Best Tattoo Shops in Los Angeles – Your Ultimate Guide

Los Angeles tattoo shops, the best places to get your new ink in LA. Generation8Tattoo, Broken Art Tattoo, Mohave Creative Tattoo Shop.

Los Angeles is where the creative side of people goes into hyperdrive. Home to grease and the Glam rock movement Los Angeles has always been iconic. And a huge part of its culture has tattoos. Viewed as a form of expression a tattoo is your idea of expressing through your body.

Los Angeles Tattoo Shops

Our bodies are mediums of communication so there is no surprise that some people believe that the human body is a canvas. The ink is their way of saying what things mean to them.

With tattoos gaining more public acceptance than ever if you have been planning to get one here are some of the best ones in LA.

Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing – Los Angeles Tattoo Shops

With 30 years of experience in Hollywood, this is a place that has seen it all and done it all too. Located in a posh area that receives celebrity clientele on the regular, they made a name for themselves for delivering every time.

But that does not mean that you need to be a high-flying baller to get a tattoo here. The staff is very grounded and the pricing is also modest. Their goal has been to make tattoos more accessible to everyone while not compromising on quality at all.

On top of custom tats, they will be willing to cover up any old tattoo or fix it up too. The creativity here is off the charts and you can get anything you want.

“By appointment only till further notice. No walk-ins, please. Email or call 323-954-0408 to schedule. “

Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing - Los Angeles tattoo shops

Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing - Los Angeles tattoo shops


One of the newer players in LA that earned a rep for itself with their hard work and contemporary designs, it is a great tattoo parlor for people looking for modern designs. The mix of affordable services and great new-age designs makes it perfect for quirky designs that may not be every traditional artist’s cup of tea.

They specialize in color tattoos and most of the people here have decades of experience in the field. Recently they have become popular amongst people for offering scar cover-ups. The team there can transform your scar into a piece of art and help you feel better about it too.

The tattoo shop also uses the finest inks and needles available in the market and is known for delivering great quality tattoos that do not cost a lot. Generation8Tattoo accepts walk-ins and has a free consultation for both tattoo designs and piercings.




American Electric Tattoo

Founded in 1999 by Craig Jackman the shop has been famous ever since it started operations. It has constantly been one of the best-rated tattoo parlors in the city and is more than capable of handling your ink needs.

They mostly do customized tattoos so you are guaranteed to get a tattoo that is truly yours and unique. The individual’s working there have a long history of excellence in the ways of the ink and will be more than happy to give you a great piece.

Located on Sunset Boulevard, it is one of the few household names in the city. As soon as you enter the place you will be able to see why they are so well respected in the scene. Not only that when you book an appointment you can also choose the artist that you want to work with.

American Electric Tattoo

American Electric Tattoo

Black Tower Tattoo

One of the hottest tattoo shops in LA that has been constantly pumping out good work is also one of the cleanest. It focuses more on modern designs and also delves into abstracts.

Known for its hyperrealistic portraits and humanoid work, the shop closes the gap between tattoos and paintings. Each work is carefully articulated and meticulously done so that the customer can get a great piece that will stand the test of time.

Its studio has been approved by the Los Angeles Health Department, which means it is one of the cleanest studios in the business. People with OCD can finally put their minds at ease in this place,

They also happen to be the only shop in the area that uses vegan ink. If you are looking for a classically inspired tattoo with some modern twists this should be your go-to place.

 Black Tower Tattoo Studio

Broken Art Tattoo

If traditional tattoos and nature inspire you then this is the shop for you. Specializing in combining animal elements with traditional designs you can get a great tattoo from here at a great price. It has some of the cleanest studios in the city and the artists are well versed in their craft.

They will take the time to get the design right and have something personalized just for you. Their artists mostly get it right the first time around but are flexible enough to make changes to it.

The staff is more than willing to discuss designs with you but also suggest what would work for you. They take their time but make sure you get a tattoo that you will be happy with. The vibes of the shop are immaculate and people looking to get something offbeat are going to love it here.

Broken Art Tattoo - best tattoo Shops in LA

 Shamrock Social Club

Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club, Hollywood’s tattoo studio where the elite and the underground meet.

Mark Mahoney may be known as the tattoo artist of choice for countless A-listers (David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, and Lady Gaga are frequent clients), but he’s also the man who runs the famous Shamrock in WeHo.

Not only is it where black-and-gray, “single-needle” work was popularized, but it’s also where some of your favorite Instagram-famous artists, like Dr. Woo, got their start.

Shamrock Social Club

Shamrock Social Club

Mohave Creative Tattoo Shop

Johnny Ocean, one of the most famous LA-based tattoo artists, owns the Mohave Creative Tattoo Shop that makes some surreal art pieces. Known for its intricate designs and surrealistic portrayal of things it is a great place for anyone looking for tattoos.

Equipped with the best tech and equally creative minds they are a shop that no one can overlook. Fluent in both simple and complicated designs the artists will help you bring your creative vision to life.

No matter what the design may be, the fine folks here will ink that on you and make it look good too. They have been in the business for a long time and are more than capable of handling anything that you can come up with.


Mohave Creative Tattoo Shop

Mohave Creative Tattoo Shop

Mohave Creative Tattoo Shop

Studio City Tattoo

Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing. Voted one of LA’s best & award-winning tattooing shops, also offering gold jewelry ear piercing.

Studio City Tattoo was born from Sunset Strip Tattoo when Rockwood Ric left to open SCT. Rockwood had a large celebrity and rock n roll clientele, with Rockwood’s success he decides to buy a house and shop on the Big Island Hawaii and can be found there tattooing today at Big Island Tattoo.

Operational since 1992 this is not just any other tattoo shop, it is part of the city’s history now. Best known for their unique fusion of various art styles, this is a very versatile parlor that keeps up to date with modern styles as they come and go.

Their adaptability has helped them build a reputation in the city for giving people great ink pieces. Not only that one can get a tattoo here for not a lot of dough. They also have body piercing services which are some of the best in the area.

Studio City Tattoo’s veteran tattoo artists are picked for skill and good character. We can create custom artwork or bring your best tattoo designs to life.

Studio City Tattoo

Studio City Tattoo

Honorable Society

As we said some tattoos are now closer to paintings than they are to tattoos. The people at Honorable Society push this notion to the limit and offer tattoos that look like hyper-realistic water paintings. Whether it be a minimal design or an intricate one they are known for delivering quality and work till you are happy with your ink piece.

Fine linework and Japanese tattoos are some of the things that you could go for. Some minimalist art and watercolor tattoos are also something that the artists are great at. No matter what tattoo you choose you will walk out with a great piece for sure.

They pride themselves on being able to match an artist to a customer with the appropriate skill set — American traditional, realism, Japanese, neo-traditional, Thai traditional, illustrative, watercolor, fine line, minimalism, Chicano, traditional blackwork.

Do you guys welcome walk-ins and what is the shop minimum?

We are presently operating as appointment only, however, same-day appointments are often available. Our shop minimum is $150.

The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlour & Lounge

The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlour & Lounge

Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor

Owned and run by Bob Vessels, one of the legendary tattoo artists in the city, this is a great place to get traditional designs. On top of that, you can get American vintage designs here in their full glory.

They have been serving the people since 1995 and have constantly reinvented their styling as times have changed. Their style may have been modified since the 90s but they are great at American vintage tattoos that have stood the test of time.


There is a Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor in Dallas too and all the resident artists are very talented. On more than one occasion they have had award-winning tattoo artists at their shops.

Since 1995, Highland Park’s ORIGINAL Tattoo Parlor, We Specialize in Traditional Americana Tattooing. They have artist that specializes in, Chicano, blackwork, portraits, Japanese, full color, fantasy, really anything you can think of.

vintage tattoo art parlor los angeles ca

vintage tattoo art parlor los angeles ca

When deciding on a tattoo shop it is best that you pick a piece and go to a parlor that is an expert in your stylistic choices. Since you are in LA you will find all types of artists specializing in different things.

Hygiene is another factor that you should consider while finalizing a studio. A ‘spick n span’ parlor means that the risk of infection is minimized. If you go to a place and find it dingy or unhygienic then it is best to not go there again.

LA has a lot of tattoo shops but the few mentioned above are some of the best in the game. Some have a history behind them while some have exceptional skills but rest assured no matter where you go, your tattoo is going to come out great.