Best Tattoo Shops In Montreal, Quebec – Client Reviews – Updated 2022

Find the best tattoo shops in Montreal, QC. Browse the finest Montreal tattoo artists. MTL Tattoo, Anger Ink, Tattoo Lounge MTL, Imago Tattoo.

Tattoos carry different meanings individually and in different cultures. As such, there is a need to ensure you visit a top-tier, highly recommendable tattoo artist to bring your creative vision to life.

Are you looking for the best tattoo artists in Montreal? Just like any other major city, Montreal is home to a wide selection of fun-filled establishments, including tattoo parlors. Montreal also has some of the best tattoo artists, each possessing an individual style and flair.

Some of these Montreal tattoo artists may opt to provide mobile services, while others base their services in tattoo shops. This article compiles a guide for the best tattoo shops in Montreal and what to expect from these expert Montreal tattoo artists.

Montreal Tattoo Shops

1. MTL Tattoo

MTL Tattoo is where to go if you are looking for a beautiful, colorful, and precise tattoo. Having been in business since 1997, MTL Tattoo has served thousands of customers looking to get inked in different tattoo styles and sizes.

At MTL Tattoo, you will find a selection of the best Montreal tattoo artists who have proven themselves. They include Azl, Shamus Mahannah, Sarah-Jade, Julien, Devon, Eilo, and Max. With 25 years of experience, Azl is one of the best tattoo artists in Montreal. He specializes in dot work, sacred geometric, and Mehndi ornamental designs.

Carey Chan, on the other hand, specializes in neotraditional tattooing inspired by most things geek. Sarah-Jade specializes in animals, Botanics, and everything about nature. Each tattoo artist in the MTL Tattoo shop is inspired individually to create the best tattoo designs. The majority of these Montreal tattoo artists at MTL Tattoo shop can be found in several tattoo conventions globally, which is a test of their prominence.

Most importantly, MTL prides itself in incorporating the latest on-trend designs, using the highest quality inks and the latest techniques.

Price: $130 per hour. $80 minimum.

MTL TATTOO - Best Tattoo Shops in Montreal

MTL TATTOO - Best Tattoo Shops in Montreal

2. Anger Ink

Located on Sainte-Catherine West, Anger Ink is an edgy-meets-elegance tattoo shop situated in a clean, down-to-earth environment. The tattoo parlor calls itself “Bad-ass,” and true to fact, upon walking in, you will be mesmerized by the sparkling geometric lighting, punchy red accents surrounding the interior, and muted black walls, among other eye-catchy features.

The tattoo artists are worth your effort and money. If you are a body art fanatic, you may have heard of Yan Del and his expertise in tattooing and piercing. Yan Del has traversed the earth, collecting body art and sharpening his skills until he discovered the Anger Ink, where he spends time doing his thing. His style ranges from tribal tattoos, realism, and “black and gray”. However, he is extremely versatile.

Other Montreal tattoo artists based in Anger Ink include Sam, Rooly, Federico, James Lightyear, Amanda, Stephane, and Jasmine. Besides Yan Del, other piercing experts in the shop include Shannon and Zoé.

Anger Ink provides full professional services ranging from initial consultations, recommendations, and follow-up inquiries. Expect nothing short of the best from one of the best tattoo shops in Montreal.

Price: $150 per hour

Anger Ink - Best Tattoo Shops in Montreal

Anger Ink - Best Tattoo Shops in Montreal

3. Tattoo Lounge MTL

Located at the core of Montreal’s metropolis, Tattoo Lounge MTL is a dream come true for most tattoo lovers. Tattoo Lounge is one of the best custom tattoo and piercing shops in Montreal. Tattoo artists in this Montreal tattoo parlor believe in the importance of the creative process and that a tattoo represents more than an image.

One of the unique traits of Tattoo Lounge is how they are extremely concerned with hygiene and your safety. The tattoo artists handle each piercing and tattooing client with utmost care. Tattoo Lounge works together with Autoclave Testing Service, a widely renowned industry leader that provides top sterilizer monitoring services.

Looking for the best tattoo artists in Montreal? Tattoo Lounge MTL works with some top names, including Gerome Malsapper, Melodie Perrault, Alex Kamino, Bobby Moustache, Nathaëlle, and Alexandre Macfly.

These artists are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line quality bodywork and bringing your creative visions into reality.

Price: $120 per hour. $80 minimum

Tattoo Lounge MTL - Best Tattoo Shops in Montreal

4. Studio Tattoomania

Studio Tattoomania is a colorful, open-concept tattoo shop with some of the best tattoo artists in Montreal. The Montreal tattoo parlor’s interior features white and grey tiled floors and plenty of eye-catching designs and artwork gracing the walls. The tattoo shop has shelves and sells a selection of covetable apparel.

The Montreal tattoo shop also hosts regular tattoo conventions attended by the top best tattoo artists in Montreal and from different parts of the world. It is a clean and professional tattoo shop popular for its friendly services and atmosphere.

Studio Tattoomania is home to top tattoo artists in Montreal, including Giovanni Barletta, Pierre Chapelan, Julia, JM Lajoie, Audrey Lune, Alessandro Paiano, and Marco. Each of these tattoo artists follows a unique style to help clients actualize their creative visions. The tattoo studio allows walk-ins and appointments.

𝓜𝓪𝔂𝓪 & 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓬𝓸 //

Price: $125 per hour. $100 minimum.

Studio Tattoo Mania - best tattoo shops in montreal

Studio Tattoo Mania - best tattoo shops in montreal

5. Imago Tattoo Studio

If you are looking for the best tattoo experience in Montreal, this should be your first stop. Imago Tattoo is one of the cleanest, friendliest, and professional tattoo parlors in Montreal. The parlor has the best quality standards and awesome staff. In addition, the interior of this Montreal tattoo shop features beautiful ceiling lighting and artwork gracing its walls.

Imago Tattoo is also home to some favorite tattoo artists in Montreal and Canada. One of the renowned tattoo artists in the studio is Safwan, who is trusted and loved by most tattoo lovers. Safwan has mastered the art of colors to produce different tattoo effects and designs.

The staff uses modern tattoo tools and high-quality inks to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Price: Consult

Imago Tattoo Studio - best tattoo shops in montreal

Imago Tattoo Studio - best tattoo shops in montreal

6. Tatouage Royal

Founded in 2007, Tatouage Royal is a tattoo and piercing salon providing the best hygienic services. It is located merely a few steps away from MTL Tattoo Nord. It is one of the best tattoo shops in Montreal to get a tattoo whether you are a veteran or it is your first time.

Tatouage Royal has gained massive popularity since its inception in 2007. Due to the growing popularity, the Montreal tattoo parlor had to move to a bigger space to accommodate the increasing demand for its top-of-the-line services.

Are you looking for the best tattoo artists in Montreal? Visit Tatouage Royal to enjoy services from the nine experienced tattoo artists on-site and a selection of guest tattoo artists from various countries.

Repeat clients and referrals are proof that these Montreal tattoo artists are brilliant at their craft. In addition, you will receive amazing during and aftercare services to guarantee your desired results.

Tatouage Royal

Tatouage Royal Montreal

7. Imperial Tattoo Connexion

Are you looking to get a medium to large tattoo from a Montreal tattoo shop? Imperial Tattoo Connexion is a popular tattoo studio in Montreal focusing on realistic medium to large body art. Unfortunately, it is almost futile to walk in here looking for a cover-up, minimalist work, or an abstract tattoo. On the bright side, if you want a portrait of your favorite icon or a landscape on your chest or back, rest assured, you will find it here.

Imperial Tattoo Connexion is home to top Montreal-based tattoo artists, including Will Peletier, Jim Jones Stallone, Emily, Emy Stratford, and Justyn Locat. Each of these tattoo artists has individual styles that different tattoo clients love. Imperial Tattoo Connexion is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo shops in Montreal, serving different tattoo needs.

Owner: @fionaguichon

Imperial Tattoo Connexion - best tattoo shops in montreal

Imperial Tattoo Connexion - best tattoo shops in montreal

8. Ligne Verte Tattoo

Found in 2014 by Alban Bachan, the Ligne Verte Tattoo shop has become one of the hotspots and to-go-to tattoo parlors for traditional tattooing. Ligne Verte Tattoo specializes majorly in traditional tattooing provided by the selection of tattoo artists within.

The Montreal tattoo parlor is home to several tattoo artists, including Alban Bachand, Karl Finley, Maxime Raymond, and Tony Torvis. Visit Ligne Verte Tattoo for some high-quality old-school body art. The atmosphere is very cool with highly friendly staff. Most importantly, they respect the need for hygiene by sterilizing their tools accordingly.

Ligne Verte tattoo

Ligne Verte tattoo

9. Désolé Maman Tattooshop

This is one of the latest yet widely popular tattoo shops in Montreal. The tattoo salon brings together bold, talented, and creative tattoo artists from different places to provide the best art services to tattoo lovers.

Generally, their artistry is aesthetically pleasing, owing to many return clients, referrals, and social media following. The tattoo shop observes all the health guidelines to ensure your safety. In addition, they use the highest-quality body inks and tattooing tools.

The Montreal tattoo parlor is home to creative tattoo artists including Julie Anne, Dominic Sylvain, Laurence, Jasmine, Clément Sicot, Sophie, and Júlia Saccardo. Expect nothing but the best from these expert Montreal tattoo artists with years of experience in the field.

Désolé Maman Tattooshop

10. Bodkin Tattoo

This is one of Montreal’s favorite classic tattoo shops opened in 2011 by Dominique Bodkin. The tattoo salon specializes in traditional and custom tattoos and has earned a solid reputation for absolutely stunning, quality tattoos in Montreal.

Bodkin allows walk-in clients, whether it is for a small or medium tattoo. However, you may have to call in the early mornings to find out if they may allocate you a specific time to get your tattoo done. To book a spot in advance, you will have to pay a non-refundable $80 fee, which will be deducted from the total price. Fortunately, unlike other similar establishments, Bodkin Tattoo is always open seven days a week. You can pop in during weekends for a quick consultation or get a tattoo.

The artists and staff are reliably professional and respect the need for safe and hygienic practices. Generally, the tattoo artists are really nice, friendly, and skilled in tattooing.

Price: $120 minimum price

bodkin tattoo montreal quebec

bodkin tattoo montreal quebec

11. Oly Anger Tattoo

This is also one of the top renowned Montreal tattoo parlors offering top-of-the-line tattoo services. The tattoo shop features a super friendly staff offering great services. It has a classy interior that is super clean with a serene vibe.

Oly Anger Tattoo is the ideal tattoo shop for a well-planned and carefully handled tattoo session. No one is in a rush to get anywhere, especially since the artists respect every second of the creative process.

Oly Anger Tattoo is among the leading tattoo parlors to get a realistic tattoo. Expect to find over a dozen skilled and experienced tattoo artists ready to actualize your creative vision. Among the top tattoo artists include Oly Anger, the studio’s founder, as well as Micky Mike.

Besides these local tattoo artists, the tattoo shop also hosts some of the best international guest artists. They specialize in realism, neotraditional, geometric, and black and grey tattoo designs.

Most importantly, the parlor ensures safety and hygiene when providing its services.

Inside Oly Anger tattoo shop in montreal

@karlskitattoo at work

@karlskitattoo at work.

12. SinCity Montreal

Established in 2005, SinCity is proudly one of the most sought-after tattoo parlors in Montreal. They provide reliable tattooing and piercing services. In addition, it is proudly the home to award-winning artists dedicated to creative tattooing.

Some of the top tattoo artists you can expect to find here include Stone, the head artist. She is a top tattoo artist with a unique style that mixes Japanese/anime with black and grey realism to create stunning tattoo designs. Stone’s work is heavily inspired by her culture and appreciation for Japanese art.

Other top tattoo artists at SinCity Montreal include James, Melendez, Nathan, Julius, and Sangjin, each with a unique and individual tattooing style. All these artists’ skills and expert tattooing contribute to the shop’s growing reputation.

The shop practices the highest standards of hygiene for the client’s safety and wellbeing. Moreover, they also provide aftercare check-ups in case of any challenges.


sin city - montreal tattoo shops

sin city - montreal tattoo shops

13. The Chalet Tattoo Shop

This is one of Montreal’s most reliable private tattoo shops that intentionally refuses to advertise itself with conventional street signs. This approach aims to avoid random walk-ins, allowing you to enjoy your tattoo session with minimal interruptions. If you are looking for your first tattoo, this is your ideal alternative, owing to how friendly and professional they are.

As a private tattoo shop, The Chalet invests plenty of effort to ensure quality aftercare for their clients. They ensure full sterilization of their tools and the patient’s hygiene. Most importantly, they provide aftercare tips to ensure recovery and the best end product.

Another good reason to check out this Montreal tattoo shop is their top-level, well-respected tattoo artists. At The Chalet Tattoo shop, you will find experienced tattoo artists with plenty of experience and skills in the industry. Some of the top names you will come across here include Ayako, Camille, ElPadre, Jereme, and Marie Christine Gauthier (F is the key).

The tattoo parlor is super laid back and accommodating, showcasing plenty of artwork by Joe, the owner. The talented and experienced artists will ensure the best custom tattooing to match your inspirational needs.

The Chalet Tattoo Shop

14. Studio Sans Regret

Studio Sans Regret is also one of the more popular best tattoo shops in Montreal. The tattoo shop features lots of great artists and good vibes from the entire environment. The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly, and they play clean good music. Though they haven’t been in the market for long, this tattoo parlor has gained massive popularity and fan followers. It is not uncommon to find at least a few people at any given time looking for tattoo designs and consultations.

Christian Lanouette is the head of Studio Sans Regret. He is a highly talented tattoo artist with years of experience in the industry.

Together with his wife Genevieve Germain, they started and currently own a clothing company known as Sans Regret.

However, besides Christian Lanouette, you can also get a high-quality tattoo from alternative artists, including Charlie Hose, who specializes mostly in hand-poked tattoos.

The studio practices safety and hygiene when providing its services. Expect to leave satisfied and with aftercare tips for your body art.

15. Tattoo Box

Designing custom tattoos. Ink that is unique to each client in every style. Photo-realistic tattoos are a specialty of theirs. Portraits, Polynesian, Japanese, Americana, Traditional.

Tattoo Box is A living Tattoo History Museum with tattoo art, machines, instruments, and stencils that are hundreds of years old.

Cost: $80 minimum; $120 to $150 per hour

  • Address: 3914 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2M2
  • Phone: 514-759-6806
  • Website:

Facebook /  Instagram

Tattoo Box Montreal

Bottom Line

Are you looking for the best tattoo shops in Montreal, Canada? The above are the most visited and reviewed tattoo parlors offering different designs ranging from custom to traditional tattooing. Luckily, some also offer piercing services in case you want to add somebody jewelry. Walk into one or two for visual consultations before settling on your most preferred tattoo shop in Montreal.