuban.

Revolution Tattoo Las Vegas

Visit the Best Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas Near You Today

Here are our top picks for the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas. Whether you’re a local or a tourist stopping by, these tattoo parlors in Sin City that are usually open 24 hours are sure to please the need for ink. If you’re visiting, why not end the party by taking home an ink piece from one of these tattoo parlors.

Each of these tattoo shops offers great service and clean and sanitary locations. If you ever feel the need to get inked while in Vegas, remember this guide to know which shops to visit.

Are you a tattoo enthusiast with a love for ink? World Tattoo Portal has everything you need to know about the best tattoo shops and ideas. Check out our latest posts on some thigh tattoo ideas.

It is said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, isn’t it? That is, unless you decide to have some ink done while in town, in which case you will have a lasting tribute to your stay in Sin City! No matter if you are considering your first tattoo or adding to an existing body of work, there are many excellent tattoo shops in Las Vegas to choose from.

There are also numerous award-winning and passionate artists in the city who can work with you to design your dream piece, which you will wear forever with pride. Many studios welcome walk-ins, however, if you intend to visit or want to see a particular artist, it is preferable to schedule an appointment in advance.